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  1. Kid’s are off Limits

    You just cant admit PA is cheating. Deflect and deflect some more. 
  2. Kid’s are off Limits

    It really don't matter. The point is Port Arthur is he playing with illegal kids without waivers and the league has chosen to do nothing about it and the coaches don't care that they are breaking the rules and cheating. Ned knows he did not go through the proper process and get the waivers required. But whenever the head of Ethics Committee is from Port Arthur I guess things get swept under the rug. There are at least two kids on Peewee red that go to school outside their District and I know for a fact one of them was told not to sign up in Port Neches and to come play for Port Arthur
  3. Kid’s are off Limits

    Seems like your screen name was Demond Fischer when you first started posting. 
  4. Kid’s are off Limits

    Must be a different thread because I dont see anything in here like you have stated. Does the PA JR team have legit waivers or not? If yes this is all a moot point unless other kids are being denied waivers..  
  5. Kid’s are off Limits

    So funny. Deflecting because of guilt. 
  6. Kid’s are off Limits

    Got it. So it was corrected 
  7. Kid’s are off Limits

    Ok I never heard anything of it. Was it corrected?
  8. Kid’s are off Limits

    When did the Bridge City mess happen and how does that excuse PA?
  9. Kid’s are off Limits

    It has been proven. PA plays with several kids who go to school in PNGISD and NISD. Of course instead of admitting they come with the, well we will kick your ass on the field. Good for them. So much talent and still have to bend the rules. 

    Kind of like Vidor wanting us to forfeit and take a game away from the kids because of a decision made by a board and out of the teams control. 

    I don't care personally. I am with you. There are examples everywhere and they will come on here making all kinds of excuses. It is entertaining. 

    Except for the kid in my son's class at Woodcrest in Port Neches who told me his mom was called and asked for him to play in PA for PA Red instead of playing for PN-G. I asked him why he wasn't playing this year and that was the response I got.  I really don't care but they can't say it don't happen. Just like the two twin boys that are Steven Jackson's nephews. They played for PA and went to school at Ridgewood in PN. 

    Everyone knows PA stacks teams, hand picks kids and petitions for waivers every year. They don't need to in order to win but it happens. 

    I have heard a couple of excuses 1. Hurricane Harvey displacement. Kids go to a mid county school but they let them play in PA still due to Harvey 2. A legacy waiver (whatever that means).  Either way it is bending the rules. STJFL in it's own by laws state UIL rules dictate all play and participation eligibility rules unless otherwise stated by STJFL. It is appeasement plain and simple.    SECTION 6. STJFL Registration Policy: Any association that is a charter member of the STJFL will be required to hold an open registration. Open Registration - allowing any child in the associations outlined boundaries an equal opportunity to register for participation in the league. No selecting of individual children will be permitted, no calling of certain individuals to allow them to sign up first will be permitted, and it must be equal for all. Each association must turn in dates, times and locations for at least two or more registrations to the STJFL board prior to registration starting. Any member of the STJFL may attend an association's registration unannounced. Registration must be held open until at least June 15th, it may be held open longer at the discretion of the individual association. SECTION 4. All participants will be certified according to the school in which they attend. In the case where a school district has more than one elementary or junior high, the STJFL board will make a determination as to how the charter association will have to split the participants in their association. The Board of Directors board will consider size of community, locations of schools, school boundaries, etc. while making its determination. Any child that attends a private schooled must be certified in the district they live in. No child will be allowed to play outside of their school district without a waiver from the STJFL Board. The STJFL Board will consider any exceptions or special considerations. Waivers to the Section 4 certifcation process must be approved by 2/3 majority vote of a board that meet a Board Meeting Quorum.   Port Arthur ISD   •       Booker T. Washington Elementary •       DeQueen Elementary •       Dick Dowling Elementary •       Lucian Adams Elementary •       Robert E. Lee Elementary •       Tyrrell Elementary •       Wheatley Elementary •       William B. Travis Elementary •       Thomas Jefferson Middle School •       Abraham Lincoln Middle School •       Tekoa Acadamy •       Bob Hope •       St. Catherine •       Sam Houston Elementary  
  15. Week 4 Junior Picks

    You do understand WO-S will not be in the same playoffs as PA/Ned and that is the discussion that is taking place right? It has nothing to do with who would win between WO-S and any of PA or Ned or Bmt