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  1. My son n law went to and grew up in Timpson. I'll run this by him, see what he thinks.
  2. CE King, from a Houston perspective is dang near like going to Beaumont, or at least Crosby. Depends on the time/date. Same for Westfield, depends on the date. I won't elaborate. I haven't been back there since my daughter graduated from there back in the day. The area has "changed" so I am told. But hey I went to a game at Kashmere some years ago. Not tryna scare anyone. Prolly more myth than anything. I even found out I got a nephew & his fam at Westfield. I got grand nephews that play on their football team. My paternal side is complicated. Moving on.. Ion even know wher
  3. Two or three times I posted something on twitter and he commented on them. Would hit the like button. One of them was a short video of me & my dog in the veterinarian office. I thought that was nice. Condolences to his family and friends.
  4. Good deal. They're still around for this upcoming season though. If there is a tournament or showcase with Argyle vs Beaumont United somebody let me know. I'd like to see that.
  5. day in day out you cry for civil war. then you switch to the great4est nation jibber jabber. stay consistent.
  6. Yes, the greatest country. in the world and you or people who think like you, sit up and foment violence against one of the three branches of government. All because some real madman can't accept he lost. Now he is trying to make a martyr out of Ashley Babbatt was shot and killed trying to forcible break into the capitol. I am sorry that happened but you break into the capitol you are taking a chance that could happen.
  7. The paradigm needs to shift. Sacrificing your body is no good, Only a small percentage make the big money anyway. the ones that sit for the anthem, your beef is with them. But it is the same story. Serve in the revolutionary war. Things quiet down and there's a good chance you will be hanged, raped black balled and black listed. Redlined in real estate. Serve in all the other wars same thing. black soldiers got in trouble once for having a good time and being treated nicely in a French town. army MPs thought they were being treated too nicely. So they had a battle. White US soldiers
  8. About 5 people posted their reasons for having beef with the NFL, including you. When I voice my opinion on the topic all of a sudden what I got to say is poop. My perspective is different but no less relevant.
  9. OH, so you turn your tv on Sundays and these athletes violently collide repeatedly and tear up their bodies and wreck their brains for your entertainment and now you call them stupid? What does that make you? Not to mention Friday nite lights, Saturday ncaa big games. The whole sport is a farce.
  10. And thsee are people I respected. I didn't always agreed with them but I respected them just the same: Doctors, lawyers, professionals. Nice lawns, well laid out lives or so I blindly thought. You are just as gullible as anyone, if not more so.. Dumb. Like lemmings jumping off a cliff.
  11. Not the biggest load. Can't be no bigger than dumb butts like you who believe all that big lie ca ca trump poops out on a daily basis.
  12. Okay, take a young black athlete to be. His main goal is to be in the league. He has less than 1 percent chance. Better odds studying, hiring tutors, whatever it takes and becoming a professional. He beats the odds. Becomes an elite pro. Now his life is in a fishbowl. He probably doesn't even know it. Cops watch him if he drinks and drives. Or if he carries a weapon. Women slip up on him tryna have a baby so they can get 80k a month in child support. They seduce him on the massage table. Then they hire some rich ding bat lawyer to drag his name alll over Facebook.. Cameras follow
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