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  1. Hearing coach resigned last night to take a job in west texas? 
  2. GCM@ Barbers Hill

    Coach is in way over his head....If Rupp was still around they would have been making some deep runs the last few years
  3. GCM@ Barbers Hill

    Yikes not much of a rivalry anymore looking down the scores at each level
  4. North Shore 63 Baytown Sterling 3/FINAL

    He is the one of the big problems.....No accountability for Mulvaney in his hires. This guy they have now is just another in a long time getting this pension salaries up before he jets somewhere else. As high as the pay is in GCCISD, you ought to be able to find a good coach who is here for the long haul. Since ol Bernie was a football coach himself how could these kind of results not be driving yourself crazy...embarrassing....its a direct reflection of you.....a joke 
  5. Baytown Sterling is Open

    Ah thats right, Good Ol Boy Gooden hired his buddy. Same theory regardless, come to GCCISD and get that pension up boys! 
  6. Baytown Sterling is Open

    You mean like Aduddell that the AD hired in 13? Dick Olin was rumored to want the job...Atleast he proved he could win in Baytown. Instead we let Aduddell come in and get his 3 years salary bump and then skate over to DP to be an asst to ride out his career. Ol Troy took a group of kids that had lost only 1 game since they were in the 3rd grade and turned them into a option team lol. Nice job Mr. AD and ever since then its been one cluster after another at the other schools and in other sports. 
  7. Baytown Sterling is Open

    Because he has aldine ties to the goofball AD
  8. Baytown Sterling is Open

    How does the GCCISD AD keep his job? His hires across all sports have been completely unstable. It is well known come to GCCISD to get those pension salary years up for a few years and then go back to where you really want to be or take a joke admin job while keeping that elevated salary. AD is a blowhard who thinks everyone else is a idiot and that he is the smartest guy in the room.  
  9. North Hwy 146 area in Goose Creek isd.

    Barbers Hill has no interest in bringing in Baytown folks lol...their super doesnt even want some housing in his own area to be built...and vows to always only have one high school. 

      Thats where Dick Olin had a point....Riley has a vested interest in the community and knows the Baytown traditions.....lets face it you can hire vince lombardi to coach the ganders in todays world and its not going to matter....Atleast hire someone that was there when they were successful, that knows the culture that did work, and has a vested interest in district/community...and I say that not knowing Riley from a hole in the ground. but I know everyone that I know speaks highly of him.   The original GCM football coach was ok...he didnt try to leave after his 3 years like aduddell did, he was pushed out by the bad AD...Im not just talking football in terms of bad hires, Im talking across the board in all sports there has been some very bad hires. The AD thinks he is the smartest guy in the room and the people in Baytown are just a bunch of uneducated rednecks.   

    No that was my point..I dont blame him, I blame the AD for letting it happen...Hire someone that really wants to be in Baytown and not just for the additional retirement difference. The AD has made one bad hire after another and for whatever reason gets a free pass.   

    This is exactly why RSS got Aduddell from Clear Lake..he just came over and bumped his retirement package over for 3 years while taking the program back to the stone ages....The good ole boy AD hired his good ole boy buddy....terrible hire.....It'd be the same reason why the last lee coach and the rss coach that got ran off for booster club fund issues came over as well.  Goose Creek has to be one of the highest paying jobs in the as the AD, you have to use that leverage to your advantage to actually find a coach that doesnt want only that benefit....cut through the BS and find someone that is or wants to be part of the community.....Last few coaches just drove into Baytown daily and had no interest in living there.. I would think Riley being that he is a "Lee" guy fits that mold...   Honestly though, I think they need to shut down Lee and make it a 9th grade campus...look at all of their sports, they are absolutely terrible in virtually everything....I think they have made the playoffs maybe a couple of times in any mens sport since GCM opened....Baseball and Football squads can not compete. 
  13. Baytown Baseball

    I've watched this team since Rupp was there. They went from being well coached to winning solely on talent overcoming questionable coaching decisions....this year it finally caught up with them. It's a known issue that both D1 commits do as they please, show up when they want to show up,  basically operate with no rules while everyone else toes the line. Coaches fault for letting it get to that point.   This team already has the most losses in program history but talent wise they are solid across the excuse for it. 
  14. Baytown Baseball

      Well a coaching staff cant let the studs have different rules than everyone else and expect everything to go smoothly. The one "stud" even quit and was allowed to come right back into the lineup a game later. Coaching staff is in way over their heads. Thames or Rupp would have this team going on a deep playoff run. 
  15. Is Corbett going to play this year?