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  1. Vidor vs HJ Tuesday, Nov 1 at 5:30 Kountze High School
  2. Vidor lost to Hardin then beat Crosby and Caney Creek on Day 1.
  3. Yep. Ours is saying the same. My daughter just talked to a friend of hers who is there and they just kicked off though.
  4. I’m hoping they’re in there FaceTiming Mathews for that speech and we come back a whole different team.
  5. It was 1.4 seconds. I actually have it in video. Runner was out of bounds with 1.4 left at the 1 yard line. But refs said nope. Halftime.
  6. We made (and made all season long) entirely too many stupid mistakes over and over. It's like all season we have played our opponents plus ourselves. Drives me crazy to watch. Hoping for a better season next year.
  7. We do and the visitor tickets are sold on the street side which is Melrose. It's the ticket booth right across the street from the parking lot.
  8. He was injured right before we scored our TD in the first qtr. I’m afraid his injury will put him out for a while…..potentially the remainder of the season.
  9. Game will be against Fort Bend Christian Academy at home at 7 p.m. If you have season tickets you will use your Bay City tickets.
  10. They found a replacement. It’s one of the Christian schools but I’m not sure if it’s Kelly or who it is.
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