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  1. If Memorial ever plays Cedar Park, I will find a way to be in the stands rooting for Memorial. I would love nothing more than to see a Golden Triangle team take them to the woodshed.
  2. Proof the Media Has Trump Derangement Syndrome

    This actually made me laugh out loud.
  3. Oh-Oh! 27 More Years Before Yall Are The Minority

    Actually, I got it from a Democrat consultant I took a class under at UT.
  4. Butch to be renamed...

    "The Butch Bowl" has too nice a ring to it to totally disappear. Unity seems to be the new theme in BISD. It would be nice if they could come up with someone fondly remembered in Beaumont - on both sides - to name it after. "Memorial Stadium" is too easily confused with PAISD's stadium.
  5. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    Man, I don't know what kind of sauce is it is they use on their fajitas adovado, but I've been hard pressed to find anything as good anywhere else. Also haven't found a flameado as good as theirs anywhere else.
  6. Oh-Oh! 27 More Years Before Yall Are The Minority

    Well, it's good to see the Dove is still trolling like a pro. No matter how much you hope, some things never change. Just remember, Dove: all the data shows that once Hispanics start making $55,000 a year, they start voting Republican.
  7. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    It doesn't look like you're watching any games in Port Arthur, but if you ever do, the Tequila's on Gulfway (not the one on US 69) would top out my list of recommendations.
  8. Cause and Effect (Sex Change)

    Two words: processed foods. Also, at least among adults, it probably has something to do with how much more complacent our lifestyles are these days. Testosterone levels are boosted by physical activity. In a society where men are confined more and more to office jobs when they used to be out in the fields with the crops, or in the shipyards and factories, or working on the railroads, or digging trenches on the front lines, there isn't quite as much physical activity going on.
  9. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    “Two wrongs DO make a right, as long as the second wrong was done by the first party wronged.” - BearEssentials97, probably.
  10. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    Ah, yes. The "history of oppression" argument. Because Lord knows that when you're mad about somebody else doing something that isn't right, it's a justification for you to do the exact same thing, yourself.
  11. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    I have no objections to mandatory military service, and I see no reason to relegate it to one year as opposed to the ordinary four. Germany does it and with our return to great power competition against a reemerging Russia and an emerging China, there's an argument to be made that it's in the best interest of national security. It would cost a lot though, and I can't imagine DOD keeping the GI bill in that situation. And generally, you're absolutely right. The veterans returning from military service are older and wiser than the high school graduates. They're not as susceptible to social pressure and typically more skeptical of the professor babble.
  12. Hacker?

    It's not clear to me what their goal is. And I should be, though I may drop out from time to time as work picks up.
  13. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    We beat Nederland 41-21 in 2016, Larry Neumann's last season.
  14. UIL Train Horn Ban

    I remember how they kept shaking those things to try and drown out Cherokee, but every time the band played it, they were shaking the ball bearings in beat to Cherokee by the end of the song. It made for a neat effect.