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  1. CNN Poll ( march 14-17, 2019)

    Pretty much...too many people working is definitely a bad economy to the Democrats.
  2. CNN Poll ( march 14-17, 2019)

    Wonder what the 27% is basing their decision on?
  3. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    Dang companies...always trying to make a profit.
  4. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    And even better...Trump knows how crazy it makes them.
  5. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    Sick, huh...why don't you try to not go to such extremes. What is it you're mad at Trump for here?  That he called out management and the union leaders for managing a plant to the point of shutdown? Are you that wrapped up in his tweets?
  6. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    Looks like to me he was blaming poor management.  
  7. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling! Uh Oh...from the article: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., reportedly has been de-listed from the board of left-wing activist group Justice Democrats, following legal and ethical questions about her affiliation with the group. The Daily Caller reported that Ocasio-Cortez, along with chief of staff and former campaign chair Saikat Chakrabarti, have been removed from the board of the political action committee after previously holding “legal control over the entity" in late 2017 and early 2018.
  8. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    lol...I'm sure this had nothing to do with the union, who is actually the self-proclaimed savior of the working man. How is any of this Trump's doing...where were you when Obama was dismantling the coal industry?
  9. Ready The Clown Car!  
  10. Political Campaign Donations - Working As Intended?

      I guess your opinion on SC authority depends on whether you like the decision.
  11. Beto is running
  12. Who is setting these guidelines then, if not for the gov? From the article: Since February 2014, Belgium is the only country in the world to legally allow euthanasia of minors without setting any age limit. 
  13. It is what it is... a "panel" making decisions about with it.  
  14. The UT Alum " noose is tightening" theory

    That's all you need to don't care about it NOW because it shows the corruption on the Democrat side. If it had turned out to be true, you would be all over it. Your bias is once again clearly showing.
  15. So the Belgian euthanasia commission has nothing to do with their healthcare system?