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  1. Explain? Anyone who associated with epstein knew what was going on, I've yet to see anyone from the left defending anyone with ties to the epstein or maxwell duo! Can you say the same thing? Tell me again who loves their pedos Helluva coincidence some of the names and folks with relationships with the 2 huh!
  2. You care bout debt depending on who's spending... SMH You think bidens a dictator lol
  3. Sad situation! Im convinced there's Probably names on that list you'd defend, it'll be released at the appropriate time count on it
  4. You asked to explain the dictator comment I made.... I did, you don't like it not my problem Fascism is exactly what the maga group is.. I stole nothing we posted that at the same time, pretty obvious from the outside Like I said, everything I posted is facts.. and you can't refute em! Take it and move on
  5. I see you can't refute anything I said...
  6. Simple, anyone speaks out against the cult gets the boot, labeled a RINO from within their own party despite supporting everything the party stands for, labeled anti America etc... yeah dictatorship is how that group is led, anyone who thinks differently and wants a change is now a "low info voter"! So much for libertarianism and freedom Maybe "fascism" sums it up for you
  7. Taught me the MAGA's are a far right dictator group! Me and my family want no part of that cult group, is what it is! The right had every opportunity to crush the D's in midterms, yet they chose conspiracy theorists and election deniers to run the table, and now everything is in question if they'll flip the 2 branches... ppl are tired of the far left and far right nonsense... blame media or whoever but at some point the individual needs to take responsibility
  8. I'll keep it simple for you, if 1 term is on the ballot any D will win! Bank on it, have a good day
  9. Poll this morning showed biden leading conald lol... yall will learn the hard way, same folks who didn't support him then don't now... simple
  10. U sure? You care enough to point that out 😭
  11. What's even scarier is a life long D and D donor, has duped Americans to thinking he's for them lol! Dude will spend the next no telling how many years in court lol... don't forget to donate
  12. Biden won't run again, I'm not sure he finishes this term Pro America? LMAO I'll vote this go around... don't worry about that
  13. Truth is you really do! Polls showing bidens numbers on the rise, hopefully D's go another route and get back to working for the ppl! All the negatives the D's have done and the R's showing signs they can't flip both branches of government! Ppl get on here boasting 1 terms endorsement candidates, lil different in November..... R's had a good chance in a big wave yet they elected election deniers like America isn't tired of that stuff... IMO folks need to get out and shut them up AGAIN ! 🤣😭
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