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  1. 4 Killed in Waffle House Shooting

    scattered, smothered and covered
  2. President Obama & Melania Trump

    Melania is hot.   Ms Obama is classy.  This isn't that hard
  3. Do As I Say -- Not As I Do!

    So she paid her property taxes in December and this is some type of scam?  LOLOLOLOL

    Where does McCabe say that there would be no investigation without the doosier?  I can't find anything from McCabe
  5. #ReleaseTheMemo

    Party first?  Too funny.    Blame doj and fbi because trump brought on questionable characters who lied. And plead guilty.  But party politics allow you to overlook it.  Get a mirror    Oh, and still no admission that you have no idea what evidence was presented to the fisa judge. I’ll let you 6 guys get back to your conspiracy stuff 
  6. #ReleaseTheMemo

    Lol. Who originally hired the British spy?  You still acknowledge, I guess, that you have no idea what evidence was presented to the fisa judge.  Funny how republicans used to be protectors from foreign influence, and now they attack the people who try to protect them  .   Trumpsters are strange folks
  7. #ReleaseTheMemo

    At this time, you have no idea what was presented to the judge.( Other than an admittedly partisan memo from a guy who hasn't seen the underlying data}   My guess is that there was plenty of probable cause to issue the warrant, and extend it.  It is not obvious to me that the FBI and DOJ are compromised, democrat deep state Trump haters.  I still believe that they were looking a people with unusual Russian ties.   A couple of convictions later, I am even more convinced.  I guess we shall see.
  8. #ReleaseTheMemo

    If you don't have shady Russian contacts like Pappadoupalas(sp) or Page. I don't think you have anything to worry about.  Nothing burger
  9. #ReleaseTheMemo

    20 pubes  10 dims
  10. #ReleaseTheMemo

    Dark web.  LOL
  11. Tax Cuts

    I am sure you will post another breitbart article soon.  
  12. Tax Cuts

    Finally. The last “genius “ of the bunch
  13. Tax Cuts

    Finally. The last “genius “ of the bunch.  I guess you can explain why only 5 people post here any more 
  14. Voter Fraud In Alabama?

    Ha.  Here comes the 5th poster    This site is crap compared to where it used to be.  I don’t know the exact reason, but it started  with smitty and continues with posters who link far right sites with almost no individual commentary