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  1. Would have enjoyed watching this Montverde team play. Trying to remember the best high school Team that saw. Maybe the elite Yates team or the Willowridge team of 2001 with Daniel Ewing and TJ Ford and co. Probably forgetting some more. But I’m thinking Montverde is a different animal.
  2. Would have loved to see Montverde play this year. Any games or highlights on YouTube?
  3. Wonder how Ok State snagged Cunningham? Coach Mike stepped up. So far no Duke or Kentucky in the mix.
  4. I’ve always said that Bush was the motor that made Silsbee go the last four years. The kind of player that can’t be replaced.
  5. After studying college basketball this year in depth I feel confident that mine would have the most perfect one! I would have nailed it.
  6. Seems the tourney had a cloud hanging over it before it started. Couldn’t get into the games that were played today. During the last game they carted out a guy on a stretcher. Don’t know what was the issue. Everything just seemed wrong. Maybe next year will be back to normal.
  7. Possibility Saturday will be for team fans only.
  8. True. John is a leader on and off the court. His work ethic is top notch.
  9. Earns all defensive team honors in the Southland for SFA. John is the leader and heart of of the Jacks. He can disrupt a teams offense like no other. Congrats to John!
  10. This will make my 26th consecutive year I believe. Started taking my son and a family friend. Now three grandkids have been added to the mix. What’s that cash register sound? Ka Ching. Lol
  11. Yep. That Brookeland team was something else. Point guard could shoot lights out.
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