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  1. Week 12 Games

    We still talking about this? Bo Jackson...debate over. If Bo decided he wanted to be a boxer, he would have been the heavyweight champion.
  2. How Liberals See Things!

    Wow, things won’t get better until the $harptons, Je$$ees, and you are gone. It would be better for you to pray for those that live with you.
  3. Democrat's Insurance Policy!

    Dems are trying to win by any means necessary...they aren’t concerned about a fair playing field or ethics. The Republicans better gear up to deal with it.
  4. Week 12 Games

    Without a doubt.
  5. He's in Pickin' and Grinnin' Heaven now...RIP.
  6. Invasion of America

    Yep...good point...don't hear her screaming about how mistreated these folks are. Of course, she's busy fighting for her speaker job...seems she's unpopular even among Dems.
  7. Great read...a true American hero.
  8. Avenatti in Custody

    The voice for abused women.
  9. The Left

    She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer but she has figured out that many Democrats believe anything they want to hear and vote accordingly. Whether or not it is reasonable or true doesn't matter. Of course, it helps when your base looks to the fed gov as the answer to most of life's problems.
  10. The Degradation Of Journalism!

    And more and more of the left is becoming ultra-left.
  11. The Degradation Of Journalism!

    This same clown used to almost faint when he was around Obama.  This guy is becoming unhinged.
  12. The Degradation Of Journalism!

    Acosta is the poster boy for the biased liberal media, which we are told doesn’t exist.
  13. *****Official Election Day Results Thread*****

    Comes in handy I guess, lose an election and magically find uncounted votes in a car trunk, closet, whatever. Sad when integrity hamstrings you.
  14. *****Official Election Day Results Thread*****

    I posted earlier that I have no idea why she is still employed.  Obviously because the county is very corrupt.
  15. *****Official Election Day Results Thread*****