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  1. Apparently You don’t cause I never said you don’t catch fish.
  2. My oh my! go back and read what I said and what I didn’t say. In bold and no it wasn’t flawed.
  3. You are definitely right and you should know coming from the leaders you support
  4. Have you ever been fishing??? Doesn’t matter .....common sense would help you recognize the analogy. then again your smart enough to see it but ....
  5. That’s the same tactic satan uses. dress it up, exaggerate, theatrical, drama just like a hook when fishing.... how often do you catch a fish with no bait on the hook. a smart fisherman dresses his hook up to tempt the eyes or nose of the fish.
  6. Don’t think it would ve mattered i seen EC then kountze buna orangefield battling it out
  7. Easy way to beat a zone. Is ball movement and have players capable of hitting shots consistently. proper shooting should start at age 4 on proper height goal. Methodical break down. but also if someone has the mental will power that wants to better there shooting it can be changed no matter their age with proper guidance in technique.....of course it’s a struggle against bad habits. it can be done. I ve seen it. Just takes someone willing to teach it and player to be coach able
  8. Thank you for your input. I figured you would have seen him play as well as many others to make a comparison. whose your top 5 scorers(not necessarily ppg) in area?
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