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  1. United gets the win, I think they are coming together and starting to fire on all cyclinders. 3 tough games get ready for district. A win here will build lots of confidence going forward. I think playing as close as they did to PAM helped them out. I’m not big on moral victories but in my point of view I believe that game did a lot for them as a team
  2. STJFL PeeWee week 2

    It is lonely all BMT Super Bowl. The Football Capital of the World Beaumont TX. 
  3. STJFL PeeWee week 2

    Big stepper might be big steppen into a pile of bulldog poo when WBB comes to town 
  4. STJFL PeeWee week 2

    WBB Gold is the real deal.
  5. TCU @ Texas

    I think TCU is going to try and be aggressive with multiple blitzes, Sam is football smart I just hope he makes the right call on finding the one on one coverage and use Texas height at the WR to his advantage. Please stop the wr bubble routs. The offensive line is getting in gear and doing well, I hope it continues. Defense is coming around, the true freshman are doing very well for the horns 
  6. Sabine Pass cancels the rest of the season?

    Alright start with WOS and LCM consolidating. See how well that works out. 
  7. SETXsports Pick 'ems - Week 4

    1.) Crosby 2.) Liberty 3.) Evadale 4.) Vidor 5.)  Sheppard  6.) Huffman 7.) Jasper  8.) Lumberton 9.) HF 10.) Silsbee  11.) Danbury 12.) Beckville 13.) Mexia  14.) Joaquin 15.) Kelly  16.) Mt. Enterprise  17.) Hull-Daisetta  18.) Kipp Houston 19.) Jewett 20.) Tenaha 21.) Timpson 22.) Oakwood  23.) OCC 24.) Legacy 25.) Baytown Christian 
  8. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    Losing 182 kids in two years is a big steep loss. If the numbers hold up to what they are. I know the hurricane messed vidor up but that’s losing a lot 
  9. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    Dayton football in shambles. Yikes 
  10. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    It effected both teams tonight for sure very sloppy and you are right teams that played on grass all over it did. 
  11. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Field conditions. 
  12. SETXsports Pick'ems - Week 3

    1.) PAM 2.) Newton 3.) West Sabine 4.) West Brook 5.) Vidor 6.) Porter 7.) Barbers Hill 8.) Nederland 9.) Liberty  10.) Diboll 11.) Jasper 12.) Bridge City 13.) Sheppard  14.) East Chambers  15.) Woodville  16.) Tarkington  17.) Buna 18.) Corrigan-Camden 19.) Tomball 20.) Lumberton 21.) Kountze  22.) warren 23.) Hull Daisetta  24.) Evadale 25.) Hardin
  13. Nederland vs Silsbee

    Nederland has been scrimmaging Silsbee for years after they dropped down. so statement is invalid. Lol 
  14. Jr Week 2 scores

    I guess that’s why on another thread you picked the other Nederland team to lose I noticed. I heard the league has gone down hill over the years since it first started, must be a board member. When  my brother was coaching everyone rooted for all the Nederland teams even if it was the other team in the same league. Y’all are all bulldogs, and want a all Nederland SB 
  15. I gotcha, yeah this is only year 3 of 6a ball