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  1. Dayton at Vidor

    Yea, Vidor put up 703 yards of offense against Baytown. It was a barn burner of a game offensively but Vidor just couldn’t get the stops when they needed too. Maybe tonight they can some get the stops they need to get a W. One thing is for sure Dayton will get there uniforms dirty tonight! Gonna be muddy and cold! Hoping the Pirate Seniors go out with W! Go Pirates!
  2. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    Hey Tupay, Jeff is aware of the criticism. He’s a big boy , he can take it unlike you. I think you may need to go to decaf. Constructive criticism is what makes teams, businesses and individuals better. Get over it SNOWFLAKE. 
  3. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    My opinion is based off the last 19 or 20 years, not just this year. Let’s keep this conversation in context using facts and results. If you want to keep clapping your hands like the Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett does an have mediocre results, have at it. Do you think PNG or Nederland would be happy with a coach producing a below .500 record year after year? Let me answer that for you. NOPE!!! This is forum where people express thier opinions, complaints, etc... We will just have to agree to disagree. Keep on clapping an see if that changes anything,
  4. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    Should be a great game but I have to give the edge to the Canines. 
  5. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    Injuries aren’t limited to just Vidor year in an year out. Every team has to deal with them. Injuries play a role but you can’t use  that excuse every year. Good grief how many excuses can we come up with to make  Vidors mediocrity acceptable? Sorry guys I am not buying it.
  6. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    I am not a coach by no means but I know there are different formations you can run that offense out of. Our quarterback has very little time to roll out from under center when passing. You can go to a shotgun formation with the option to run or pass. On the defense a lot of it is pass coverage technique and knowing when to safety blitz. Most high school quarterbacks panic an can’t handle blitzes. Make the quarterback uncomfortable an if he beats you with his arm then shake his hand. I’ve said it before if what your doing is not working then try something different even if you do it wrong. And just because a coach has a little success in his 20 year tenure doesn’t mean he gets a lifetime contract for him and family and friends. If you believe that then you must think Jerry Jones has done a good job as a GM! No need for anyone to take this personal this is just my opinion. I’ve been a Pirate season ticket holder for 25 years! I love and appreciate the effort the kids put into the football program.  I am just being realistic about what I’ve seen for the last 19 or 20 years. Peace Out!
  7. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    You totally misinterpreted just about everything I said There’s no y’all, I am one individual. If you want to reward mediocrity go head. I don’t. I gave credit to some of the good things he’s done for the program. It’s the little things that put teams over the top. IMO the coaching staff isn’t putting the kids in a position to win. You have your opinion, I have mine.
  8. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    I believe they’re referring to Vidor having suffered a large amount of injuries this season. The 10 grade quarterback that played last night was his 1st start on varsity. Vidor is now the smallest school in this district with realignment They had to bring up some Jv and some players played both ways last night.
  9. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    You can win with that offense but you can’t be so predictable. They need to be more diverse and creative. Vidor usually puts up enough points to win but they can’t stop nobody. I know this year they could not get off the field on 3rd and long. And I mean like 3rd and 10,14,20!! I am getting tired of hearing about how he’s preparing them for life! That’s great! I am all for that but you can prepare them for life and win too!!! The guy is knocking down about $110,000 a year if I am not mistaken an he’s lost more than half his games since he’s been there. Come on man!! Everyone has to be accountable! Isn’t that what we teach our kids. Your never to big to fail and if your not producing you can be replaced! I think he’s done some great things for the program but doing the same thing year after year an not trying to tweak things to be more efficient on offense and defense is insane!!! And if it means getting rid of some your good ole buddies then so be it. Everyone has to be accountable period!! Rant over! Good effort last night Pirates despite the coaching!!
  10. PNG@The Hill

    BH gets to test out thier new video cameras they installed in the visitors coaching booth tonight. They ought to have a ribbon cutting ceremony before the game at the 50 yard line to celebrate it.  :):):)
  11. PNG@The Hill

    BH gets to test out thier new video cameras they installed in the visitors coaching booth tonight. They ought to have a ribbon cutting ceremony before the game at the 50 yard line to celebrate it. I’d even let Faircloth cut the ribbon!
  12. PNG@The Hill

    I heard Shug  will be performing Purple Rain tonight at the Hill. He will make it rain Touchdowns ....... Bank on it!  BH will get there points but I don’t think it’s going to be enough. The kid just has the It factor! Special athlete for sure. I hate the color purple but I have to admit I do own a Prince Purple Rain CD. The guy was a heck of a musician - RIP
  13. Vidor @ Baytown Lee

    Obviously I must have missed your post last year. Don’t get me wrong I think Matthews has helped the program in many ways but at some point if your not willing to change, you can become EXTINCT!
  14. Vidor @ Baytown Lee

    It’s bad enough to Suck! But to Cheat an still Suck is worse!