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  1. No compassion here.
  2. See my reply to Lumberton Raider Fan.
  3. Sitting down and listening to each other with empathy. Not judgement. With the Congress doing some sort of official recognition that centuries of considering a race of people, who’s forced labor helped launch the industrial revolution as chattel property, not human, has had deleterious effects that remain to this day. With voluntary reparations, not forced. A black family in Manhattan Beach CA had their beachfront property seized in 1924 using eminent domain by the city of Manhattan Beach after being harassed by the Klan and others, but not leaving. Last year, the city council voted 5-0 to return the property, worth millions, to the family. No one forced the city. It was a voluntary return. Things like that. Compassion, not disdain.
  4. Atonement. But I can’t tell you what that looks like.
  5. The frickin’ charges were dismissed for lack of evidence. That’s a fact. You think D’Souza is gonna accept facts when they threaten his take at the box office?
  6. Like you watch Michael Moore documentaries?
  7. This just in: Georgia election board dismissed three charges of ballot fraud brought by conservative activists against Atlanta residents. The man shown depositing ballots in D’Souza’s film was tracked down by state investigators and was determined to have been dropping off ballots for family members in accordance with state law”. That’s what I’m talking about.
  8. Saying non whites want to “break and enter” shows your stripes. I love America, warts and all. We are not a perfect union, but the founders expected us to strive to be one.
  9. It’s the denial that 300 years of bondage and treatment of a race as animals has no effect on society today. I can name at least 10 people by name right now who I grew up with, childhood friends, who at ten and twelve years old were saying “I hate n***ers”. They still do today, they’ve just had to be a little more accepting due to full integration. Guilty was the wrong word. I should have used responsible.
  10. Dinesh D’Souza’s a conspiracy headed hack. If that crap is true, how come no one’s in jail?
  11. No, history is history. If you own the good, you have to own the bad.
  12. Get ready, folks. I know this is gonna explode some heads, but I done said on here when I see something I perceive as racist, I’m speaking out. Following is the text of a letter I wrote to the Houston Chronicle, and was published last Saturday: All the white people who are made “uncomfortable” hearing about what our ancestors did to African Americans during our country’s history are snowflakes to the tenth magnitude. I’m going to spit if I hear another one say ”my daddy didn’t own slaves, or my granddaddy. Why should I be made to feel guilty?” I have only this to say to that convoluted self-absolving logic: Your daddy and granddaddy didn’t fight in the American Revolution either. What right have you to celebrate the Fourth of July? You had nothing to do with the the battles or the other trials concomitant to the struggle. Until we whites as a group understand that generation after generation, throughout history, have not only benefitted from the trials of the fathers, they have also unwaveringly had to pay for the sins of the fathers, not much progress will be made. It’s on us. We have to live together. To did that we must understand one another. Forbidding our children to discuss race in an educational setting is such a giant step back, such a closing of minds, it makes me fear for the world my grandchildren will inherit. For what sins will they have to pay? I close with a quote from somewhere in the past: The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it’s open.
  13. If they ever start prosecuting the employers, it’ll change in a hurry.
  14. You seen any successful organizing lately, save one Amazon site?
  15. I don’t hate, Engelbert. It’s bad for both physical and mental health, and my belief in Jesus Christ forbids it. Now, I’m done.
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