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  1. This is the 2nd time I've heard about this in the last 2 weeks. I heard it first from this young adventist pastor who posts a lot of stuff on youtube. I respect this guy's opinion. He always does good research whether it is the Bible, history, or current events. He puts out a daily video at noon every day. The caption on one of his resent video lectures was mandatory veganism.
  2. I've mentioned this story once before, something I saw. There was this black teen about 18 years, being accompanied by this older white lady. She looked and dressed like a professional of some sort. I work in a driver license office. She told me she was.a principal at a high school in the cy fair isd area and the guy was a football player for the school. She was helping him get an ID card so that he could go to a University in the SE, I think it was Missouri. I guess the kid was a good football player. He & I got to talking and I mentioned I was from Silsbee. That caught his interest because he told me he was really from Orange and that a season or so before he played for WOS. I asked him how he got from WOS to a school out in the Cypress area. He said he moved to the Houston area to live with his dad. Maybe that was true. More than likely he was recruited and transferred to play football for some high school in the cypress area. This indicates they can pipeline a student athlete from the small schools to anywhere they want him or her to go, all the way to a university. I wasn't totally surprised by this. I kind of figured it was happening all along.
  3. Corporate socialism destroys: http://blogs.reuters.com/david-cay-johnston/2012/06/01/how-corporate-socialism-destroys/
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