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  1. We used to live out that way. Daughter went to Spring Westfield. That school is just West of I 45. Aldine Nimitz was further North on the East side. Near Lone star college. The big name at Nimtz then was Dante Hall, the punt returner.
  2. I doubt if the coaches were in on said incident. These young people network via twitter & etc. from here to New York, to California. It may have been just a rumor. I heard of it from here. And if they were involved they were just doing their due diligence. Cause just about everybody is recruiting in some way, shape or form. Championships are being won with shaky methods. Coaches are pulling in fat six figure contracts, while math & science teachers make much less. I read a tweet where a single mother in Silsbee was proud of her daughter playing in the state tournament. Pic
  3. I think it was AAu buddies, twitter, instant communication as we have it now. Besides that, who gives a rat poison? I don't.
  4. It was rumored that Kason wanted to transfer to Silsbee & play with Adams & McCain a few seasons ago in High School. So there is a connection.
  5. I went to a few Lamar U games. I went to see them play SW Louisiana. SW got busted for cheating so bad they changed the name of the school. They had a big build up for the shooting guard they had named Dwight Bo Lamar. Dude got off the bus shooting. The pistol Pete Maravich aura was still very prevalent in La. In that game Bo shot so much from long range, and missing, his team mates stopped passing him the ball. They didn't have the three point line then, so there was no reason to take those shots. That kind of shooting led to the 3 line so it served a purpose. I went to ano
  6. Not many care if you finish high in the polls. Win state and that's when the fun starts: parades, fire truck rides, plaques from city hall, crawfish boils in the park, along with barbecue.
  7. What is SH guard from Tomball Concordia, Pierce Hellums, how is he doing these days?
  8. Some of what I say about genetics & all that is tongue and cheek humor. Beaumont is natural draw: good shopping nice housing and subdivisions. I know so many people that have moved to Beaumont, or like me, to Houston. Hopefully Silsbee does what it has to do to carry on. Beaumont? It's aiight. I'm not passionate about the place, but I respect it.
  9. Silsbee played a similar warm up game against Wheatley. It was played in the same gym. The results were not similar. Silsbee got beat by double digits. The Silsbee coach at the time, coach Montgomery, used that slow down walk it up approach. Wheatley was running trapping and freewheeling. I saw Wheatley star Eddie Owens grab a rebound with one hand, he just held it, palmed the ball, with one hand. Yates was not the first team in HOuston with that style, not by a long shot. I went to that game. I don't remember exactly where it was played. I want to say it was played at the old Beaumont
  10. I missed that game. We had no internet or twitter back then. News traveled slow. But you were around, you know.
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