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  1. I haven’t called you a racist.
  2. I’m not questioning, I’m interpreting as it speaks to me through prayer.
  3. UT alum


    You a Koran scholar?
  4. If you judge the whole by it’s extremes, you wind up with a dictator wannabe like trump, or worse, the real deal.
  5. UT alum


    What are those examples? My understanding is that the root of Islam was the birth of Abraham’s son Ishmael. Please enlighten me.
  6. Like I’ve said before, racism is defined as a belief that one’s race is superior to another. China and Japan are examples of racist countries that aren’t white. I have known and discussed racial divides with many black people over the course of my life and never once have I heard one voice superiority over the white race. Their insistence was only that they are equal, whites are no better than. Black people are prejudiced for sure, but there’s a big difference between prejudice and racism. Keep that division stoked, boys, your master is proud of you, I’m sure.
  7. He said that after He got here. Before the resurrection and the day of Pentecost, there was no trinity.
  8. Like I told Nash, Trump’s throwing 700,000 off food stamps soon, and he wants to end, or at least restrict preexisting conditions for healthcare. Whose propaganda is that? That’s truth, pal.
  9. The latest relative executive order - remember how you all used to hate those when someone else was using them - is kicking 700,000 off the rolls soon. So,no, I’d say starting in 2020. Pre existing conditions also denied affordable healthcare for millons, and liar-in-Chief wants to scrap that, too.
  10. What about old Obama? And how does that relate to the liar-in- chief occupying space in the Oval Office today
  11. A choice is a choice. I said previously that I agreed with a first trimester limit, giving the woman adequate time to make that choice.
  12. No. Denying food to the hungry and medicine to the sick are grotesque policies/laws, but you are as adept supporting them as I am supporting a woman’s right to choose.
  13. I believe that it was God himself that wrote on the stone. The Savior came that the law might be fulfilled. Grace took the place of condemnation.
  14. That’s fine, BS. Call it what you will. The red words in the four gospels address the poor, the hungry, the dispossessed, the sick, the immigrant, etc. I can’t recall where the Savior discoursed on either homosexuality or a woman’s right to choose. I judge you not for supporting a political party whose platform shafts all those people mentioned above. I respect your rights as a citizen, including that of having your own opinion and expressing it freely. If it makes you feel good to condemn others as Godless who don’t have the same opinion, that’s on you.
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