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  1. New Caney 38 Port Arthur Memorial 21/FINAL

    Most of the penalties were on seniors. Sooner or later it's time to just play ball. On the other hand, the game is violent and rough, things are going to get heated. Doesn't make sense to throw a flag on words.  Those kids are battling  and tempers get the best of ALL the kids. They were QUICK on some flags for trash talk.
  2. New Caney 38 Port Arthur Memorial 21/FINAL

    He was responsible for their 2 scores in the 1st half.
  3. New Caney 38 Port Arthur Memorial 21/FINAL

    Db's were playing 10 or so yards off and you dont adjust your play calling to take advantage. 
  4. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    My friend, there is a big difference between a pass being off and not being able to make the pass.  Big difference.  
  5. True, but we'll see.  Hopefully he's ready, and if they lose, on to next year as always.  I like how the back up gets really good minutes, something Kam didnt get last yr, even in blowouts.   I know you're big supporter bro.
  6. I knew YOU would, but the TEAM decides that. Lmao!!!
  7. I've seen WOW throws and I've seen throws that were just off.  I've seen easy passes missed and a pass that probably no other kid in the district can make.  I've seen kids get offers off off 1 pass.  Ready to see what comes next.
  8. Pam vs Gcm

    If averaging 35 pts while struggling offensively is bad, I'd take that. Lol. They scored 28 in 1qt.  The United game, literally over 20 bad snaps.  2 TDs taken away.  Worst home cooking officiating I ever seen. 1 Td dropped in the end zone.  Most teams lose by 3 tds.  PAM won.  I know you're looking for the second coming, but all the QBs you hate on are in college now or are going to be playing on Saturdays next yr. Smh  
  9. Pam vs Gcm

    56-12 PAM
  10. Greatest Players in Southeast Texas

    Memorial - Jamaal  TJ - Kevin Everett  Lincoln - ShanD PNG - RJ
  11. City War

    WB by 2 TDs.
  12. This is a new offense to the kids.  I see a lot of hand signals and a few throws where the qb/wr weren't on the same page.  One thing I noticed is that the ball is spread around nicely.  5 kids have caught TD passes.  3 Rbs that can go.  2 that have rushing TDs.  Yeah, they will be firing on all cylinders come the end of the season.
  13. I can picture this team running a killer play action.  
  14. The D can be dominant if they play a disciplined game and we haven't seen how good the offense can be yet.  28 in the 1st qt against a supposed #2 D in the Houston area is nothing to complain about.  These boys will be fine.  It seems adults want these kids to be perfect every game.  Just winning isn't good enough I guess. Smh
  15. It'll be painful, but not unbearable. Lol Jk Still lots to clean up.