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  1. Ok….it has officially got silly🤦🏻‍♂️ DOG!
  2. I was waiting on you……lol I had that same feeling of a pretty stupid Charge, but I also thought it might tell us they have nothing else. It almost looks like all the evidence they went through has not produced any evidence that he killed her.
  3. Arrest warrant issued for Brian Laundrie for 'unauthorized use' of credit cards related to Gabby Petito case
  4. Unless the Father was older, bad health, etc....why would he not prevent or at a minimum try and stop the adult from going for his kid?
  5. I know my thought process is probably flawed about drugs.....happened as soon as I had my Son......before my Son, I wouldn't have cared if all drugs were made legal.....
  6. I think it's funny how things have changed over the years...... A fight at the waffle house in 1980 would of probably never made the news There were fights daily/weekly at the public schools...... in 1980 you had a better chance of being asked to pour your beer out than actually getting a minor in typically depended on your attitude.... When you had a bully problem, you faced your bully and fought or talked it didn't tattle..... God, I hope I'm not becoming a grouchy old man.....
  7. While I'm still on the fence about legalizing it, although leaning more toward it now that my son is grown, alcohol is much more dangerous than weed. Plus since it is illegal, buying it puts you in contact with people that may be selling more than weed. Once legalized, I guess that last part won't be a problem.
  8. People are making lots of assumptions about this case. I don't think an attorney would try and cover up a murder for some stranger off the street so they could be charged with a crime....
  9. He's upset and rightly so.....but what he says goes against Brian's rights to an attorney. "As far as the law is concerned this law firm may be immune due to attorney/client privilege," Steven Petito wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday. "But in the eyes of the public you are as guilty and complicit with this massive cover-up and stalling tactic," the uncle said.
  10. The media and Democratic party are great with catch phrases and trends. No one "worships" Trump. I believe it was CardinalBacker that said earlier Trump called "ALL Mexicans rapist and murders" ......That is a factually an untrue statement, but it was reported by the media and has become fact to many.....The media hates Trump because Trump bypassed them. When he was on social media he did not need them and when asked questions, he talked over them, called them out and spoke directly to the people.......people don't worship Trump, they support him for his policies and outlook......who would no
  11. I'm loving Republicans stance this round on the debt ceiling.......Do Nothing They are leaving it to the Democratic lead House and Senate to do it themselves.......They don't need one Republican vote to get it done.....
  12. I'm about in the same spot..... I don't think Biden could physically or mentally do it if he wanted to. My question is will the democratic party support Kamala if he doesn't?
  13. Throughout history it's always been the new generations
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