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  1. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    I'm just seeing if he can handle hard questions. Lol
  2. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    How did you gauge his intelligence?
  3. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Who are these sources? College coaches? High school coaches? The old lady down the street? Most will disagree with your opinion although you are entitled to it. I'm gonna go ahead and chalk this one up as a pot stirrer. 
  4. J V Scores

    Freshman A Silsbee 7 PNG 28 JV Silsbee 13 PNG 24  
  5. Sheriff Clarke

    Didn't Trump sign an executive order in order to strengthen relations and increase funding for HBCUs? I would say that's a direct line of support for the black community.  
  6. BH pulled Bonnin after the 3rd. Indians were up 3-0 at that point. He threw 46 pitches. 
  7. PNG 46 Victoey Prep 52 Final
  8. 49-44 Victory Prep over PNG with 1:00 in 4th
  9. Crosby 33 Vidor 24/FINAL

    You betcha.
  10. Crosby 33 Vidor 24/FINAL

    Maybe so but a hold is a hold and sir, that indeed was a hold.