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  1. This is terrible..... Take your feelings out of it the crime doesn’t fit 2nd or 3rd degree murder We ve allowed the mob to dictate and actually do the opposite of the law. talk about losing faith in the system. my prayers go to all law enforcement.....their job gets tougher each and every day for all you idiots out there.....just comply
  2. I believe they ve been pressured to give a verdict this quick
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/desantis-signs-floridas-anti-riot-bill-into-law go ahead FLORIDA
  4. When this not guilty verdict comes and riots ensue I hope the national guard and law enforcement bring the heat. Givin the intelligence level of these rioters they ll probably riot either way.
  5. Why is that more times than not that schools don’t have conservative blacks mixed in with other prominent blacks past and present on the school hall walls? very small percentage of prominent black conservatives are present: tony dungy, Alan Keyes, hermain Cain, Lynn swann, Ben carson, Clarence Thomas, Thomas sowell, wilt chamberlain, Candace Owens, Tim Scott to name a few Or even James earl jones and ll cool j who could be moderates. when I do see that small percentage it’s Colin Powell and condoleezza rice. why would you not want kids to be inspired by the likes
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/nba-bracing-verdict-derek-chauvin-trial-death-george-floyd-1584544%3famp=1 Pro sports——what a joke. I guess they ll take days off for those fans that want to riot can.
  7. She should ve done been put out to graze along with pelosi schumer McConnell feinstein oh and let’s not forget mumbling bumbling joe.
  8. Now if we can just get Dallas Austin Houston San Antonio and those border counties to open their eyes
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