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  1. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Great guys keep doing what you're'll be great to have the House back.
  2. lol...I guess for the entertainment value. Sadly, there are lots with the same mindset.
  4. I think he’s saying there are 3.8 billion slackers. 
  6. Democratic Nominee 2020

    No doubt, they can circle the wagons like no other.
  7. Mature Stoners

    I was suggesting talking to the farmer as an alternative to a lot of the false information about GMOs out there that have no backing in science. Good debate...I’m fixing to sit down and have a big helping of GMO grits.
  8. Mature Stoners

    There are only 10 crops that are GMO and plenty of non GMO options. There are no ill effects of GMO crops and if we expect farmers to feed the world, we have to have GMO traits going forward. i would suggest you go talk to some farmers to give you their take on GMO crops, the guys that actually deal with the technology.
  9. Mature Stoners

    I feel the same way about the anti GMO arguments.
  10. Mature Stoners

    Nothing wrong with GMO.
  11. Racist Posters on the Forum

    Absolutely right, words you hear don’t define you, words you speak do.
  12. Democratic Nominee 2020

    Don’t forget murder of the innocent...that’s a biggie for them. I think they call it a choice...just not the choice the innocent would choose if given the chance.
  13. Media Bias

    Can’t make this up.  Webb handled if perfectly.  His show is great...he’s a no-nonsense straight shooter.
  14. Hummm! Food For Thought!!

    So were they really essential?
  15. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    Why leave it to the SC, it’s laid out very clearly. Too many folks assume they are just too ignorant (not dumb) to understand the Constitution...without ever even reading it. As far as the healthcare mess, you’re proving my point.  The fed gov is not capable of efficiently managing the program.  But for some reason you seem to want the same folks creating the mess to be the ones to fix it. Classic lefty handbook material...yes, we broke it, but we’re the only ones that can fix it.