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  1. Will the wos qb finally be teveale?
  2. In dome years ago a team playing wos could not punch it in. The qb comes to line and makespoint of counting players.He motions to coach is one short. Coach hasplayer standing beside him with helment off.He slaps player in head to get out there. He lines up at reciever and looks confused.Qb goes overto tell him play and then all get set .You are waiting for delay of game to becalled. ball is hiked to rb who takes off in otherdirection.
  3. Texanchanged lschedule and now all area play off games just say TBA
  4. If you scroll down to 11?20 area round Texan live shows wos and china spring
  5. Has 2nd half started? I am not getting feed from lib radio
  6. since game was moved will it be on texas live
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