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  1. Global Warming Update!

    And will eventually be eaten. ...ain’t socialism grand?!
  2. Europe doesn’t like Trump’s Tax Plan

    How dare we try to give ourselves an advantage!  
  3. If Roy Moore loses the election in Alabama

    Too bad he’s not a Dem...they’d be circling the wagons as we speak.
  4. Global Warming Update!

    Did Al Gore become the global warming sheep leader before or after he invented the internet?
  5. Roy Moore

    I wonder why this never came out earlier in his career...surely a judge would be vetted as well. If guilty of all this, I would agree he should be held accountable, but with much of this "suddenly" coming out and with some of it proven to be fabricated, I will have to classify it as hearsay at this point.
  6. Roy Moore

    And Dems won’t classify Bill as “creepy “. hmmm
  7. Roy Moore

    Where is that link...I’d be interested in reading it.
  8. Roy Moore

    lol...I’m not.
  9. Must See Video - In the Safety of Your Home

    REB....that's not funny! lol
  10. Lefties gonna lefty...must be embarrassing.
  11. Roy Moore

  12. Cop acquitted after executing unarmed man

    Sickening is exactly right.
  13. I Wonder If The Dimms Will Condemn This?!

    Democrat Presidents taking advantage of young interns seems to be acceptable to other Democrats. Now back to Trump’s tweets.
  14. WOW! Another Rascist Democrat!

    lol...more strategy on display. smh