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  1. According to the "Hill"   Fox won't even vouch for this report.  LOLOLOLOLOOL
  2. Bump stocks

    But you guys do agree that the slide stock is a dumb idea?
  3. Bump stocks

    These things were created and patented in 2010.  The ATF didnt approve anything.   Because it is not a firearm, they refused to act.  Like silencers, it takes a tragedy to realize how dumb the idea really is.  Even the NRA is scared of this thing.
  4. ANTIFA: documentary

    LOL  "Documentary"
  5. Mass shooting in Vegas

    What the heck are these "bump stocks"?   If you want one, better get it now.   Those things need to go.   I can't see any possible use for them.
  6. So McCain won't vote for a bad bill

    tin foil   lol
  7. Does this guy truly have a shot in Bama?

    Trump openly supports the other guy.
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/news/alabama-senate-frontrunner-evolution-fake-212121903.html
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-lashes-gop-opponents-health-care-bill-110647029--politics.html   Does this make you like him more or less?  
  10. Trump and the financial markets

    than it has in just about any 9 month period in quite a while.   LOL.  Lots of qualifiers in there
  11. Trump and the financial markets

    Market doubled in last 8 years.  If it does the same in the next 8, I will give Trump all the credit.
  12. Trump and the financial markets

    My retirement accounts did great under Obama.  Judging from the title of this thread, he should get all the credit.  Right?   You can fool some people with this bs, but not all.
  13. Hurricane Season 2017

    I don't see it as a loophole.  They can break up the cases and sell them individually or they can do you a favor and leave them in cases.   
  14. Hurricane Season 2017

    I don't recall anyone complaining about paying a buck seventy nine for a bottle of water