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  1. Vidor Turf

  2. Some local district predictions

    Yep, PA Coach  already told them they want be 1st string! Lol! It’s been happening for many decades!  
  3. West Orange-Stark turf

    The turf looks Awesome! Well deserved! They’ve already dug up the whole field in Vidor. Can’t wait to see the final product!
  4. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    Just remember Nederland, just because a dead person is on the voter registration rolls doesn’t mean they can Vote!  There will be a lot big contracts handed out if this bond passes! Hope everyone gets what they want! Take time to Laugh Today! Go Vote!
  5. Vidor Turf

    The turf is suppose to be finished by August weather permitting but you know how that goes in Southeast Texas! And yes all the kids are pumped. All Junior High and High School Football games will be played on it including Soccer. Come on Football Season!
  6. Vidor Turf

    Haven’t heard anything but I’d assume at some point they would add parking where all the portable buildings are that are currently housing our 5th graders and Oak Forest Elementary due to Harvey. Our 6th graders are at the Junior High with the 7th and 8th graders.  FEMA funding is tied up in that situation to get a new middle school and a new Oak Forest Elementary. Our schools are just as old as Nederlands so we feel y’all’s pain. It’ll eventually get worked out. Good Luck passing that bond.
  7. Vidor Turf

    Never said you were, just using them as an example Mr. Pig.
  8. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I heard Florida’s Broward County Election Officals will be brought in to Certify the Ballot Count! Should be interesting!
  9. Vidor Turf

    Never said you were, just using them as an example Mr. Pig.
  10. Vidor Turf

    Or maybe y’all were 10 years too early, Lol! Just trying to live within our means.  Don’t want end to up like Crosby, the Mecca of Football!
  11. Vidor Turf

    Believe me they’re already getting the word out on social media an they will be voting Yes! They’ve been pushing for new schools and a new field for Years! 
  12. Vidor Turf

    Good Luck! My Brother in Law and Sister in Law live in Nederland an I know they have been so aggravated over the years because of the failure to get a bond passed that addresses all the school districts needs. 
  13. Vidor Turf

    Did y’all ever get a bond passed to get a new Turf Field? 
  14. Vidor Turf

    I posted at the end of the season last year that Vidor would be getting Turf this year an a few of you said I didn’t know what I was taking about. Well....Boom!! here comes the Turf! I am not going to say I told you so but I TOLD YOU SO!!! 
  15. Vidor Turf

    Nederland’s field is worse than Vidor’s! Lol