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  1. Why is the ship channel shut down. Makes no since. Keep those boats coming in and out if it smacks one. Oh well. Good riddance
  2. Just going on stats. They are very similar. Except trout has 10 more homers. But Bregman has 43 less strike outs. Question is “should team record play a factor when said individual plays when voting on mvp”
  3. And I thought we would have a 4 th starter. Wade Miley has been walloped the last two games
  4. From what I ve been told Got into it with teammates then cussed out coach. Coach suspended him another game. Evans verbally said he quit. We shall see
  5. Not many “Made in the USA” items at Walmart. One of my least favorite places to go
  6. I know right It’s cause fans got used to lray for the last 3 years. And the excitement he brought cause it was more spontaneous. as long as the oline does its job then Wb will win as far as regular season goes the true test will be against ns possibly lamar could be a test
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