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  1. Crosby & LC-M fans, hear the news?

    I go to all of Crosby's games.  Probably only missed a handful in 40 years.  Even watched 14.2 play when he was just a young one.  Played, watched mine play, now watching his and others play.  
  2. Crosby & LC-M fans, hear the news?

    Seriously doubt that is the reason.  They will be two games into their district schedule, with the first game being a win over a team that most of you picked them to lose. If they didn't gain a little confidence beating BH, I doubt they gain any playing LCM.  Like I said, I would play all backups, even if it meant losing.  If one of the key starters would get hurt, how smart would that look in the early stages of district play ?
  3. If Manvel has all their players healthy and playing, they win. 
  4. Crosby & LC-M fans, hear the news?

    I don't understand the logic behind this, but oh well.  Why would Crosby schedule a non-district game on their bye week during their district schedule.  You risk getting players hurt, causing them to miss games that actually mean something.  I hope they start ALL the backups.  This game means nothing.  District has already started, and they will be 3 games into the season.  It's not like they are using this as a preparation game.  SMH. 
  5. Transfer from another school maybe ? Vidor ?
  6. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    All I know is a whole lot of people missed that first pick in their pick'ems.
  7. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    So your telling me the kid from Freindswood runs a 4.2 in the 40 ?
  8. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    Really ?  i don't think he is getting on here anymore, but if you really want to know, I could set up a meeting with you two. 
  9. Game over. A win is a win, and a loss is a loss. Crosby is 1-0.
  10. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    And that 2 points could very well be missed PAT's.  Crosby missed 3 of them against Jasper. 
  11. That's possible. It's funny how you said by week 6 though. After they play Lumberton, Lee, and Livingston, but before they play Memorial. 
  12. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    You said "Crosby's defense is not very good at all".  Which game did you attend to make that determination ?
  13. Crosby 42 Jasper 36/FINAL

    And the ref makes another terrible call.