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  1. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    Yea, I seem to recall when Crosby got punched in the mouth an y’all where down 21 to 0 you posted that “it that it was going to be a long night”. I know your not saying you knew they were going to comeback an win! You actually thought y’all were about to get blown out! Lol
  2. An early goodbye

    Good Luck, Best Wishes!
  3. Vidor at lcm....... predictions....

    Ok, then let me change my prediction. We may be running like Paul Blart! But still predicting a Win! Lol When will Galloway be back?
  4. Vidor at lcm....... predictions....

    My prediction is that the Pirates will be running like Forrest Gump Friday Night! Pirates Win!
  5. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    Rooting for our Orange County Comrades but I just don’t think they have the depth and experience to pull this one out. I hope I am wrong. They’ve had tough scrimmages and non district schedule. That will pay dividends when district starts. They will make a deep playoff run!
  6. Vidor 35 Conroe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    I just wish we would run the ball more!! Passing is overrated! Lol
  7. Vidor 35 Conroe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    Vidor - Rushing Yards  345/44 attemp.    Don’t have passing attempts.                     Conroe - 203 Passing Yards                       Rushing Yards  minus 23 Yards                    Total Yards 183 
  8. What had happen Wuuzzzz! Lol
  9. So much for getting Donkey Stomped!! Lol! Way to hang tough Timberwolves! 
  10. Just asking......Do you have to forfeit the game after you accumulate a certain number of penalties?
  11. Your probably right!  Some games are even 100%.....No Really! Lol.   
  12. That’s why we run the ball 98% of the time!
  13. Just use the bye week to get refocused and ready for district play just don’t overreact an start putting For Sale Signs in Faircloths Yard. At least not yet.