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  1. Brett Kavanaugh

    You are's boring over
  2. Brett Kavanaugh

    I don't seem to recall the Republicans making up lies to try and destroy a man's entire life for political purposes...they simply resorted to the "Biden Rule". Sadly, the media is throwing stones right along with the Democrats in this case.
  3. Another Mass Shooting...

  4. Brett Kavanaugh
  5. Brett Kavanaugh

  6. New all time high

    ...for leaving, and making this possible.
  7. Brett Kavanaugh

    Isn't it a shame how the democrats are only interested in SOME allegations about abuse?   Of course, this is the party of bill clinton (rapist) and ted kennedy ( murderer).
  8. There Must Be A Course They Take In "Fake News"!

    Exactly right...they know that  Breitbart  and Fox are bad, but they aren't sure why.
  9. There Must Be A Course They Take In "Fake News"!

    Dude, back up your statement. Still waiting.
  10. There Must Be A Course They Take In "Fake News"!

    Start posting links to show all the lies from Breitbart...I'll wait.
  11. Hall of Fame Boycot

    When I retire, I won't receive a salary or insurance and will be expected to carry on...all while making much less than those guys. Suck it made an agreement. As far as the boycott...yawn.
  12. Harvard Fr - More LGBTQ’s Than Conservatives

    Harvard, the pinnacle of liberal confusion...shocker.
  13. So -- Why Are They Still On The Air!!??

    Soros, or some other sugar daddy. Libs always fail unless someone bails them out. Can't succeed on TV, radio (not even close), and lately, politically.
  14. How the Lame Stream Media Reports The Weather!

    Step 3 could be, "Blame climate change on Donald Trump".