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  1. All time 43-0. Hope we can keep the streak this week. Up to 55 straight district wins going back to 2009. Yea I know who it was. Hint... It wasn't BC.
  2. Not bad for 2am sunday morning, but way too soon.
  3. 10/9 - Center 14 Carthage 56 10/16 - Carthage 35 Jasper 18 If 56>35, and 18>14, then Jasper>Center. Brought to you by... Transitive Property of Equality The following property: If a = b and b = c, then a = c. One of the equivalence properties of equality. Note: This is a property of equality and inequalities. (Click here for the full version of the transitive property of inequalities.) One must be cautious, however, when attempting to develop arguments using the transitive property in other settings. Here is an example of an unsound application of th
  4. Especially since their defense was already on the field.
  5. 4th and 16 for WOS Another punt? 3 seconds left in 2nd Halftime WOS 13-7
  6. I think they are counting on the video for play by play
  7. Liberty big play 31 yrd something. Pushing to the WOS 13
  8. End 1 WOS 6-0 Liberty holding there own for the time being.
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