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  1. Cowboys @ Atlanta

    That would be ok. Maybe Lee can stay healthy. He reminds me of “always hurt” McGrady when he was a Rocket. One of the best, if not the best, but always on the sidelines.
  2. Cowboys @ Atlanta

    A win is a win! Zeke getting his yardage takes some pressure of Dak to shoulder all the responsibility. Vander Esch is amazing. When Sean Lee comes back, it will have to be the best LB corp in the league......Vander Esch, Lee, and Smith.
  3. Cowboys @ Atlanta

    Wow, defensive holding and PI on the same player on the same play. No flag.
  4. Week 12 Games

    My Dad went to school with “The Babe”. 
  5. Democrat's Insurance Policy!

    Sarcasm doesn't show through text very well. Actually, I was wondering why it took her so long to find her card. Must have fallen into the deep abyss known as a woman's purse.
  6. Shug gets lost of yardage after the first ocntact, that's a given. However, with a crappy o-line, he gets I have a hard time understanding this guy's problem. Drinking loud mouths gives some people an attitude.
  7. Democrat's Insurance Policy!

    Now she is claiming racism. Wow, I never expected her to table that card.
  8. Iowa St at Texas

    17-3 Texas at the half.
  9. Iowa St at Texas

    14-3 Texas. 6:00 left in half. Iowa St. with the top defense in Big XII.
  10. Iowa St at Texas

    Texas scores on their first drive. Iowa St. scores a FG on their 2nd drive. 7-3 Texas in the 1st.
  11. A 12 pack of loud mouths will do it every time.
  12. Week 12 Games

    Sorry, i wasn't aware he posted that. Who looks for stuff like that?
  13. Week 12 Games

    Wow, when you aren't as good as Texas, only thing left is to attack their sports channel. Really?
  14. Week 12 Games

    31-17 now. Maryland's record does not accurately reflect their talent. Moral victory for Texas. We actually won. Lol
  15. Week 12 Games

    There will always be the argument about who is the best. Bo Jackson was the best I have seen. He would have made HOF in both sports. Please watch this. Bo was very special.