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  1. A week ago, if that long, Carter beat Lincoln by double digits in a district game.
  2. Jesus went to church on Saturday aka the sabbath. So did all the apostles. All the writers of the Bible kept the sabbath. The whole early church kept the sabbath. Sunday didn't officially come in until 300 years later when Constantine borrowed Sunday worship from the pagans.
  3. I did not set a date for the end of the world. Only God knows the exact time of the of the end. I've said that several times here before. But..there is a distinct difference between date setting, which is wrong, and knowing the signs of the times.
  4. Besides, when it gets just right you won't need to ask me. You will know.
  5. Yates gets players from more than one middle school. I am sure they have to battle for the top talent with Lamar HS, Bellaire, and the top private schools that are around the area.
  6. The beginning of the end started in the mid to late 18th century. Romans 8 compares the end to labor pains. The pains get stronger as the event draws near.
  7. Nah. Those are false prophets.
  8. Jail? Dang. Slow your roll homie skillet. Hopefully there is a way he can make a come back later. It could be good for him & the team.
  9. How much longer will coach Sigler stay around instead of retiring? He has to be weary of dealing with situations like this.
  10. Almost everybody has a gun. You'd be surprised. Just because I don't advocate owning a bazooka or going deer hunting with an ak 47 does not mean I am not armed. Besides, in a war you can pee anywhere.
  11. Just ran into the phrase cyber banging. I've been seeing examples of this for awhile, even participated in it myself. I didn't know until now the phrase had been coined. They cyber bang a lot amongst the street gangs in Chicago. They tell one another in various forms of social media that they are going to do a drive by murder then they go out and do it. That is what is going on here on this forum: cyber banging. You spend all your time throwing derogatory comments at who ever you think is the opposition. As far as I know it hasn't gotten to the drive by murder stage yet, but it is coming. Perhaps in the form of another civil war. I don't think that is going to make America great again.
  12. There was a true prophet or prophetess of God who stated in her writings that the us constitution will be totally repudiated. Not hundreds of years from now. That is happening right now.
  13. This ain't alley ball on 21st street.. You got to use restraint & common sense.
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