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  1. Can someone explain....

    Thanks for the feedback.  It has been resolved, there is no issue.
  2. Can someone explain....

    If my son is playing on a Nations team and is invited to play in the USSSA World Series for a different team. Is he allowed to return to the Nations team for the their World Series?   Our team has only played Nations tournaments.  Apparently the is a deadline before rosters are frozen?  Are you required to be dropped from a Nations roster to be added to a USSSA roster?
  3. Wow, I cant believe yall are still talking about this.  Ned doesn't have the facilities to lure in a Big Splash guy like youre talking about.  And if they did get that "big name" from across the state it would only be a stepping stone to go somewhere else.  Ned did the right thing.  They hired a man that has proven to be devoted to the program and the community, and will be a great head coach. 
  4. I'm wondering why you aren't taking a knee. Lol.  
  5. SETX Shortcomings

    Unfortunately, coaches today are handcuffed by the "don't work my baby too hard" attitudes of the parents and cant really break these kids down and build that tough, aggressive, yet disciplined attitude that you see at "The WOS."  I know there have been some cases like at HF where the coaches decisions on punishment resulted in some kids being hospitalized but that is a rare occurrence.  I believe in corporal punishment and the use of the me IT WORKS!!! I have experienced it first hand.  Kids shouldn't relate punishment to having to do physical work.  Success and rewards should derive from physical work.  Physical pain should be the result of punishment.  I cant say for sure but my guess is that "Ole' Woddy" still makes his presence known at WOS.  I know this may be a little off the beaten path but there is a direct correlation between the discipline of the athletes, the support of the community to trust in the coaches in the disciplining their kids, and the results of that showing on the field.  Fear is not a bad thing, it keeps you on your toes and keeps you sharp.  WOS uses that to their advantage by striking fear into their opponent.  Those boys are tough, physical, disciplined and flat out nasty.  That doesn't happen because the coaches are walking on egg shells trying to avoid a lawsuit because lil Johnny came home crying because he got tackled too hard or he had to run until he puked. That being must have the horses, you must have leadership in the group, you must have coaches that players respect, you must have parents that trust in the system, and discipline must be instilled at a young age.   Right or wrong, its only my opinion.  If you want to figure out what it is holding your team back, take a look around.
  6. Playoff Pickems Semi Finals

      Posted Sunday at 12:46 PM · Report post Lake Travis The Woodlands DeSoto Steele Denton Ryan Foster College Station Aledo Kennedale China Spring Gilmer West Orange-Stark Wall Malakoff Gunter Boling Abernathy Refugio Wellington Burton
  7. North Shore Lake Travis Cinco Ranch Klein Collins Manvel Richmond Foster College Station Carthage China Spring West Orange-Stark Gilmer Cuero Cameron Yoe Hallettsville Newton Lexington Price Carlisle Refugio Tenaha Iraan
  8. I can't speak on those other teams but based on what I saw, they look like the team to beat.  They will give up some big plays in the secondary but that offense can score at will.  Good Luck when y'all get to play them, you'll probably need it
  9. Hey PNG Fans!

    I could see them meeting Aledo in the finals and from there it's a coin toss.  I really like their physicality on defense.  They will knock the snot out of you and they gang tackle.  40 and 44 are some great line backers.  I don't think we blocked them all night which is a testament to how good their Dline is.   All around dominating on offense.  I like the way they used the sprint out with QB to give him a pass/run option. Not a great arm, but without a speedy linebacker or ends that can run with him and force him to throw it, there's not much you can do when he tucks it and runs.  With that much space in the open field to put a move on a CB or safety that has to recognize it and get off a block, good luck!   Their kicking game is legit to.  That could pay off well the deeper they go. I would like to know how many returning starters they had on their team and how many years experience they have at the varsity level.  Didn't that school just open up a few years ago?  
  10. This post reminds me of a thread from a few years back that brought up that "winning recipe." What is it that makes the biggest difference?  Coaching or talent?   You could argue both sides and if you really dug into it you could find the answers based on the schools in this area.  For example, look at PAM and WOS, both have great talent but one wins state and the other loses to an inferior opponent, Why?  Look at BC, Vidor, PNG, NED and even OF; those schools have average talent with a few high caliber athletes mixed in but not near the talent of PAM and WOS.  IMO they have above average coaching which allows them to compete and win those games when they are outmatched talent wise. Ex. Vidor v PAM The next thing is to determine what scale you use to measure success and talent.  Are your expectations too high or unrealistic?  The bottom line is while it does take some above average coaching and some moments of great coaching, without great talent you can't win it all, period.   Some areas are more fortunate than others and are blessed with better athletes.  It comes and goes around here.  I'm not going to speak as if I know much about Harrison's philosophy or coaching tactics, but from what you just read there's only one reason why they will be sitting at home next weekend, and from what I've seen it's not because a lack of talent.   PNG ran into a Buzz Saw in College Station.  They had a combination of size, speed, and discipline.  Only one which can be taught.  Those boys should win it all. I think you're jab at the overall coaching in this area is inaccurate. Perhaps you are correct in your assessment of PAM but to throw those "fake Indians" in there with it is asinine.  You obviously didn't watch the game.
  11. PNG vs College Station?

    What are the odds we see #11 on the field this week with his hand in the dirt rushing the passer?   Little more pressure on the QB could make that secondary look good!
  12. PNG vs FB Willowridge

    They will spread you out, run the QB a lot, force the safety's to acknowledge the run and then try to attack you over the middle and just slang it.  They avg @ 27 pts on offense and give up around 35.  Definitely can hurt you with speed and we must wrap them up.    They Look to be very opportunistic on defense and capitalize on mistakes.   And just like every other inner city team, they have bigger issues in their homes to worry about rather than preparing for PNG.   Should be a Blow out!