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  1. Incredible! I have watched and coached a lot of theses boys in little league and so proud of them finishing the year as State Champs!
  2. Shhh we’re trying to bring home a another State Championship, then we can deal with a Coach 👍
  3. This team is still on fire! Bring home the hardware and put it beside the girls. What a season for BH! One more game
  4. Congrats Eagles!! STATE CHAMPS!!!!!!! Aledo with a young team will be back next year ! Congrats Bearcats on a great season.
  5. Good start for the Eagles! Let’s go Blue. Thanks for the updates Aledo. On the road😩
  6. Wow! I would not have thought the Eagles would sweep the # 2 nationally Ranked Mustangs! Congrats BH you guys are peaking at the perfect time! Take State!
  7. CRAP! I knew that was going to happen! Raining in Mont Belvieu now. Let’s Go Eagles! Join the ladies at State!
  8. Thanks for the updates! Can’t watch today , but tunning in here 😀
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