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    Nothing but pure speed on the 3 non district games. We won’t see speed like that till Crosby. And round 1 of the playoffs if we make it of course
  2. Nederland ISD growing

    Because 2 major reasons. 1 being the city population was older but now has the city turned it’s getting younger and mainly people went to these schools in the 90s and saw how bad they were then and now there kids are going to these schools.  The other reason was previous bonds people were making things up saying it was a “athletic bond” lots of false information was getting tossed around. Former board members were calling people’s house asking them to vote no. It was a mess and poor advertisement and everything about it was a mess. But now with the new school board regime in changes are going to be made. You will see things change for the better hopefully in the incoming years. I believe all the new board members all were pro bond and that’s a start. 
  3. But they do this already lol they choose not to get turf and stick with grass.  Sad but true. I wish we had turf
  4. BISD has to get some money back for the new turf and less playoff games will be played there now since 5A 1 and 2 seeds get a home game in bi district.  Plus BISD would work with PA about concession stand money back to PA a lot better than LU will. 
  5. PA doesn’t want to play in Nederland it’s grass field. That’s out the question. They have 3 choices for “home” games  LU, The Rez and the Butch. 

    STJFL is a joke. It mainly caters to the smaller schools anyways. The bigger schools need to break away and strictly do TYFA. I’m glad we as a family broke away and left the Nederland organization to do TYFA it really has shown for my son on the football field. Plus who wants to play YMCA rules with weight limit. 
  7. I guess you wanted a Win on the schedule for United instead of two L’s.... 
  8. Every Game will matter in 5A D2 - 12.

    Bulldog stadium host what 3 or 4 games every Tuesday for middle school ball. Then if varsity is away that’s another 3 games. So a total of 7 games on one field is a lot of traffic. Then if varsity is home that week it’s 4 to 5 games that week. Come the final games of the season plus all the rain we have every year the field is used and abused. Which I still don’t know why Bulldog stadium is open to the general public. You can pass by there any giving night and there is about 20-30 people on the track and about 20-30 more on the field tearing it up making holes, setting up poles and other objects for drills I have seen countless amount of times. And no one there to stop them. Time to close the stadium to the public and make people go else where. And if Nederland plans on having as many games that they have at the stadium time to lay down turf. If not and wanna stick to grass time to shuffle and use Prather as middle school/freshman/JV field. Move varsity/JV practice on Tuesday to the track field and freshmen can practice either band field/or the baseball field.  Doesn’t WOS only use there football stadium for varsity events and everyone else goes to the stadium behind Wells Fargo on McArthur at the middle school? 
  9. H-Town

    I think so too, but he’s done to much for that franchise and city for them to do that. 
  10. Nederland leads the last 25 years 17-8.
  11. the one kid nicknamed the  flyin Hawaiian he played rb some had pretty big games late in the year. I can’t remember his name I believe he is going to be a junior. Kinda small but lightning fast speed. The skill position players on the offense side of the ball will be on the younger side. 
  12. Yeah y’all weren’t concerned with Nederland last year and yall took that L and came on this bird all whinnying. Not you but most of the PNG nation. Snug has killed us the past two years. But after what PA did then watching Nederland has the formula to beat them. Load the box and make shug throw it the WRs we’re getting bullied and no separation at all last year. Shug on his feet tho. That’s a whole different story.  I know y’all talk about yalls defense being the weak link this year I would hate to see them put shug at safety and play qb all game to many hits on the kid with a huge and bright future. I hope the png coaches know that. 
  13. H-Town

    Is Houston the City with the best players in the 3 major sports of the past several years? JJ Watt 3x defensive player of the year.  Altuve MVP, Springer WS MVP, Verlander ALCS MVP Kuechel AL CY Young  Now James Harden MVP.  Name a City that has produced more MVP’s of late. 
  14. Sounds very familiar