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  1. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    You are twisting my words. I never said it couldn’t be changed, just not by declaring an emergency and bypassing congress.
  2. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    Shortsighted or not, I stand by my post.
  3. What’s The Presidents Fault?

    I don’t believe you can declare an emergency to bypass congress in order to change the Bill of Rights. I’ve been wrong before.
  4. question for VSEO and UT Alum

    Of course not. That was from left field. However, if just one of those fraudulent votes came from Russia in favor of Trump, you would completely forget about statistical negligence. My point can be a little veiled at times. Makes people think.
  5. question for VSEO and UT Alum

    Most of those infractions were from Russian computers.
  6. Paul Ryan On Board of Fox Corp - Lmao

    It has to be anyone who doesn’t agree with all the things we listed. Lol I’ll hazard a guess and say Nazi/KKK is extreme. At least that is what we are called. I identify with none of that. I am anti-muslim however. I rank several breeds of dogs higher on the scale of humanity. Does that make me extreme? I really don’t care.
  7. There is only one volcano that worries me personally. It should worry the world.......Yellowstone. Man, in his infinite wisdom and smugness, thinks he can control weather. Hasn't done it yet and never will. Sad how many people think we can.
  8. Paul Ryan On Board of Fox Corp - Lmao

    Let’s see......extremely far left is socialism/communism, green new deal, abolish the electoral college,create a new SC with 100 justices, medicare for all.....etc. What is extremely far right?
  9. question for VSEO and UT Alum

    Yes, the dead people were definitely absent.
  10. question for VSEO and UT Alum

    Has to be a tactic of the left. If I ever needed anything investigated, I darn sure wouldn’t hire Mueller. He has to be the worst investigator ever. He takes too long, he’s too expensive, and he comes up with nothing!
  11. question for VSEO and UT Alum

    Don’t blow a gasket. It is all about interfering with American’s right to vote. Russians and aliens are not American and don’t possess the rights that I have. Pretty simple really.  I was almost certain that enlightened people would catch my drift.
  12. question for VSEO and UT Alum

    Please explain Trump’s collusion with Russia. Then tell me why you don’t mind illegal aliens voting.
  13. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    Your first amendment right as an American citizen allows for you to post your opinions on this board. Never take that for granted. People who express their opinions in Korea get executed.
  14. CNN Poll ( march 14-17, 2019)

    Hillary was a landslide shoe-in by these pollsters.
  15. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    General motors has been on shaky ground for sometime now. Didn’t they have over 200 Vice Presidents?