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  1. Manvel with the new head coach, and with Shadow Creek HS I was reading they lost a bunch of young athletes. I’m hearing it won’t be the Manvel team of the past
  2. Dallas Cowboys 2018

    So top 3 teams I think he will end up.  NE, Det, LA chargers. Wild card Houston/Jax.  He did say don’t worry Dallas y’all will see me twice next season so maybe Washington? 
  3. Dallas Cowboys 2018

    Dez meeting with JJ is this Friday we will see how it all goes. 
  4. Dallas Cowboys 2018

    Carolina moved him cause of locker room issue. Patriots jumped on it because they can usually a bad guy into the patriot way but he didn’t seem too. He changed his ways with the jets they always seem too. Especially with Bowles as the coach. Cowboys like his body type and can turn no name guys into players. He had a name and still young and knows he is one bad mess up/bad season out the nfl. I think he could be a dark horse for the boys. 
  5. STJFL NFL Flag??

    Sounds about right. Stjfl is a joke, we left to go to tyfa. Just wish they would make that mid county tyfa team they talked about 
  6. Question for PNG?

    Great addition for PAM! Congrats Zach 
  7. Southlake Carrol

    Faircloth has applied many times since getting at PNG. He has a great resume, and many ties through out the state. He has worked under and with many known names through out the state. When he took this job I didn’t think he would have stayed as long as he has neither did many of my png friends we gave him 5 years and onto bigger things. If a SLC type school comes looking at your coach be proud that someone wants your coach. Must be doing something right. 
  8. 2018 Houston Astros

    Oh I stayed. Me and my family got a World Series ring, that was a nightmare of a wait... my wife sold hers to a guy in the stands for 200$ He came up and offered to pay 200$ for it...... that walk off single was crazy that place was rocking that day.  Cole was throwing lights out! He had what 11k? The guy in front was talking about remember when Bergman hit Tucker in for the game winner in the playoffs then bam that happens. Crazy game fun game ready for a repeat
  9. Dallas Cowboys 2018

    I think if we do anything with dez it will be a draft day deal. If we don’t move him then he will be on the team for game 1. I read on ESPN insider we send our 1st Dez and a 5th for the the 49ers 1st and 6th round pick... I don’t think they do it but wow I would like it 
  10. 2018 Houston Astros

    I’ll be at the game tonight. It’s going to be a wild atmosphere 
  11. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Brian English didn’t even put in for this job Unlike some people on this board said he did. He won’t leave Nederland. Lol 
  12. Southlake Carrol

    Young dodge is going to be A okay. He is getting a hell of a staff together. That SLC money is paying some coaches from what I’m reading in the DFW message Boards.   
  13. PA Lil Titans

    I wish more setx teams would join Tifi. Or stjfl merger with them as a whole
  14. Southlake Carrol

    If you look at what he has done as a OC he has done a great job at Flour Mound a 6a level. He coached at UT for one year as a QY for QB coach. He has a great mentor he can lean on as his dad. He grew up and knows the Up tempo spread Offense. His alma matar. I wouldn’t say this is for all the wrong reasons at all. 
  15. Southlake Carrol

    Todd won’t leave Westlake unless it’s for a college job again. His father n law set him up at Westlake lol