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  1. Nederland need to stop throwing it and Memorial need to stop running it.
  2. It was Hispanics gangs MS-13 attacked Surrenos to be exact but the bop just doesn't plant people anywhere. Its prison at the end day. When you put the worst people our country has to offer in one small confine place these type of situations will happen. A few months back we had a white gang member kill another white gang member but that story is not as sensational of this one.
  3. In a nut shell yes and no. Speaking from being a employee of said institution.
  4. For what it's worth I wouldn't mind to see what he could cook up with the stable of athletes at Pam. He just would have to stay completely away from the d.
  5. So why not keep him on jv doing district and let the kid grow or use the garbage time to develop usable backup.
  6. I wouldn't blame the kicker both attempts was blocked but I will blame the field goal unit as a whole that's been a problem all year.
  7. I don't know which coaching move is more egregious, Morgan running out the kicker that had a bum leg the whole year to kick a 40-50 yard field goal in his 1st playoffs lost vs Foster or putting in a guy that has taken 0 snaps the whole year at qb. But have a back up on the side line that arm is just as good as Sanders
  8. All those games when we was up big in the second half you should have been working out the backup.
  9. Correct. They have 0 player development. I haven't been to a game since my sister graduated but I can guarantee you they still don't the difference between or when to use a bounce,chest or over head pass. That's basketball 101.
  10. That's correct but if pa is still running with the same coach I understand this outcome.
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