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  1. Humble 45 Nederland 44/FINAL

    Wow tough break. Good season dogs. 
  2. Wow... didn’t see that coming. Great season central 
  3. Worst facilities in the area?

    Lol might sound like it. But I know he will stick to his word. And I want his voice be heard. Not everyone might have known he is running so anyway to get his name out and his message is good. That single post could have won votes his way to get elected. Nederland needs a change for the good and I believe Mr. Mosley can lead us in that direction. 
  4. Worst facilities in the area?

    The main problem with Nederland bonds getting passed was the first one around 2009 was wrong information was put out before the citizens that the bond was all about Athletics. No new schools, board members were calling people’s house telling people to vote no. The whole thing was disaster. In 2012 they came back the “band aid” bond. Pass this bond we will get 20 more years out of the school. Which is a lie and pathetic. The older school board members are getting out and the younger new generation that know how the schools are taking a stand. Mr. Micah Mosley is running for school board, he is the type of change Nederland needs. He wants to get things done correct he’s taking a stand.     Words from Mr. Mosley- ’m pro-bond... Overall, I was disappointed in the 2009 and 2012 bond outcomes. If I am elected, I hope to have the opportunity to work with a bond committee on getting our facilities back on track. Ask your company's HR department what incoming families look at when evaluating the area. One of the biggest factors that influences where a family buys their home is the school district and its facilities. We all know friends and families that have even left Nederland due to the state of our facilities. I want to shake this up and push hard for improvements. In consideration of  tragedies over the years, it’s also time to get even more serious regarding the security of our facilities and the safety of our students. Some of these security vulnerabilities can be addressed through facility improvements. We have great teachers, great students, and great families in Nederland. Let's retain these three things that make Nederland great.  I'm pro-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)... STEM-related jobs are expected to continue skyrocketing over the next century. Over the years, our school district has taken huge strides in improving student interest in STEM. Who is the leading STEM school district in our area? Who is developing the next doctors, engineers, scientists, and STEM teachers the best? We can be that ISD! I want to further push for local industry partnerships, equipment, tools, teachers, and opportunities that can give our students a leg up on competition.  I'm pro-trade development... We need to recognize that not all students want to go to college. Considering the greater Houston area, we live in a refinery/plant metropolis. Great paying trade jobs - are - EVERYWHERE. A recent post on the NHS CTE facebook page showed a student with his lap joint weld. These are skills we need to commend, and I want to continue pushing for the development and expansion of our trade school and CTE programs.I'm pro-extracurriculars... Unashamedly, I might add. I can't say enough about the benefits of participating in our school sports, fine arts, UIL academics, and all of our other various clubs and organizations. These students learn teamwork, diligence, commitment, time-management, valuable leadership skills, and studies show they earn higher GPAs vs their non-participating peers. Participating on behalf of our community gives a feeling of honor and pride that just can't be taught in the classroom. We should celebrate our extracurricular success at Nederland and ensure we are equipping our students with the support, equipment, and facilities they need for continued success. A strong extracurriculars program is an attribute we need to sustain in Nederland.I say all that to say Nederland already does a lot of things really, really well. But we can be better, and we can do better. We can set the standard, and we should not sell ourselves short. I’m a firm believer our school district is the backbone of the city, and I’m passionate about Nederland taking pride in the black and gold. If you’re wanting to vote for someone that takes pride living in Nederland, that’s raising his family in Nederland, and will always seek and expect the best for Nederland, I’m your person.Help me be a voice for our students, teachers, and families!
  5. Nederland 72 Vidor 42/FINAL

    Big Ned is peaking at the right time. This 4 seed is going to knock down the 1 seed
  6. Oh okay thanks, let’s go dogs! 
  7. Does this win make the dogs playoff bound?
  8. I have said it once and I’ll say it again winning cures everything. I hope BISD makes a big splash hire. But who ever they hire if he comes in and wins right away all the negativity will wipe away. 
  9. PA Lil Titans

    Orange colts, Beaumont oilers, PA and Mid county team is getting a orgainzation together. More on that to come, Golden Triangle Golden Gators is the team name. 
  10. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Shock the world and beat St. P first game of the new school everyone rallies together kinda like the Texans beating the Cowboys their first NFL game lol 
  11. Just a suggestion

    Then what will they do if two new teams are crowned champions the following year? 
  12. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Dang 3 L’s to start the season off tough break for the new school... (shots fired) hahaha
  13. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    For now I agree with your top four but watch out for Vidor I’m not to sure if these new teams are prepared for that kind of offense. Not many teams in the state run that offense as well as vidor does. Hard to defend if you don’t see it on a yearly bases 
  14. 11-4a-1

    Lumberton  Livingston  LCM Huffman lumberton winning district undefeated. Livingston is going shock all y’all in that district both teams will benefit huge from being small fish in a big pond to the big fish in a smaller pond. 

    All Nederland had to do was stop 3 plays that night. RJ run left, middle, or Right. The rest was history. Plus they know how to do something PNG hasn’t done in years and that’s play defense and TACKLE. Lol