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  1. PAM seniors

    Shout out to Coach Harrison.  A college education is all that matters.  Most kids DON'T go pro. D1 or not, futures are being effected in a major way.  
  2. PAM seniors

  3. PAM seniors

    Is it true, MOST of the seniors have gotten scholarship offers???
  4. Lol. Is that the final score?
  5. Class of 2020 top Southeast Texas recruits

    Wideout for PAM.  Gipson
  6. Ladia has an "Elite" arm.  I've seen enough to know not many in the area have an arm talent like that.  Keitha Jones Jr and Ladia could have started at many programs as freshman and sohpmores.  Kids just have to wait their turn at Memorial.
  7. Replay in the playoffs

    First touchdown the kids foot was out of bounds and the ref was trailing the play. The second rd the ball hit the ground and the ref trailed the play again.  The other td looks like the kid was stopped at the goal line. Not 1 play, 3.  
  8. Replay in the playoffs

    Good idea or nah?  Two very questionable touchdowns in the PAM/Temple game plus the goal line td at the end of the game.  Too much is at stake to not have replay imo.
  9. I agree other than the comment on his passing.  He's hit and miss on his passing.  He didn't look too hot Friday night against a weak secondary. Inconsistencies in his passing is the issue, not his ability to pass.  He's an excellent athlete playing quarterback.  
  10. I will say this.  This is from my lil perspective.  Against tough teams (PNG, Ned) you go with your proven players (you'll have to play 4 tough qts.  Decent teams (Central, Lumberton) when the game is out of reach you give your talented back ups more burn ( the backup qb, the two running backs from early in the season #6 and #20.  They play a lot of receivers from what I've seen.  Against trash teams, I would work on certain plays (scenarios) with the starters and start pulling them in the 3rd qt.  It would all go towards keeping everybody fresh for those tough playoff games where you hope everyone will be healthy.  
  11. I don't lead one way or the other.  Its a good way to pass the time when you have 6 heads in front of you. That's what barber shops are for.  (Other than the obvious) lol
  12. Yea, that's a big topic in the barber shops around the city.  All of the above.
  13. The further they go in the playoffs, the more their secondary will be tested and that has been the achilles heel so to speak of the defense. Jones is a true athlete and could be used at Safety.  He did well in the past on defense.  I'm sure PNG's qb will be used a lil more on defense goin forward.  Gotta do what u gotta do. 
  14. Is PAM overrated?

    A lot of people in my section was asking the same thing Friday.  Why are certain players still a blowout game late including Jones who we thought was hurt but ended up being cramp. Not to mention KPark started playing dirty and that was another sign to pull players.  Many fans question that.
  15. Is PAM overrated?

    What qt did Hines get hurt in that2nd round game last yr?