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  1. They would have to make the playoffs 1st. Div II wouldn’t have been much of a drop this year anyway.
  2. A big one at that. I think they turned in like 3300!
  3. Where is United going? 9 team district with only one pre district game sucks. Top that with what looks to be a weak district and Bam 1st round exists across the board. Hopefully all of these teams can improve.
  4. Don’t believe the Hype Crosby! This sounds like some of the rhetoric that Carthage started to get your guard down 😀 I’ll take the Coogs in this one. TH looked good against an improved PNG team from the regular season, but I think Crosby will cause to many match up challenges. Crosby by 14
  5. LCM wow! Congrats to your team and community! Goodluck next week
  6. Congrats Crosby! Texas High is going to be a lot tougher than last year, should be a great game. As for Consolidated that freshman QB and Soph RB’s will have them sitting pretty the next several seasons.
  7. Dude this was the most boring game to watch. I fell asleep twice LOL. Maybe the next round will be more of a challenge for the Coogs. Y’all are going to be a tough out fir anyone
  8. Sure.. transitioning to a new coaching staff your senior year that got here in July can’t be easy fir players or coaches. Just saying if TW didn’t head out I think the season would have been a little less chaotic. In the end the result may have been the same but we will never know. Next season should be more consistent with a full year under Abseck.
  9. Well not sure what to say. We end the game like we ended the 1st half. Eagles had plenty of opportunities to close out the game, so congrats to AMC for not giving up. For the seniors Thank You for a great season that may could have been more if you didn’t have to transition to a new coaching staff. Holdren & Hagler will be missed next year, but I still half faith that the Eagles will return next year ready to complete with a full year under Abseck.
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