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  1. Crosby has quite a few starters returning on defense, 8 I believe, and it showed this year.  Offensively, the qb, a couple of linemen, and two starting receivers.  They should be fine next year.  
  2. Told y’all we had no defense. I️ was disappointed to see PNG players fake injuries on 2 occasions to slow down our offense. That’s just poor sportsmanship. 
  3. Hope the same thing. Crosby has an offensive set where he and Williams are in the backfield. It is very effective but they rarely ever run it. 
  4. Official PNG Crosby thread

    Someone please change the title of this thread.
  5. Official PNG Crosby thread

    I don't know who's going to win.  The last time Crosby was undefeated and lost the last regular season game was 2014.  Went to the state semifinals that year.  Win or lose, I'm ready to get this game over with.  
  6. Official PNG Crosby thread

    I’m assuming PNG is home team. Does anyone know if that is correct ?
  7. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    They did not do that. They were already planning on playing Vidor first round and a possible 2nd round against Marshall. All the stars would have had to align perfectly for KPark to get in for the PNG / Crosby matchup, and it did.  
  8. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    The winner of this game will be in the 3rd round. 
  9. 21-5a vs. 22-5a

    Crosby is not inconsistent defensively, it is non-existent. 
  10. 21-5a vs. 22-5a

    That seems pretty accurate.  Never know which Crosby team will show up.  
  11. Ned will get Porter, PAM will get a layup with KPark.  
  12. Crosby 38 New Caney 63/FINAL

    Glad New Caney stayed on the gas, too.  Send a statement to their first round opponent.  
  13. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    That was exactly what I was telling you could happen about 4 weeks ago and you kept arguing with me about it.  It's all good though.  
  14. Crosby 38 New Caney 63/FINAL

    The coaches been planning on playing Vidor in the first round the last 2 weeks.  How'd that work out for ya ?
  15. Crosby 38 New Caney 63/FINAL

    Worst coached and played game out of Crosby I have seen in a long time.  #2 running back started the game for Crosby and mashed them down field on the opening drive.  NC ties it up and our coaches panic and put Williams in the backfield.  NC keyed on him and took his play out of the game.  Should have stook with mashing it.  Congrats New Caney.