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  1. I seen him at Exygon Nederland working out, for the past several months... not to sure what he is doing other then that 
  2. Naw as long as any kid in this area can move on to the next level I’ll support them. Big name schools bring in other schools and smaller schools. More exposure in this area the better for everyone 
  3. I wish they would go Texas, but two former Nederland grads are now in the A&M scouting dept
  4. Nederland’s Kade Scott RB 2021 and Ricky Johnson DT 2022 both had a lot of talks with A&M and took visits in the fall. Nederland to A&M pipeline is just getting started...
  5. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    The run first mentality isn’t going to work with that crappy defense OU has. 
  6. Jalen Hurts Transferring

    Good luck, kid is full of drama 
  7. Under Armour Game

    RJ is going to be the future QB at Texas. Learning behind Sam and getting more coaching skys the limit. He had a lot of praise this week. 2 spring trainings 2 summers and one fall season before RJ will take field as a starter 
  8. Under Armour Game

    How about that kid kicking a 59 yd FG wow
  9. Dallas will get pressure to the QB, the thing is they live and die by the deep ball. If Dallas can defend that I like our chances a lot. I don’t think Seattle will be able to run very well on Dallas with there poor play on the line 
  10. Idea for a high school football podcast

    I would interested to hear about that. As well as Nederland 3 years and the 1 state semifinals run, 
  11. Coaching Carousel

    Like what WOSgrad said it wasn’t there first year of football at that school,it opened in 2016. It is the schools first graduating class. But that school district redid the lines and hearing from other boards they rezoned a lot of kids from manvel state championship team the year before to that school. It’s a certain area/ sub division where tons of highly ranked athletes live in the district. Maybe a manvel guy can explain better or give more info, but from hearing from both parties this is what they are both saying.  But speaking of rezoning did BISD ever redo there lines and enforce the rule if the kid lives in this school zone they go to it? 
  12. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    A big win like this gets tons more of recruitment focusing on Texas plus all the renovations going on.  So Is the big 12 offenses that great that makes the defenses look bad in conference play? when they go play another conference the defenses play great, Why is that? 
  13. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    that corner blitz messed up Fromm big time
  14. Can someone tell me Who is the early favorite or projected to win this tourney? With everyone being out of state I’m not to familiar with anyone. Any future stars to watch? I’m going to be in NOLA because of the Texas-Georgia game so I will be attending and cheering on Silsbee the first game for sure. I’ll be the one wearing a Nederland shirt and hat I packed one in the bag 
  15. Bowl Games

    FSU made there move on Kendall Briles and is about to dip into Texas with his connections. Kliff to USC won’t help out none as well. Clemson what 2 years ago got the number 1 and 2 player in the state of Flordia.  Is that why y’all hired Jimbo because y’all can’t get the home grown talent in Texas so going to try and dip into Florida? Hook em