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  1. Oh we have tons plus a couple of (your never going to get one) state title shirts 😎. Y’all should stop by and see our trophy room it’s much bigger than yalls credenza😂. Unlike Crosby we are more than a one decade wonder.
  2. You shouldn’t calculate numbers. We all know Crosbians can’t count or they would still have employees from last years debacle😃 We can attempt to learn ya , but I hear you can’t teach stupid😆
  3. Nah i’ll Replace it with next years.
  4. From Twitter Play-Off Game Info: *Nov [email protected] 7:30PM *NRG Stadium *Enter off Kirby(South Side) *Gate 9(Blue Lot) *Tickets at the Gate-$15 *Tickets may be purchased @BHISD Tax Office, Tues-Thurs, 8-4, Fri, 8-2 Presale ticket-$6 students, $13 adults *$15 parking *Clear Bag Policy Enforced⬇️
  5. Come on out only $30 to get in and $10 for Nachos😂
  6. I’ll be the good looking one with the District Champ shirt on😎
  7. BH/ Whitehouse Friday then Crosby/Huntsville on Saturday.
  8. Yes I plan too. It looks to be a nice day
  9. Almost there Eagles! Let’s make more history tomorrow! Last time the Eagles went to round 3 was at least 15 years ago and I was there then and will be there tomorrow. I don’t recall the year but I think last time we hit round three we were in 3A and beat Cameron Yoe to play the Robison Rockets in the Astro Dome on that old jacked up Astro turf 😂
  10. I love when fans say that though like “ all you have to do is stop (insert whatever here) and you win. That goes for any team you play you have to shut down whatever is the strength of the other team to win. Doing it is the tricky part.
  11. Hope Dayton finds a good coach to get you guys back on track! Goodluck
  12. Yeah their QB can do it all! In that last game the kid threw fir 141 yards, rushed for 126 and even caught a freaking TD!!! BH D will have to pressure him all night. They love running that jet sweep then when you bite he keeps it and runs up the middle. D line will have to keep the gaps small and have a LB spy that. Our DB’s will have to play physical to get off the blocks in the edges.
  13. Good write up on the Whitehoues/Paetow game. BH secondary will have to play lights out. Whitehouse crushes Katy Paetow in bi-district contest | High School |
  14. Yup, seen it many times. Think it will be a defensive battle then it turns out to be a shoot out😂 looks like the weather is getting better for this game! It was coming in Saturday, but now the rain looks to hit Friday👍
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