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  1. Won’t ever forget this one. The roar was loud and lasted Forever
  2. He got out of that half court corner trap!
  3. What is the most exciting Or crazy ending to a high school basketball game that you have seen in person?
  4. True. I will miss the tourneys but most of them have the same teams every year. Time to expand the horizon. Lol
  5. The Hudson job is a coveted position. Large 4A with no football. They usually get a few players from Lufkin. Gonna miss the Huntington/Hudson rivalries each year since Huntington went 3A.
  6. My condolences go out to you on the hospitality rooms. I did a moment of silence in your honor.
  7. The simplicity of a right hand layup.
  8. Silsbee doesn’t need transfers. They just groom what they have.
  9. I had “ heard” that SFA was in the mix also. Not sure if Nigel Hawkins or Jalen Posey was a factor or not. I was hoping he would be a Jack....Talking to Huntington coach the other day and he believes Bush was the best guard in Texas.
  10. Saw where Hudson hired Cannon Earp as the new head boys basketball coach. Good hire. I remember watching him when he played high school ball at Crockett. He could light it up.
  11. The Blue link sounds weak. The Blue Wall would have sounded more intimidating.
  12. We have always been rim friendly. Not like those J-town guys.
  13. Yes. 6’ apart. Kinda like my defensive resume. Lol
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