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  1. I'd say Lumberton was far more talented than Huffman. A bunch of 6'4 plus kids led by a Lamar signee and they got absolutely run out of the gym by a Huffman club who only played basically five kids and were led by a 5'9 D3 kid. I'd say that is coaching, but lots of people were outcoached by Huffman this year.
  2. Massive oversight on my part! Sigler is easily a top tier guy and Joubert has to be in that second group. So the list gets stronger...
  3. Texas football fans thought Mack Brown was underachieving too. How did that work out for them? Clay does a fantastic job at HJ. Imagine how they'd have done had Parquet and the 6'10 kid stayed over there? I'd say they've lost more in transfers than they've gained.
  4. I feel like making the playoffs four times ever is the opposite of impressive. How long has Mitchell been there? What is his overall record? Where are the big, marquee wins? I think he's a good coach, but I just don't see him as a top 10 guy in the area. Maybe that is more of a reflection on how many good coaches there are. 1st Tier: David Green, Todd Sutherland, Andre Boutte 2nd Tier: Brian English, Scott Barrett, Kevin Foster 3rd Tier: Clay Davis, Travis Williams, Chris Pennington, Brian Whitmire, DJ Wilson
  5. If you want to be on the best coaches list then you need to have a lot of wins year in and year out. The scorecard of a good coach is literally wins and losses or win percentage. Good coaches find ways to get the job done no matter the talent level. Or they work their way into a position with better pieces, but there are no excuses and you can't knock someone for having talented players. Comes down to getting wins. You cannot bash Duane Joubert for having a couple of out of character rough seasons and then praise Josh Mitchell for having a couple outlier strong seasons. That's a doub
  6. You really think Division 2 and 3 coaches aren't smart enough to tell their players to shade to the kid's only hand? Seriously, him being a functional basketball player is an amazing feat.
  7. People these days want to have life handed to them on a silver platter. Nobody wants to take the time to build a program and develop it. Rome wasn't built in a day. Not really the message to send to kids.
  8. You seem very well informed on that district, friend. I must give you your dues, though, as this is a much better write up than anything you see in the local papers.
  9. Most expect the Raiders to be in descent after losing the great Brock McClure. Any other D1 stars coming down the pipe?
  10. Earlier I had it Silsbee, Lumberton, WO-S, Orangefield. I have had a conversation with a prominent and much accomplished select coach out of Bridge City and I'm going to revise my picks. He says that WO-S is getting a major upgrade in coaching so I'll bump them up. Then he said that Lumberton has looked really bad in their summer league so I'll bump them down. He also said that Bridge City has some really good young shooters returning and was beating some of these teams this summer so I'll slide them into the playoffs. District prediction below. 1. SIlsbee 2. WO-S 3. Ora
  11. I guess not everyone can pull for a perennial powerhouse like Lumbe....oh I mean PNG. Evadale will be just fine.
  12. 5A United, Crosby, Port Arthur, Nederland 4A Huffman, H-J, H-F, Splendora 4A Silsbee.............................Lumberton, WO-S, Orangefield 3A Buna, East Chambers, Kountze, Anahuac
  13. Every basketball coach that has stayed at WO-S for longer than fifteen minutes has been successful. McCarter went to state, Wilkins went to regional tournament, and Hancock was successful too. All under basically the same regime as the last couple of coaches. They also all coached football, unlike the last coach and the new coach. Every school has issues and problems to work through. The best coaches figure out ways to resolve those problems instead of bouncing. Congrats and good luck to the new coach. Can we stop calling each other racist now?
  14. There is some smoke about the Crosby star moving to GCM too. That would be a big move.
  15. I stand corrected. 10-16 with those athletes isn't really that great now that I think about it, but I do like Wilson. WOS needs a coach who will come in and teach those guys to be under control along with really athletic. Any applicants? Josh Mitchell would be a good fit. Does WOS pay enough to pull him from the dynasty he's built in Lumberton?
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