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  1. We are currently looking for 4.4 athletes to move to BH for academic reasons. Please keep a look out for these fast uh smart kids. PS athl um student must abide by hair policy.
  2. Debating with 14.2 about Crosby is like debating with Bernie Sanders on how everyone is going to get free everything. #crazycougar
  3. 3rd place and only a moderate butt whoopin from BH
  4. I knew we played a different district schedule for some sports just didn’t realize it was for all sports outside of football. Now I have been enlightened 😃
  5. So that is only a football district? All other sports is what you posted?
  6. Crosby will not win District! I think PNG and BH will be fighting for the DC. Crosby should land about 3rd unless they lay down like they are prone to do. KWP, Ned and TC will be keeping the top three honest while competing for that 4 spot. Dayton will be better this year just not sure how much. Overall the gap between the top and bottom this year shouldn’t be as wide and I’m expecting a lot of good games in district. KWP and TC just made this a better district across most sports!
  7. Hitting the juice early I see. Crosby will come limping into district 1-2 to receive their annual beat down from BH. Excuses will then fly until you can flex on Dayton and Santa Fe then tell us how the kittens will win State the following year. Am I close?😂
  8. Race batted much? Come on guys grow up and smell the roses! BH could give a flying crap what color their students are. These idiot race batters jump on this crap and you jump? These rules were put in place decades ago and you don’t get a pass because of your race. I won’t post on this topic anymore because folks will believe what they want to. Peace.
  9. Santa Fe #1, PNG# 8 & BH #10!. Should be fun
  10. Follow the rules the other 1700 students seem too😁. My son had to cut his hair after the Christmas break , but since were White no news coverage for us SMH.
  11. Nah she was ugly and we were Obviously intoxicated. The Government can support it.
  12. The MECCA will be a repeat of Crosby next year. Getting that butt whooped by your Daddy BH. Good news is your step daddy Vidor will be gone.
  13. Santa Fe would them have at least one team close to them😃
  14. The drop should help you guys! Goodluck
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