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  1. I can’t see Texas not having high school football. People would revolt. Lol
  2. I’m assuming that since HJ and Silsbee are in separate districts that will Still play each other. Be strange to not have that game played.
  3. I’m really liking HJ this coming year. Really nice players and will be well coached. That’s a good formula.
  4. Goes back to the Gold Rush of 1849. Brought in all kinds of crazies and a lot of them stayed.
  5. Huntington’s Mark Turner will a kid to watch. 6’6” junior.
  6. Heard today that Leland Hand is taking the Shelbyville job.
  7. What a work ethic! That’s a formula for success. This kind doesn’t come along very often. A coaches dream.
  8. I think McNeese got a steal. He should be seeing the court often as a freshman. Bush reminds me of Marlian Veal that played at Southeast Louisiana. Undersized for Di but his speed and quickness made him one of the best in the league.
  9. Saw where coach Schmitt is taking the job at MP Chapel Hill. Saw where Shelbyville was 40-0 at home during his time there according to KTRE.
  10. Probably a year early. Next year could be the time.
  11. The UIL will send Championship trophies to Shelbyville and Lapoynor this year according to KTRE. Not sure if every team gets one?
  12. Has written some great songs. Makes a good guitar pastime.
  13. A lot of the teams we see at the state tourney seem to be household names. Some may miss a few years but they seem to always show up again. Tradition and coaching is a biggie. Numbers is not a huge factor but does come into play in general. As already been mentioned a good little dribblers program ran right is huge. And maybe a good communications program Lol
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