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  1. West Hardin

    Not sure if it’s official yet 
  2. West Hardin

    Awfully cryptic to be throwing weight around. Where you at skeet?
  3. West Hardin

    it doesn't help that they are going to be senior heavy next year.... Over 3/4 their team was junior senior this year with bad lower levels.... not enough participation for us to play JV games against them at evadale... their MS coach said they only won a game or two against a bad burkville MS... might be a decent year next year for the oilers, but this job will be what it has always been, a coach killer.
  4. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    We all pay for the public education that MOST of us attended and MOST DO attend though......... So WHY NOT make it as good and as top notch across the board as possible??!?!?!? If that's an extra $30 a month then so be it! Or you could just vote no and things can continue to be sub-par and you can continue to send your kids to old schools and quality people will move away, including educators...This is why our country is great though... There's quite a bit more at stake than $30 a month for Nederlanders here IMO.... 
  5. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    i will never understand the fear-mongering of paying a little more in taxes on the experiences of children as they grow... the whole reason we love the sports they play and the reason most of us are so interested and fond of this board is because of the good vibes and feelings we get when we think back to those times when we were going through school.... why wouldnt you want THE BEST EXPERIENCES POSSIBLE for the children in your area....? just has always perplexed me
  6. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    im sure some would end up there as well
  7. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    it's only logical for parents to want the best for their children.... if the last 2 bonds haven't passed.... a third marks a trend most people will see as a situation that they want to stay clear of....
  8. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    people i've talked to have said all of those except bc
  9. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    just word of mouth talking to parents of children in elementary and middle....
  10. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    Apparently lots of families of young children moving out if this doesnt pass....
  11. Sabine Pass is looking for games

    From what I have heard, this is exactly what they are doing next year.
  12. Yeah but what’s the score
  13. West Brook vs Cy-Creek

    Let's go BROOOOOOOOOKKKKK. Anybody else getting fired up!?!? Come on Saturday! Get that D playing together and we got some mojo working boys!!!
  14. West Brook vs Cy-Creek

    You arent wrong. When family is involved, it tends to be the coaches fault.... when people can be more objective, you tend to get a more realistic observation to any issue at hand