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  1. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Why is Orangefield ducking Bridge City? It is a shame they are not playing. 
  2. Not to knock PN-G as I am from there but RJ does much more with much less than Heard had in high school. 
  3. Possible realignment

    Isn't Barbers Hill West of the Trinity or did they relocate it? 
  4. A couple of big resignations today

    They tried to fire him last year. He is just too white. 
  5. A couple of big resignations today

    Sad and pathetic situation at Desoto
  6. Anyone have any thoughts on the big RT for PN-G? He was a soph this year. 
  7. Big bro addressed it a while back with a no comment. It was brought up due to people thinking RJ should go somewhere he could win a state championship. So it has been discussed here. The latest rumor centering around whether PNGISD allows Decemeber grads is new. Whether or not the rumor about RJ is true or not, there should be someone on here with knowledge of PNG having the program in place or not. If they do then the rumor could be shot down easily. 
  8. Of course not, but with it being discussed so much on other boards I thought the local board could have more insight. 
  9. The rumor is PN-G will not allow him to graduate in Dec. 2018 as they dont offer an early graduation program for seniors. Honestly I don't know where this is coming from but it is all over the boards for UT sports saying he will be going to either IMG or a private school in Austin. 
  10. Surely someone on here knows if PN-G offers mid-term graduation or not. 
  11. I hope so. A lot of the Texas football recruiting sites keep bringing it.
  12. If the rumors are true and PN-G will not allow Roschon to graduate early (which is stupid if true) who will step up?
  13. Good conversation! I was a freshman Danny Malone's last year and heard his wrath more than once. He was your classic throw back coach.  The only reason I compared 89 to 2017 was due to my friends brother playing on the 89 team (Scott Young) and the 2017 season just finishing.  Scoring points is fun to watch but having that mentality to physically impose your will and make the other team fear you is something that is lacking today for most high school football I watch. 
  14. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    I am just messing with you. It is like Ned beating Crosby and PN-G beating BH. Then it flip flops. I enjoy playing BH, Dayton, Crosby. It isn't that far and they all have good fans that like to talk a little smack on here.