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  1. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football

    I guess the master plan is to get us to subscribe from here on out. 
  2. Angleton Open

    I'm hearing that the current DC will get the job. The Wing T will live on in Angleton.
  3. Porter 7-3 vs Nederland 7-2

    The games that i saw were night and day. Their loss vs New Caney was due to the athletic QB play of Cooper. He scored using his legs multiple times, even on broken plays. One play he faced the wrong way to hand the ball off and turned a busted play into a TD. Their win vs Barbers Hill was a defensive struggle. There were a lot of negative plays for both teams, but Porter had the better start to the game and that turned out to be the difference. I was really impressed on how they shut down the Barbers Hill the second half. In both games, i found it hard to gauge their offensive strengths. They were pretty balanced in their play calling. All in all, it should be a great game with two well coached teams and both coming off of huge wins to end their regular season. I typed a bunch of stuff and it probably didn't tell you much but there you go anyway!
  4. Porter 7-3 vs Nederland 7-2

    I've seen both play. I'm gonna go with Nederland. 
  5. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    I'm just seeing if he can handle hard questions. Lol
  6. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    How did you gauge his intelligence?
  7. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Who are these sources? College coaches? High school coaches? The old lady down the street? Most will disagree with your opinion although you are entitled to it. I'm gonna go ahead and chalk this one up as a pot stirrer. 
  8. J V Scores

    Freshman A Silsbee 7 PNG 28 JV Silsbee 13 PNG 24  
  9. Sheriff Clarke

    Didn't Trump sign an executive order in order to strengthen relations and increase funding for HBCUs? I would say that's a direct line of support for the black community.  
  10. BH pulled Bonnin after the 3rd. Indians were up 3-0 at that point. He threw 46 pitches.