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  1. To the Fun Stuff Legacy 7v7 Tourney 5-18-19

    Way to go Bulldogs! 
  2. Great Season BH way to go deep in the playoffs and be the District Champs. 
  3. Nederland Next Season

    We will be on the younger side of things with DBs and LBs yes, but I’m not to worried we have some big size coming up. The young dogs can play. 
  4. RIP Coach W.T. Johnston

    RIP to the legend W. T. Johnston. prayers for the Johnston family and Newton community! 
  5. 4A - Region 3

    I read a lot of Sweeney isn’t good and they play in a weak district talk from a certain team fans on this board just a few weeks ago... Sweeney onto round 3
  6. Game 6 and crucial must win game in Houston tonight... with KD being hurt could it be the rockets chance to step up and win these 2 games just like Rockets losing CP3 last year? 
  7. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    Lol exit rows that run straight into bleachers with no where to go, gotta be a safety issue with that. 
  8. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    Why add more seats to visiting side? Leave visitor side alone. Only do the ada mods to that side with new and more bathrooms. Home side should be adding to both sides players entrance and scoreboard side. Looking at that picture I see a perfect place for a players locker room to be added. So let’s hopefully be able to get that done if the other projects come in underbid. 
  9. Area Round Matchups/Please Post Here

    **** edit time change    Nederland-Angleton schedule change  All Games at Crosby Game 1, Friday at 1pm Game 2, after Game 1 Game 3, (if necessary) Saturday 10am
  10. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I wish this year. Vidor started their turf laying just recently. But I’m sure they are going to do all upgrades at one time.. can’t wait to see a big Nederland N at the 50 yard line on that turf. No more mud bowl games, 
  11. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    The people who voted for it are investing in Nederland and the children of Nederland. Obviously the people who voted for it are extremely happy about the results 
  12. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    You lost your mind yet little buddy? Lol. 
  13. Galena Park @ Barbers Hill GM 2

    Congrats BH! Way to go
  14. PNG vs Friendswood/PNG Advances!!

    Way to go PNG! Congrats