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  1. Welcome to the Republican Party

  2. UFO's - The Truth is Out There
  3. Usually a team from the East, but maybe a team like TB (had they won) and some of the more obscure clubs, who might have eked out a win against the hated Cowboys.
  4. Tit For Tat

    I truly hate that our political parties have come to this childish behavior, but this is comical.
  5. Mature Stoners

    I posted that without reading the article. I'll read it later on break.
  6. Mature Stoners

    Could it be that those seniors are hippies from the 60s/70s?
  7. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    They were lending money on $500,000 houses to people who worked at McDonald's. What is the incentive for any lending institution to make such foolish loans? Guess that's all the more reason to up the minimum wage...NOT!
  8. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    This question could only come from you. Unbelievable. The original wall needs continuation, patching, and electrifying (that one is on me).  You failed to answer the question of who funded the original wall. Imagine that.
  9. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    I read this quote to my wife and asked her who said it. She said Pelosi. Lmao
  10. Already done. No one else whipped the Saints like that. Some team's SB is beating the Cowboys, so I'll take that. Lol
  11. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    Like I said, it was a tongue in cheek comment.
  12. His rookie year, he had Romo in his ear on the sidelines. I think that is a tremendous help in guiding a young QB. Dak needs a QB coach to bring him along. 2010, anyone could have thrown more than Brees in that arse whipping. Lmao
  13. 49ers are 7-6. Lets hear it.  Raiders are 4-4. Woooooo. Saints 9-7. Mannnn  
  14. Media Bias

    No, dims fiddled while California burned and partied in Puerto Rico instead of hashing out a budget deal. Shutdowns should affect all government employees and their travel money. They show no respect but fly under the guise of compassion. Sorry, wrong thread for my post, but i'll leave it.
  15. Good Read

    Who woulda thunk? Lmao.