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  1. Anybody seen the comparison map.... Gonna try to post it
  2. Not only are they toO dumb but they don’t have a pair nor do they know how to take a hard stance on something no matter of what criticism may come. Bunch yellow bellies. If your a muslim (follower of islam—koran) then you should not be allowed in and if you are here already ....ship them out. bring on the criticism....call me what you. I ve studied and researched enough. there will never be “peace in the Middle East”
  3. Many people had this in November and December January and didn’t even know that’s what it was. so the total number of cases is not going to be accurate....cause at that time there was no test for it
  4. Well guess what else is in those 1000 pages......abortion funding ut Where u at your party is a disgrace to the human race
  5. 1119 pages. Really pelosi Californians wake up you idiots.
  6. You just had me laughing to tears. Thank you for that.
  7. Did we really expect them to care about people. They don’t care about innocent pure sinless babies.
  8. Are we surprised by this???? im sure not. Elected by Californians says it all
  9. Oh so so it s ok for them to come in when it’s rapist murders gang members terrorist etc etc but a diseases are not ok
  10. So I hear the border has been shut down. anybody else heard this? if so why isn’t the left up in arms about this
  11. Well for all those that say trump isn’t their president.....don’t you dare accept that money..... it’s called principle.....do you have any?
  12. So much for the recruits and a ship I couldNt resist since we re not gonna have anything to talk about
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