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  1. Nah she was ugly and we were Obviously intoxicated. The Government can support it.
  2. The MECCA will be a repeat of Crosby next year. Getting that butt whooped by your Daddy BH. Good news is your step daddy Vidor will be gone.
  3. Santa Fe would them have at least one team close to them😃
  4. The drop should help you guys! Goodluck
  5. Just remember by taking Vidor’s spot you are required to perform the bi annual beat down of the Coogs. This seems to keep their heads from over inflation.
  6. Is GP Div I now? They are not listed as a team moving on Dave Campbell’s site.
  7. All makes sense. We may end up just being a 6 team District.
  8. Yeah , if you try to put to much common sense into it you’ll be wrong. 😃. Texas City would interesting. Oh and forgot Crosby doesn’t have to sweat Vidor anymore! Coogs your free!!!
  9. Oh and Manvel is moving up to Div I, so no more beat downs 😂
  10. So looking at the splits and teams moving it looks like we might end up like this. BH Kingwood Park (replaces Baytown Lee moving up to Div I) Crosby Dayton PNG Nederland Lumberton ( replaces Vidor moving down) Santa Fe ( I assume stays with us)
  11. According to Dave Campbell’s Baytown Lee moves from 5A Div II to 5A Div I, but their numbers don’t represent that. Did they opt up?
  12. #Delusional With all of this Pro/Div 1 talent and still getting that butt whooped by BH outstanding 😂. With all of this that you spewed you still didn’t answer the question. How does Crosby that can’t beat BH or Vidor win Region III next year? Don’t care about history, how many players from Crosby start in the NFL, how many more players Crosby has going to Div I college nor how much our coach makes.Your Statement is that Crosby at a minimum will win Region! You love to deflect from dumb statements you make to talk about BH, but guess what no one from BH is on here saying they would win Region III next year.
  13. Rumor from a very reliable source is Crosby will be back next year as the Mecca to take Region III, so they have to be on top. Pray they are not on you schedule next year!
  14. Win the region again? Good lord man back away from the Red cool aid. Crosby will not win District next year much less the region. I don’t know where you think these players are going to come from, but BH owned your Varsity, JV and Fish this year. Crosby is a long way from getting back to that level. Just like BH you got a bye in week one of the playoffs. Sterling or Willowridge would have placed 6th and 7th in our district. The Huntsville game which looked close on the scoreboard was never close, Crosby threw up 2 jump balls for 14 points then scored a trash TD towards the end.
  15. Nice comments guys! Thanks for taking the time. This is the best season the Eagles have had in 20 years! 1999 was the last time BH entered the 3rd round of the playoffs. Nothing for the players to be upset about for sure. Fans came out in droves to support this year and the Band rocked the stands! Kaopua glad you returned to the Hill, What a fantastic year you had you will be missed. Mr. Collier you will be missed as well I won’t get to see you pushing bodies 30 yards every play LOL! Much more I could comment about, but will leave it at this. 2019 District Champs, Bi-District Champ, Area Champ , Regional Semi- Finalist & back to back games @ NRG !!!
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