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  1. East Chambers 35 Buna 12/FINAL

    Stepped out of bounds on the 25 in front of the ref.
  2. East Chambers 35 Buna 12/FINAL

    I am trying to figure out when the refs are going to call offensive holding on EC. Every dang play!!!
  3. HF won 3 to 0. Set 1- 25 to 12 Set 2- 25 to 14 Set 3- 25 to 13
  4. LCM @ HF

    HF wins 3 to 1. Huge win for the Lady Horns! Set 1- LCM: 25 to 22 Set 2- HF: 25 to 11 Set 3- HF: 25 to 19 Set 4- HF: 25 to 19 5-1 in District (Tied for 1st with LCM)
  5. HF wins 3 to 0. It was a battle though. Set 1- 25 to 23 Set 2- 25 to 20 Set 3- 26 to 24 4-1 in district LCM on Tuesday at HF First year Coach Nicole Parish has done a tremendous job with these girls this year. Way to represent Lamar University and HF!
  6. Hamshire-Fannett 3 Silsbee 0/FINAL

    HF wins 3 to 0. Great win Lady Horns! Set 1- 25 to 18 Set 2- 25 to 22 Set 3- 25 to 12 3-1 in district
  7. You can't blame Dale for leaving.  He's the lowest paid AD/head football coach in SE TX.  He got a pay raise at EC to be an assistant and do less work.  Now 2wedge that's what I call garbage!!!  D'ville only has five coaches TOTAL!!  They work their butts off all year long!!  Plus the coaches have to drive bus routes during practice because they are the bus substitutes.  Whoever heard of that junk??  D'ville school district is messed up.  No wonder the sup left after just two years.  The school board is nothing but a bunch of good ole' boys who scratch each others back.  
  8. Deweyville?

    Thanks for the info.
  9. How funny! I bet Willis's head was about to explode.
  10. Deweyville?

    By the way, did the Willis girl sign with a D-1 college? People kept telling me that Nebraska and Texas were scouting her.
  11. Deweyville?

    Ok. Thank you for the update. Just wanted to see how my sibling's alum was doing.  
  12. Deweyville?

    I never heard how Deweyville did towards the end of the season. I assumed they made the playoffs. Their coach kept saying that they would win the state championship. Are they at the state tournament this weekend?
  13. Some of you have a lot of nerve putting down 16 to 17 year old kids. These HF kids are young, but they work hard. Not everyone is blessed to have the athletes that WOS has. Be grateful.