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  1. "covid vaccine is not killing a lot of people." So over 5000 deaths as reported to the CDC's VAERS system is not a lot. Or maybe this one, Rare Heart Inflammation Following COVID-19 Vaccination Sparks Emergency CDC Meeting. So congratulations to all of you for being part of the largest unproven drug trial in human history. BTW did you know that nurses are quiting their careers when being forced to take the vaccine, Houston Methodist Hospital. Colleges are mandating students to have the vaccine but not the high risk 60+ intellectual wind bags that teach. Better yet when the thre
  2. Many pro athletes have incentives in their contracts, X amount of dollars extra if they meet X requirement. Also the original post stated the women were offered the same deal as the men.
  3. Since I did not read the bill and have no dog in this fight, my only statement would be. 15% depending on pay would be somewhere between $6500-$7500 in cost to a district. Show us one school district that could not afford an estimated $41 per day extra for a teacher with xx years experience.
  4. You did take English in school, I mean like at least middle school English ? Where in Websters big book do you find the definition of never to mean all?
  5. Think I will have nightmares on the photo in the article you shared, almost threw up in my mouth, thanks a bunch.;)
  6. Yes I will admit I am new to this forum, but from what I have read and experienced it's not just liberal nut jobs, there are quite a few conservative nut jobs as well. Fact of the matter is some if not most of the posters here would get eaten alive on Disqus forums.
  7. "Would hate to guess how many ball parks carry their name." One in Corpus Christi thats how many and Academy had just as deep roots as Whataburger.
  8. See you couldn't just scroll on by you had to add the word ALL, to get a rise out of me when that was never said, "so called christian hypocrites". So nice try but fail... "doesn't approve of judging" Who did I judge? I just shared quotes from the Bible that talk about judging Also a fail.
  9. "To say that I'm judging is in fact judging me" Yes it is a double edge sword, but you understand. I think its fine that you teach your grandchildren as you probably taught your children to be believers and have faith. And as a non believer, I can say with an open mind and heart to you and your family, have a blessed day.
  10. When my 4 kids were in school, Klein ISD, I knew what they were teaching. My wife at the time taught in the district and I had a working relationship with the Superintendent. My belief is irrelevant to that question as my children were given the choice to believe and attend church or not. So for you to guess about my opinion on "mandatory bible study period" we know that would never happen at all. But should that ever happen at a "publicly funded school", I would hope they would teach all religions not just one. So if you understand the First Amendment, Congress shall make no law re
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