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  1. Nederland Bond

    NISD has amazing teachers and educators that care about the kids and their well being... if this bond passes or doesn’t pass they will continue to do the same I hope and teacher these kids well... but it’s hard to teach when my 3rd grader has a leaking roof in his classroom and has to go to the cafeteria on a hard rain. Or my 5th grader in a classroom of 33 students to 1 educator and sitting at a round table. That’s not right, something needs to be done. 
  2. Nederland Bond

    Okay thanks... curious... how did they utilize this 1m savings? What did they spend it on?     
  3. Nederland Bond

    Do you happen to know by how much? I’m curious as to where this money was spent and utilitized 
  4. Nederland Bond

    How often does new construction come in under budget..? I hope we are able to get everything we want and more I really do. But honestly I’m not holding my breath on us able to build one, 
  5. PN-G 2019 version

    Even though PNG lost boy wonder they should be favorite to win the district. Very strong team coming back, one of the better o lines in the greater Houston area. 
  6. Nederland Bond

    At first stadium bond was kinda dead.. as of late it’s picking up steam... from what I was told people are upset though that the big 17 mil athletic bond isn’t a option and would have a greater chance then just strictly bulldog stadium bond because it covers all sports. I am kinda baffled that they wouldn’t include the building new dressing room idea to the stadium bond... visitor team has to go the girls locker room. The dogs are cramped up inside central middle, can’t really call anything there own, outdated, old, pathetic. 
  7. Crosby is open

    I believe that’s what they did, 
  8. Crosby is open

    Don’t think so... I think that was a big fuss with the hire. 
  9. Crosby is open

    Does barrow have a masters? 
  10. Nederland Bond

    Because high school is quite smart. One stadium services multiple sports, put money into one venue. Make it a great facility. 
  11. Nederland Bond

    That 4.5 side bond you are talking about not only does that field service varsity football games but as well as the band and drill teams, as well as freshman and JV football. Oh and middle school football, let’s not forget boys and girls soccer. Oh what about the great track meet that the high school puts on every year. Can’t foeget about the middle school track team. Stadium is outdated and old bathrooms are a joke, time to update the stadium and lock it up at night time.
  12. Nederland Bond

    NISD did offer tours of every campus and athletic facility within the district. Very well ran and organized. A special committee was put together to govern over this. Great turnouts each time, they spread the word out about each campus and meeting.  If you didn’t take care part of it shame on you, that was first insight of how terrible NISD schools are from within.
  13. Nederland Bond

    Central middle school is the old high school... that’s why the football stadium is located there but it was built well and to last.. The high school was built in the 70s it’s the “newest” school but built open concept without walls. Langham elementary is the oldest I can’t recall 100% sure but I believe it was in the 30s it was built. Maybe someone can correct me better. 
  14. Nederland Bond

    Klein is trying to scare Nederland people just like every other bond. No surprise there. 
  15. Nederland Bond

    I think we want to cut the visiting side of the stadium seating to about 1500.. kinda like how PNG did