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  1. District 9-5A DI

    I think PAM will do very well.  Morgan had a little grin on his face when asked about the offense.  They'll be much better than people outside of PA expect.  We know the D will be dominant, but word is the passing game will be electric and Hopkins could be dynamic in the run game.  I think Morgan had that grin for a reason.
  2. That's typical.  Lol I'm pretty sure no one in PA is surprised.


    Wow.  I dont think being home schooled gives those kids an advantage.  That's wrong on every level.  
  5. Who are Southeast Texas' best returning linebackers?

    Crook for PAM is a kid to keep an eye on.
  6. Who are SETX's best returning quarterbacks?

    As some PA faithful have said before, the best arm/passer in the area plays at Memorial. Lol
  7. Who are SETX's best returning quarterbacks?

    The kid is what they call a "gamer".  You cant teach that.  He's special. His competitive spirit is on another level.
  8. Who are SETX's best returning quarterbacks?

    Port Arthur already knows about him.  A lot a people have been patiently waiting.  I know old Buddy Garrity is a supporter.  
  9. Who are SETX's best returning quarterbacks?

    Lol.  This post actually gave me a good laugh.
  10. PAM spring football

    Has anyone seen the team yet?
  11. Yes it will be.  D is going to be Tough. Lol. Probably will have one of their best passing seasons.  I think the O line will be the question mark.
  12. Memorial's new QB

    1 or 2 lineman.  2 starting Wrs, another Wr that started a couple of games.  Ladia at the helm. Question mark is the o line and a running back.
  13. Memorial's new QB

    The real question is who will be the tailback.
  14. Memorial's new QB

    I'm pretty sure it'll be Ladia.
  15. I think Morgan's youth, coaching experience, having no ties to players or their families, and the respect of the players got him the job.  I think coach Vincent should have gotten the job, but that's just my opinion.  That doesn' mean I don't think Morgan doesn't deserve the job.  I think he will do a great job.  Race really shouldn't be brought up in this discussion.  The players respect him and the board that voted for him was black.  Disagreeing with a decision is one thing, but using race when it isn't warranted is another.