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  1. Great season, great run WOS!
  2. Channel 412-32 on dish tv
  3. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    Figured it out. For those with dish tv the game is on 412-06 which is Foxsports Southwest.
  4. Don’t know your situation but God does. Praying for peace  and strength that passes all understanding. Go Stangs! Bring it home!
  5. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    I have dish an there is no channel 416. It stops at 412 and then skips to 455. I wander if they’ll add it later in the week. Pay per view perhaps?
  6. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    Will the game be on Texanlive or televised? Don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to Dallas this year because of work.
  7. Great game WOS! Enjoyed watching you guys tonight! Congrats. Go finish it next week!
  8. Come on Grad your better than that. She’s simply stating facts. If she spewed the same hatred that comes  out of Paks mouth she’d would already be gone. When you allow posters to get away with belittling and berating players your going to get this kind of rebuttal. I like to pick and talk smack too but you will never hear me berate players. It gets personal when you do that. So what she’s trying to say is she’s tired of Paks stupid ass mouth. As for rooting for other teams. I like to see all teams in the area do good but I just had to rub it in Paks face about thier lost because of his mouth. I drove to Dallas last year and to Houston the year before to support WOS but WOS fans know how to handle themselves with class. So with that said hopefully we can keep this forum to some good clean smack talk. Peace out.      
  9. No.... y’all did shake our hands. 2 out of 3 times. Whatever that’s suppose to mean! Lol
  10. That’s right brother! And still proud of our kids! Its actually been 2 weeks but y’all season is over just like ours! Lol!
  11. If you want to defend the stupidity of not shaking hands before s game no matter how many times you go right ahead. It’s called sportsmanship & respect. Don’t give that mental edge crap. As for as the offense Matthews runs , well when run efficiently with some decent defense it’s hard to stop. As y’all saw last year. The same offense is ran by Naval and Army Academy. I think there a little bigger than 3a and think there coaches are smart enough to know what works best for there team. I thinks that offense got us a share of the DIstrict Championship last year.   Since you believe we are not going to be playing each other anymore than I guess that makes y’all 500 against us. Lol! Hey I am over the no hank shaking deal but it was brought up on this thread so I am going to comment on it weather you like it or not. Since you like to trash talk Matthews coaching decisions then what about y’alls baseball coach. Little ole Vidor beat yall 17 to 0 and 15 to 0 in baseball this year maybe y’all need to get another baseball coach. Maybe we’ll let y’all score a run this spring when we meet up. I know it was the umpires that cost y’all those games! Lol! Peace out , Football season is over. 
  12. Like Will Rogers once said “Never miss a good chance to shut up!” May want to do some research on some of your ignorant statements. Just Sayin...