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  1. If I remember correctly he wanted to play for Silsbee his Sr year. But the district committee with the backing of the UIL said he had to return to Kountze.
  2. I didn't get to see Silsbee play every year. Some seasons I had to depend on what I read or heard on this msg board. I saw the team with Chris Elam and Holmes twice. The year after that I didn't see any games. Then in 15/16 Silsbee was ranked #1. I went to a showcase game at Houston Episcopal. Silsbee vs Bellaire. A lot of football players were out, but the Tigers still beat Bellaire. Bellaire had Max Evans. Devon was a 5'8" freshman. Jay Adams was about 6'1" and slender. By the time the playoffs came season Devon had grown to 6'2". I watched them all four years. I didn't see
  3. Name some names. I can't think of any player on those 2 championship teams for Silsbee that attended 4 different high schools. If this mystery person exists he sat on the very end of the bench. Those were some long and deep benches too.
  4. Put em up in a stash house, with no adult supervision. Make sure they have enough game controllers so nothing really stupid happens.
  5. Wow. I just saw a picture of Mr. Patrick Brown, HJ's principal. I didn't know. My opposition has softened.
  6. Wow. HJ has a principal named Patrick Brown. I just saw his picture. My opposition has softened.
  7. Silsbee coach Terry Cylley # 20 on an all time coaches list. Never heard of him before just now.
  8. Basketball in Bridge City. Wow. There is a thread on here about how Orange county basketball is on the come up. I didn't read any of it but maybe I should have. I've been checking out BC scores this season and I've noticed an upward trend. It is a good thing. Dist champ is not a given. Could be a battle. Success breeds success. District games used to be boring for Silsbee. Not this year.
  9. PA Memorial won a championship. It was a beautiful thing. PA Lincoln closed 25 years ago. You really haven't seen Port Arthur basketball. The Lincoln Bees had teams scared from the suburbs of Houston, to Dallas, all the way to El Paso, and all points in between. What you're seeing now is PA basketball lite.
  10. HF is on the up, for now. Maybe it will stay. Closing Ozen helped. Tigee is a good coach, one of the better in the area. Time will tell. He's had his share of luck. Ozen talent came his way. And if you have a 6'10 250lb post on your team at the 4A level you should have at least 1 championship ring as a player. Can't take that away. Navigate the way to a ring & his legacy should be set. That's a lot of basketball dribbling but he's young.
  11. Way too early to trip. The football playoffs are not over. Still dealing with covid and the holidays. should be some interesting district match ups. Then legacies are made in the playoffs. A win right now? it counts for something but otherwise meh. HF has come a longs ways though.
  12. Man coach is doing his thang, closer to retirement. got 2 championship rings, accolades. They archive that stuff at the UIL you know, not here, thank goodness. Meanwhile, in regards to basketball, u & will still be here perfecting your trolling skills.
  13. That was an anecdote I remember. I am glad things have progressed along those lines. I think that event occurred in 1958, '59, maybe '60. It should be mentioned that Silsbee schools integrated relatively early, like in 1963.
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