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  1. The further they go in the playoffs, the more their secondary will be tested and that has been the achilles heel so to speak of the defense. Jones is a true athlete and could be used at Safety.  He did well in the past on defense.  I'm sure PNG's qb will be used a lil more on defense goin forward.  Gotta do what u gotta do. 
  2. Is PAM overrated?

    A lot of people in my section was asking the same thing Friday.  Why are certain players still a blowout game late including Jones who we thought was hurt but ended up being cramp. Not to mention KPark started playing dirty and that was another sign to pull players.  Many fans question that.
  3. Is PAM overrated?

    What qt did Hines get hurt in that2nd round game last yr?
  4. Is PAM overrated?

    They actually have a better receiving core imo.  Francis and Hull can take the top off of any D.  The sophmore #89 and junior #19 are good young wrs.  They have a big TE that is under utilized imo.  A rb that can catch it out the backfield.  I haven't seen too many dropped balls this yr.  Inconsistent passing is more of a problem than the receivers.  The running and passing game was better last year overall.  Their inconsistent pass game and suspect secondary could be this teams downfall against equal talent goin forward.
  5. Is PAM overrated?

    Funny thing is that PNG will come back down from their 3 yr high after next season and PAM will still be doin what its doing now.  Nederland will still own mid county as they did this yr even with the star qb.  
  6. Vidor vs PAM

    PAM will be just as good or better next yr.  They probably won't have another Hines, but they'll have a legit running back.  Wrs will be better and more experienced, and a QB that can really sling it. Most of the starters on D are Jrs, so they'll be solid once again plus lots of talent on JV.  Just hope they have an opportunity to play each other again with this realignment.
  7. Jones was still in the game going into the 4th qt of a game that was a blowout in the 1st quarter.  Lmao!!  
  8. AAW, now that you've seen them both....

    Elia a better athlete??  I thought the same thing when comparing Roschon to Keitha Jones.  I haven't seen Elia up close this yr, but that kid at PNG can play any position also.  I'm a true believer now. Lol. He is the truth.
  9. Can we go one game without.....

    Oh, my bad.  The holding was on sided. Lol. Ever notice when the penalties really started.  That has nothing to do with your brother being a hell of a qb or Riggs being the best WR in the district.  The video is irrefutable.  Not my opinion, just fact. Like I said on a post before, you can make that call damn near on every play. Js
  10. Can we go one game without.....

    Ther was holding on both sides. Trust me.  Lol. I made it my business to pay close attention to the PNG Oline and as I thought, they couldn't block McMillan and Calvin clean most of the night.  I've also been told the the video says the same.  People lie, its hard to deny video.
  11. Penalties played a roll.  Not saying that was the main factor in the game, but the 1st half play calling was totally different than the 2nd half.  We proved that our pass game was effective early and for whatever reason went away from it.  As I stated before, the pass opens up the run and that's what we saw in the 1st half.  We went back to forcing the run in the second half.  The dbs were playing 10 yards off all night and we didn't utilize those receivers properly imo, plus they were playing man D.  My last point pertains to the penalties again.  You can't tell me with D line we have, the PNG Oline didn't hold.  Take any bias out of the equation and ask yourself if you think #9 and #1 for Memorial didn't get held all night. I know refs can call penalties on EVERY single play in high school football on both sides.
  12. I'm starting to think that...

    Who can play QB at the next level?  Who will be moved to another position. I say Johnson 100% plays under center, not sure about Elia.
  13. PAM vs PNG

    If PAM can show any sign of a decent pass game, that will open up so much space for Hines, Martin and Jones to work and be successful with the run game.  One dimensional football won't work against good defensive teams. Jones needs a little more space to be the dynamic player he can be.  He can throw the deep ball a few times and that will open up the middle just a little.
  14. PAM vs PNG

    Heard they were going to run him and Martin so Hines gets more rest for the playoffs.  I've seen him out there but haven't seen him play yet.  Have no idea what happened.  He looked good in the scrimmages.  Stuff like this makes you wish they had left TJ and Lincoln alone.  #20 is a he'll of a runber, #17 has the best arm in the district, the big TE #26 hasn't touched the ball, only 1 receiver is being utilized.
  15. Very little talent??  I saw a good strong running back, a huge receiver that was open all day and a good defense.   Sometimes its just toughness.