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  1. Yes!!!!!!!! Bird lost this game! John is spot on 💯! No doubt, WH fans/buddies giving me heck about our play calling lol. 3 WH fans just said thank God y’all’s Coach didn’t give it to #23 after 1st quarter. HD should have been up three scores at half, Birdwell’s play calling had HD stopped on goal line and inside 20 multi times. Kids played their tail off!
  2. It was a good move. Bobcats looking good every since.
  3. Yes sir just chalking it up to Hardin being a 3A D-1 and at home in Hornet Stadium. I do agree with John that H-D is looking good and surprising folks, really inexperienced Bobcat team, but young. H-D flys around the ball, it’s exciting to watch. Bobcats should keep getting better. Hardin has a few players that stand out on film. It will be a good game. Go Cats!
  4. 409Sports teams giving up the fewest points #409Sports #txhsfb Hull-Daisetta 9.0 Silsbee 12.3 Colmesneil 13.7 Newton 14.3 Little Cypress-Mauriceville 15.0
  5. Yep Johnny you are right. Them Bobcats are looking tough! The community is excited! Coaches and players are coming together with this young team. Keep taking the bigger teams down! HD Nation! Bobcats 24 Hardin 18
  6. Bottom line, HD can’t win for losing, they were getting picked to lose by the overwhelming majority of pick’em folks, then when they actually win the games, the same people that picked them to lose, say HD’s win was nothing and say look who they beat. It’s plan hating, is what it is. I agree with Ruth.
  7. You better go pull up the Warren vs HD score thread lol.
  8. You are on here, apparently it does lol. 😀🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. I love the fight in this young and outnumbered HD Bobcat team, keep it up boys! It is fun to see the haters pick against us weekly, then go crickets lol. Great job Coach Bird!
  10. You are an idiot, if a small school beats a bigger school, it’s a good win. Especially with the huge enrollment differences.
  11. Maybe they should be on here congratulating their team and praising them, it’s important to build that culture and tradition. To win is fun and important, but to win vs bigger competition with lots more players/students to choose from, a team you shouldn’t be able to compete with, that is big. HD has now beaten two schools with enrollments in the mid 350’s or more, with HD currently at 104 students per the Administration. Big wins! FYI: Hardin has 338 students in 9-12.
  12. You let it go when they do it to HD all the time…🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Hull Daisetta and Warren game has been moved to Anahuac. Starting at 7:30.
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