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  1. Carter tends to stumble down the back stretch.
  2. If the game takes place as has been mentioned Silsbee's best and maybe only chance is to force turn overs from Washington's guards. BT probably will run. Running is in their b ball DNA. HISD / Houston area 4A schools have watched Yates run amok for years and they want to run too. They prolly have some half court sets featuring Lewis' shooting. All this is down the road, maybe six weeks away. The focus now is district & LC-M.
  3. Everybody mentions BT Washington's McDermott, but their other post Lewis is their best and their go to player.
  4. I had a feeling district play would be harder than many people thought it would be. Will Silsbee lose a district game? It is possible but I hope not. It will be interesting to see if other district teams use the same tactics WOS used. Maybe they can't because they don't have the same size front court. The next WOS game, in Silsbee, will be very interesting. It will be on YouTube. Nice.
  5. When Silsbee won the middle school championship in Houston he hit one. He hit one against Summertree back in November. He hit this one. Could be another one I don't remember. Some players just got that big time player vibe. They have the legendary stuff going for them: they're humble, they make the big plays, hit the winning shots, make good grades, don't say much about it. Harris is a star too. When a team and coaching staff got one like that you put the ball in their hands and let them take you as far as they can.
  6. Nothing changed significantly. FF is still the elephant in that room.
  7. Lumberton's B Fuselier laid down a nifty lay up. Good athlete.
  8. It is all good. Get your celebration on. It happened a few years ago when Lumberton beat Silsbee lite while some key Silsbee b-ballers were still playing football. I even saw Yates celebrate when they beat Silsbee in 2019 playoffs. Then again Silsbee did some celebrating too when they beat Yates.
  9. I was at that game when Boulwen got hurt. It was against Episcopal in that 2nd showcase the day after thanksgiving. He was in a lot of pain. I'm glad it was not a season ending injury, so that he can play again this season.
  10. That has happened before. Lumberton tends to celebrate when they beat Silsbee in basketball.
  11. Tristan Dean has been working on his outside shot, and it shows.
  12. I was following Silsbee basketball as early as 1967. I even remember seeing some Waldo Matthews HS games. I really didn't think about winning state until Kountze did it in 1969. That is when the end the frustration set in for me. Then I found this msg board and had to endure listening to HJ, Kountze Beaumont and Pt Arthur fans talk about their various championships. Anyway, we won not just one, but two. Could of been three.
  13. Silsbee ISD should consider developing a journalism program. Train students to do play by play broadcasting. Digital journalism, vlogs, blogs, podcasts that what's up these days.
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