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  1. I think the whole team nearly played last night. 3 QBs. At least 6 different running backs. WRs were constantly changing out. Defense had lots of kids with no name on the jersey. My ONLY complaint is the playoff roster being sold is still from game one. We have multiple kids starting that are not listed but they sale them as updated in November. It is laziness to not take care of that then sale it as a new program. 
  2. Coach is one thing. It was said the fan was trashing a player. Way different if true
  3. If we have a fan berating a player or players to the point Faircloth has to say something,  that person needs to be staying home on Friday nights or watching from outside the fence. 
  4. 92 is Casen Denzlinger. I think he is a junior.   
  5. Houston Northside@PNG

    Dumb comment. Keep the hate over in Nederland. Texas doesnt sign a one QB class to move him to db. Herman is smarter than you 
  6. John Tyler vs Tomball Bi-District

    Surely it has to do with his time at West Brook, not how many kids go to college
  7. Associated Press State Rankings - Final

    PN-G With RJ is likely undefeated as well minus the forfeit. My point being PN-G is better than Nederland. I agree based on record Ned should get some recognition but voters will not see it that way. 
  8. Associated Press State Rankings - Final

    Even after last Friday night? (Nederland)
  9. SuperBowl Scores....

  10. Superbowl Matchup Predictions

    Who won senior????
  11. Houston Northside@PNG

    Understood. Probably best if the kids stay off Twitter if they are getting their feelings hurt. 
  12. Houston Northside@PNG

    Every kid is appreciated and gets recognized. Not every kid can get all the glory. We as fans like to enjoy a player like RJ and what he has accomplished but that doesn't take away from the other kids. Plus RJ is super humble. There is no need to try and create a false division or animosity when there is not any
  13. Great game and good luck to the Dogs in the playoffs 
  14. Just asking since ned fans talked crap all week about us leaving early then the section that was barking the most was empty by the start of the 4th. And thank Barbers Hill for you co championship.