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  1. I thought about that. I should of mentioned Deandre Hopkins and the Beard.
  2. I have seen Silsbee teams deal with Yates in a fast game before. Those were different players and teams, but the same coaches and approaches. I saw Silsbee press Yates so hard and so good coach Wise stopped running. They started walking the ball up and shooting 3s. So that tells me it can be done.
  3. I like the pace. Play & win on Tuesday. Day off. Play Thursday. They ready.
  4. Early that Monday until midday Tuesday I mostly stayed in bed. I had so much cover that i looked like a 7 layer burrito lol. Here in Houston we were under the Texas grid which was much worse that Entergy.
  5. Back in the day I would be driving along and I would hear Paul Harvey say complimentary things about SDA (Seventh Day Adventists) and Ellen White. I heard someone in his family was or is adventist. I also heard he joined the church in his later years.
  6. The real hold up is a belt is making a noise in my 02 truck. Some days I feel it's a classic, some days a hoopty beater truck. I may get it fixed by then, or maybe not. That's the beauty of being retired, I move when I wanna move.
  7. Like I said it was team from East Texas. I followed that Silsbee team as closely as I could., I saw them play 2 or 3 games. They defended that #1 & undefeated fiercely, maybe too much so. The last part of the season you could feel their momentum start to slow down. Perhaps that 1st round bye hurt more than it helped, IDK. I mean, I can't tell you what they ate for lunch that day. Circumstances considered, not too many followed that team as much as I did.
  8. First played game of the playoffs. With all that build up everybody was expecting big things.
  9. It is hard to say. I've seen a little bit of Silsbee on stream. I haven't seen Yates at all. I have no idea who is on that team. I am guessing Yates by 12 to 16.
  10. Yates beating Silsbee by 16 is possible. I hope it is not more. I mean, JJ Watt is gone, Deshaun Watson is as good as gone, Springer took a big payday (and tax hit) in Toronto. Ain't too much more the sports world can do to me. Bring it.
  11. That paradigm was broken 2 decades ago. Today you have AAU or off season ball, twitter, what's app, SC. All the real players know which schools will get them seen by recruiters for the next level. Waltrip, Houston Heights are not those schools. I grew up in the greater golden triangle but I've been in Houston, alas for a score and some good change.
  12. These days those schools don't have a chance unless they find a coach who knows how to hook it all up. Houston smaller school basketball is mostly warm up for the playoffs time for Yates. One exception could be Stafford.
  13. After they went undefeated and # 1 and lost, to pine tree, all other 1st round loses pale in comparison.
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