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  1. @kenny powers I pick GCM over Sterling. BH over PNG. BH over Nederland. It will be a good game, but I pick PNG over Sterling.
  2. Ohhhh Vidor almost giving BC their first loss in District play. They could possibly beat them next time they play.
  3. Just curious to know how she acted before, during, and after the game?
  4. I heard that too. So Lumberton and BC should be a good game as well. When do they play?
  5. Ouch!!! Currently eating crow right now🤪 Just now seeing the scores. I watched the BC/LCM game. Even though LCM lost, they came to play. (25-22, 23-25, 25-23,27-25). Heard Vidor beat LCM in the YMBL tourney so Vidor and BC should be a good game to watch when they play.
  6. So who is in the championship game? Any updates?
  7. Anyone have the Gold Bracket for today?
  8. You are ate up with me😂😎
  9. Your Mr. Know It All aren’t ya😂😂 Well like I said a few days ago, I know it was for a much better opportunity for Coach McDaniel and her family. And I’m pretty sure PNG Football making it to State was much bigger but the 2022 Nederland volleyball team beating a State ranked team was a good feeling for them. Depleted or not. It’s time to move on from 2022 to 2023 o’l Kenny.
  10. Dude….Move on. Do you not have anything better else to do😂😂 I have said nothing about the state rankings. I’ve only said something about the local rankings. At the time when you go back I said BC should not be #2 since they had only played Four games at the time and PNG was like 12-3. BC now has played Buna and beat them (who beat PNG) and they beat HJ. What truth are you trying to prove anyways???? @AshlyHasBeenhas had BH ranked #1 since day one. That’s YOUR team obviously, so why are you so butt hurt😂😂 No feelings are hurt here, I promise.
  11. Wow....I must have ruffled your feathers o'l Kenny😅😅 Did BH lose to Nederland last year??? YES...they did. It is a FACT that was stated. BC has a stud sophomore that is injured and won't be back until late in the season, maybe that's why they are losing to teams. Who knows! It is what it is. Sickness and Injuries happen but there is no sense in being butt hurt about the loss a year ago. If you are wanting me to fill the equation in, I do think that BH will beat PNG when they face each other 9/26. Why are you bringing this up now though?
  12. Well they went to 4 games, like I said. Huffman is a good team. Last time PNG beat them was in 2018.
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