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  1. College trainers will put another 15 to 20 lbs on him. They did it to me and it improved my game especially when playing against bigger stronger taller guys than in h.s. Helps when it comes to balance control and finishing
  2. Congrats 180. Is that accurate on his weight. get that up to 200 and his game will improve even more
  3. Bridge city shane dronett- UT- broncos. Falcons jason matthews - Texas a&m- Colts/Titans matt Bryant- Played for the falcons
  4. If my memory serves me correct. Montana quirante (spelling). I think he had a d1 offer from Baylor. Several years back but he went into missionary work instead. please correct me if I’m wrong
  5. Longview has a tougher road with #9 Westfield, #18 vandergrift, and KC in the region. Westfield lost to #5 north shore by 3. As well in the state semis they would meet up with #16 cedar hill who only lost to #3 Allen by 13 or Denton Guyer who beat #16 cedar hill by 4. Guyer also beat #1 aledo and lost to #6 south lake carrol by 12. longview is very good but they only have been battle tested one game Vs lufkin. i am pulling for them so that we can have a rematch of last year versus west brook unfinished business
  6. A party of contradictions a party s platform full of holes a party of confusion
  7. With his mindset if a law said it was ok for adults to have sex with children (Muslims for example)he d be ok with it because it’s the law. what a great way to think.
  8. To them because there is a law stating it’s ok makes it ok. Principals out the window.
  9. HF went 8-1-1 in mid 90s I think it was 1995 and didn’t make playoffs one of the best teams they had in my opinion.
  10. Stupid phone as far as getting there I think westbrook has the easiest road overall
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