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  1. The church won't be opening today, despite what the potus had to say, or maybe because of it. Stream broadcast on FB as usual. It will probably reopen 6/6.
  2. Mr. Arbery is dead & gone. Throwing more dirt on his grave is useless. He cannot feel it.
  3. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
  4. This world is only 6,000 years old. There won't be any slavery in the next phase.
  5. All of that is going to be reconciled. I am not worried about it. homeboy slung mud, I spung it back.
  6. not really. I don't waste all my time on this message board.
  7. That’s why reasonable people don’t take BLM seriously. It’s a bad joke. Enjoy your advantages now. You are only flesh and blood. You are going to answer too.
  8. What comes around goes around. Put another way you reap what you sow. American is a violent country. It always has been. You practiced a virulent form of slavery, separating families. You totally decimated the native Americans, giving them blankets filled with small pox and broke treaty after treaty when it suited your purpose. Slavery is over you lynched and bombed black people because you are evil and violent like that. You worship sports and guns. Playing and watching football on God's true holy day. You send you capital investments to the suburbs and leave the poor inner city areas to fend for itself. You are in bed with the anti christ. You can take life in the name of you god Satan but you can only issue the first death. Philando Csstille dead because he had 46 traffic violations, allegedly. . What a heinous driving record he had. I am wary of anonymous message board know it all bigots. So the officer pumps him with 4 bullets. He won't do that again. Tamir Rice is dead and gone, Ill let heaven balance that out. You can sit in your ivory tower all smug thinking you control now and the future, but that is a lie. You are going to answer just like everyone else. You take the jobs and investments so the cartels now supply the employment. it worked for the contras and the us operates who oversaw the affairs. No wonder heroin addiction is so rampant. Not to mention meth and mollies, in your own neighborhoods. This won't last forever. The constitution is in shambles. The ozone is jacked up. What is being done to the least is being done everywhere. The anti christ beast is going to burn in the bottomless pit and the two horned beast is going down with him. It is not that far off either.
  9. They are almost always exonerated. That is not new.
  10. I never was on top of the whole Ferguson thing. It was said Brown stole some cigarillos. Bad move. it cost him his life. It all goes back to survival 101. They said he had his hands up; some say he did not. Who knows what the exact truth is. It will be straightened out in the judgment going on right now, and during the 1000 years in heaven.
  11. Officer Wilson was exonerated. same for the officer that shot Philando Casttille, same for the officer that rode up and shot 13 yoTamir Rice instantly with no warning. You're winning.. What is your beef? IF you see black supremacy in all that you obviously have problems.
  12. I have no idea what you are talking about. Stuff happens everyday. Can't keep up with all of itt.
  13. That's the point I am trying to make. South survival 101. Don't get high. Get close & stay close to the Lord. Don't tiespass cause they will kill you and then get their journalist sons and daughters to dig up whatever they can find and justify it in the newspaper and media. Black men: it may not seem like it but you really are not just dealing with flesh and blood. You are dealing with spiritual wickedness in high places. They are dealing with the same from you.
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