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  1. Trump and job creation

  2. Yeah, queers...I'm sure you've heard the term...homosexual behavior is very "queer". Look up the definition.  
  3. More From The Hateful Left!

    Most of us probably didn't care...I know I didn't. I only bring these articles up to show there is much more hateful rhetoric coming from the left, but it's the left that whines about it so much. (love to be the poor victim) Not sure why I'm wasting my time here.
  4. More From The Hateful Left! A Nebraska Democratic Party official, no less!
  5. Can I LOL this?

    You're missing the one is saying rich should be an automatic qualifier, but it shouldn't be an automatic dis-qualifier, either.  
  6. Can I LOL this?

    Agree, downtrodden should be a valid qualification.
  7. More From The Hateful Left!

    No doubt...if Nugent made those SAME remarks about problem. Personally, I don't care what any of these Hollywood idiots say, and I'm sure none of the Presidents do either.
  8. Can I LOL this?

    There you go, holding the little man down again by requiring he be qualified.  
  9. More From The Hateful Left!
  10. Good Country Song that Never Made it

    Nobody was...El Paso, Big Iron, Cool Water...good stuff.
  11. Can I LOL this?

    No doubt
  12. Can I LOL this?

    Thank you, hard to keep track.
  13. Can I LOL this?

    Exhibit...I lost track
  14. Can I LOL this?

    This post deserves an lol.