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  1. Deweyville?

    Thanks for the info.
  2. How funny! I bet Willis's head was about to explode.
  3. Deweyville?

    By the way, did the Willis girl sign with a D-1 college? People kept telling me that Nebraska and Texas were scouting her.
  4. Deweyville?

    Ok. Thank you for the update. Just wanted to see how my sibling's alum was doing.  
  5. Deweyville?

    I never heard how Deweyville did towards the end of the season. I assumed they made the playoffs. Their coach kept saying that they would win the state championship. Are they at the state tournament this weekend?
  6. Some of you have a lot of nerve putting down 16 to 17 year old kids. These HF kids are young, but they work hard. Not everyone is blessed to have the athletes that WOS has. Be grateful.
  7. My sources tell me that Kirbyville won this match. Another example of Deweyville making excuses when they lose. Just give the other school credit for once.
  8. Woodville 3 Deweyville 1/FINAL

    Yes, Woodville won in four sets. When Deweyville loses in volleyball, their fans come up with so many excuses on why they lose. Deweyville has one player (Willis). If you keep her down, then they will not win. Evadale will win this district. Deweyville will end up second or third. Deweyville will be up a creek next year when Willis graduates.