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  1. Are biden and the democrats really this stupid? No but 80m Americans obviously are...
  2. It says mandatory VACATIONS not vaccinations.
  3. Raised my family selling alcohol for 25 years, witnessed many a salesman loose their career because they could not control their drinking. Because they never did random testing those that smoked never lost their jobs because they didn't become bullet proof like drinkers think they become.
  4. "It’s a gateway drug" Where I totally disagree with you my friend, you are not wrong in that comment. Those that medicate sometimes find it is a progression from alcohol > cannabis > prescription pills > illicit pills > heroin > fentanyl > meth. What ever it takes to get them to that happy place in their mind. Drugs can be looked at the same way we look at guns. Guns and drugs don't kill people, people kill people and sometimes themselves with guns and drugs...
  5. "It’s no worse than alcohol" NO, alcohol is worse than cannabis and the average "dealer" doesn't sell all three or try to convince a user to try another substance.
  6. "They're trying to find unreported income from people who make ANY amount of money" After 22 days we have a winner, spot on CB.
  7. Paul Harvey stated almost the same thing in 1965 This should wake everyone up.
  8. I personally know hundreds of fellow employees over the years that medicate. Weather that be cannabis, legal/illegal pills or alcohol and alcohol is probably the most common medication used by outside sales people. Heck I could go to 75% of the football games in Houston and point out officials who I guarantee smoked cannabis 1 hour before kick off. I don't think its a sad reflection on the workforce, more of a reflection of todays problems in society.
  9. Take a step back, I'm not arguing or disagreeing with you. I was just pointing out the facts of the debate and why I called it a red herring. Like covid, if you don't screen for it, it's a mute point on employment status. Last I checked there is no federal or state law that requires drug screen for employment, but I am not positive. What I do know is any employer public or private can require a drug screen if it is their policy. I think if you work a job where "safety" is the number one responsibility, those employees should be random checked. Same goes for truck drivers, mfg, medical, l
  10. Ok so we are all on the same page as you have thrown out several numbers. The first that I saw was the 30k-40k you stated was your SSI/Medicare portion, that is when I questioned it. Now after the fact I am seeing your $9K SSI/Medicare contribution, which yes I believe is a true number for your profession what ever that may be. I don't think your statement "a good portion" is true as SSI/Medicare is 7.65% which would be matched by your employer. Your 30k-40k would be your total withholdings, which once again is probably true, so good for.
  11. So you are telling us that your SSI and Medicare withholding is "30k-40k? Laughable very laughable, those two taxes together are a meager 7.65% of YOUR deductions, not yours and the matching 7.65% ADDED by your employer. If you are in that tax bracket, you would not be worrying about SSI and medicare. You would be smart enough to have one or several retirement systems to give a higher return on investment. Our fact checkers have determined your comment false...
  12. Not moving to Colorado buddy, moving to Michigan. Actually most employers do not random test anymore, especially the education system. Hemp is now legal in Texas which has led to the CBD craze, but the current testing procedures cannot tell the difference between someone that smoked CDB less than .1 THC content and Cannabis with 15%-30% THC. Your comment "no one wants people who are actively high out here driving and delivering packages", is actually laughable. If you or anyone else knew how many people "medicate" and that what it is, medicating everyday you would be shocked. It wou
  13. So you're stating that you are a top 2% income earner, couldn't tell that from your posts...
  14. The mistake the government made in their war on drugs was declaring cannabis a schedule 1 drug putting it on the same level as heroin, xtc, LSD and others. 50 years later we know it is not a gateway drug and has many medical uses. Where states have legalized it in the form of medical or recreational use it has not totally shut down the illegal trade because the fallacy of the imposed tax being used for social projects. You also need to understand that the science behind growing the different strains of cannabis make it easy for the new novice smoker (those over 60), to find an Indica, sat
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