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5 minutes ago, Bulldogs92 said:

It's pretty good when you can upset the #1 team in the country without getting calls. 

No one gets calls against Duke.  A team like the Jacks is going to get absolutely hamstrung.  To win on the road with a 23 FT differential is amazing.  

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On 12/19/2019 at 2:24 PM, PhatMack19 said:

Guess he needed to get a job to pay that fine.  The NCAA is a joke 



They put on camps this summer at 4 sites to take away a live period from AAU.  They flew the kids who were invited (about 200 or so per site over the course of a week) along with a family member.  If you chose to drive, they paid mileage or a rental car.  They put all the families up in the Whitehall downtown for the Houston location, fed the families, and gave debit cards for about a hundred a day over the 3 day periods.  Some Houston kids I knew had parents staying at the Whitehall, driving rental cars.  

But they definitely needed Wiseman’s money.   My favorite was when the movie Hoosiers was made.  Those kids (some of whom were d2’s) ended up not getting declared ineligible, but the NCAA took their movie money (which wasn’t a lot - they got paid whatever the minimum scale was). 

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