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  1. The "Tolerant" Left!

  2. The "Tolerant" Left!
  3. The "Tolerant" Left! Good question, and why not. It has the same tragic result as shootings.
  4. Tillerson Fired!

    Trump and Tillerson had disagreements on several things...I don't think this is a bad move.
  5. ICE removal key goal of Democrats in 2020 election
  6. Dems Should Be So Proud She will never ever EVER get it. She still doesn’t realize she was the reason Dems lost.
  7. MAGA! I guess at CNN, good news is only good if a Dem is in the White House.  
  8. Democrat's "Get out the Vote" strategy. smh
  9. And The Oscars Go To...

    lol...good one. Like many movies, the sequel was horrible.
  10. MAGA!
  11. Dems Should Be So Proud
  12. I would think this would be very low hanging fruit, IF they are seriously looking.
  13. Gun Control

    From the article: Last week an official state newspaper in China editorialized that the U.S. ought to adopt China’s human rights and gun policies. Sad thing is, there are many in this country that would probably agree...ALL Democrats.
  14. From the article: The members called on to resign were the subject of a story in The Daily Caller, which reported a review of videos, photographs and other documents revealed the lawmakers have had ties to Farrakhan. They are Reps. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Maxine Waters of California, Danny Davis of Illinois, Al Green of Texas, Barbara Lee of California, Andre Carson of Indiana, and Gregory Meeks of New York.   Dems must be so proud...smh.
  15. But, but, but, I was so sure it would work this time.