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  1. Save time & go to Popeyes across the street. That parking lot and drive thru line at the new Frenchy's is terrible.
  2. Organized sports may or may not survive. It feels surreal just saying that, but it is true. Maybe scientists will turn the corner and control covid 19, and maybe they will not. They disease has killed at least 500 teens. The numbers are probably higher than that. I've seen videos of AAU teams going at it while wearing masks. Just driving around with a mask in hard to do.. I can't imagine playing 5 on 5 with a mask on. I am for wearing masks in public, but I doubt if they are effective on the basketball court. I watched the Astros at KC Royals the other day. As expected the public wasn't allowed in the stadium. The NBA is starting the season up doing the same thing, no fans in the stands. That works for now as organized sports as well as everyone else adjusts to new ways to live with the pandemic. I don't think ultra high sports salaries and empty stadiums can coexist very long. Something has got to give.
  3. You talk crazy. that's not unusual around here.
  4. I've never seen the flu shut down all organized sports.
  5. So are you saying the pandemic does not exist?
  6. That's because regional favorite Covid-19 has a suffocating defense, and everybody knows it.
  7. IDK. I was at home watching it on my tv and computer.
  8. If you give an agency that much unchecked power the results will be terrible for everyone good or bad.
  9. Tbh I don't totally understand this a much as I should. I need to read up and study more. I've tried to bring this up before. To fully explain it I would have to name names. Some get offended so I don't. If a person has a grasp of what is going on, and knows who the major players are that person and literally see it unfold. You don't have say anything against them. They will tell you themselves what there plans and goals are. Both bible prophecy and history sheds light on this. In the book of Daniel, rightly understood, the book of revelation, some of the epistles of Paul and the other apostles. There is a series of books on this.. It is called the conflict of the ages series. This thing can be traced all the way back to when Lucifer was kicked out of heaven. One key factor to consider is everything God does or says Satan counterfeits it. All those books in that series can be found online. The first is Patriachs and Prophets. The last book is called The Great Controversy. A second name for that same book is America in Prophecy. You are right, America is the lone secular super power. But there is another super power that controls America that is both secular and ecclesiastical. It is both a country and a super church. That is both a strong and, dare I say, deadly combination. I am not trying to offend anybody, but this is absolute truth.
  10. That is what the real powers that be want. Their goal is not to win in November & be the big shot in the WH for 4 more years. Their goal is total world domination. They are not going to come right out and say "hey we are going to take over the world because we think it will be good for you." They know you would rise up and protest that. So what they set up in a Hegelian thing to distract: left vs right, anarchist vs police. While both sides are duking it out they take over. You have thesis vs antithesis and the bi product is synthesis which is the NWO.
  11. The border patrol have been given very broad powers to do whatever they want. A person can be walking away and they can jump you, put you in an unmarked car, take you to a federal building somewhere, not tell you what you are being detained for. That kind of power is scary.
  12. It seems to me the local police can 'nail them" on their own without feds kidnapping people. Why the local police have been so weak in places like Seattle, Portland and even Atlanta is beyond me. Maybe u didn't put words in my mouth. My bad.
  13. There u go tryna put words in my mouth again. I don't like all the protests in Portland and other places. I don't understand it all. I wish they would go home and sit down. They are causing more harm than good. But the demonstrations, or keeping them from becoming destructive is a very difficult process, while trying to keep in place the right to protest in the first place. If you put down the protests and set up a totalitarian police state in the process, you have gone from bad to worse.
  14. I don't think this country would exist without the 1st amendment or the bill of rights as a whole. But don't worry, if you don't like it, be sure that the powers that be are working hard to get rid of it. It is hard to set up a dictatorship or worse yet a NWO with the pesky freedom of presss, and the freedom of assembly, the freedom of religion getting in the way. Along with those the right to bare arms will be taken away also.
  15. You have not really dealt with real encroachment yet. Neither have I. It is coming though. It is right around the corner.
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