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  1. 2019 Houston Astros

    Caleb Smith is from Huntsville stayed home and played ball for Sam Houston. Used to roast the cards.. been following him since he got drafted by the Yankees. He’s gotten better every season in the majors just the only thing that kinda scares me is the injuries he gets. But when healthy can be great partner to have in the future with Cole.  
  2. 2019 Houston Astros

    For Thor it was Kyle Tucker, Forest, and a player to be named. I think the Astros were trying to move Tyler white as well but they before a trade package could be done. But still possibly can.... he’s under contract through 2021 
  3. 2019 Houston Astros

    Mets said to get Thor they want forest.. 
  4. 2019 Houston Astros

    I miss McCullers too... I would take either of them right now. But it is what it is 
  5. 2019 Houston Astros

    Alvarez is killing it. That’s for sure. Don’t sell the farm for Thor... Madbaum I have a hard time seeing the giants selling him now because they are in the middle of a wild car push now. They are the hottest team in baseball. So now I want Caleb Smith lefty from Miami we would have control of him through 2023 so it’s worth the trade just lacks experience. Grienke.. ehh I like him but comes with baggage.. Stroman would be a solid pick up I can get behind
  6. 2019 Houston Astros

    Tyler white officially designate him for assignment... long time coming. Good riddance  
  7. Iggy trade needs to happen 
  8. Top retuning SETX QBs and RBs

    PA charging for scrimmages? Lol 
  9. Prayers for the west brook boys! 
  10. Ed Taylor

    RIP Coach Taylor! Prayers to the United and Taylor family, 
  11. Westbrook and Harden are great friends and will work together. I get they both score a whole lot lol but at the end of it all Westbrook got traded to Harden’s team. He knows that and knew what he was getting himself into when he listed his desire to be traded to Houston first. The signing of Tyson Chandler was big last night. When harden is getting rest Westbrook and get star power to shine and vise versa with Haden. Sit back and watch the gauntlet of the west is wide open and will be fun to watch, every game is playoff atmosphere. Rockets are in win now mode get Iggy and there you have the most complete team in the nba. 
  12. Westbrook contract is bigger than CP3 but he is what? 4 years younger than him... so I believe the rockets got better and younger with this trade. 
  13. Best Athlete from Central High School

    I do remember him playing running back, but IMO I thought he was a better outside linebacker than rb that’s why I said it like that. He would lay the wood and chase down running backs from behind and could cover a slot wr when needed too. Teams game planned around where he was on the field but still couldn’t stop him.  
  14. I’m excited to watch this kid play, best of luck to this young man keep grinding 
  15. Best Athlete from Central High School

    Charlie Thomas was a stud at outside linebacker and I believe ran 2nd leg on that 4x100 team that got 2nd in state.