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  1. Roy Moore

    He was banned from a mall for harrassing teenagers.  
  2. Roy Moore

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42150322     oops!  Looks like right wingers caught trying to plant fake news
  3. Another Liberal Pervert!

    but you would still vote fort Moore. LOLOLOLOL
  4. Educated Liberals Overuse the Term Racist

    LOL   Higher education is now a flaw
  5. Wait.  Are you saying Obama golfed more than Trump?
  6. Tobie and "associates"

    lol   I am sure the KKK and neo nazis love their mesican brothers
  7. Honor Killing!

    About as weird as those who did sacrifices
  8. You will vouch for it? LOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOl
  9. Honor Killing!

    religions are weird
  10. Wise Words by the President

    absence makes the heart grow fonder
  11. Mass shooting in Vegas

    The dude was on the Ellen show
  12. According to the "Hill"   Fox won't even vouch for this report.  LOLOLOLOLOOL
  13. Bump stocks

    But you guys do agree that the slide stock is a dumb idea?
  14. Bump stocks

    These things were created and patented in 2010.  The ATF didnt approve anything.   Because it is not a firearm, they refused to act.  Like silencers, it takes a tragedy to realize how dumb the idea really is.  Even the NRA is scared of this thing.
  15. ANTIFA: documentary

    LOL  "Documentary"