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  1. Very true especially the safe guards
  2. Google “dads on duty” I believe this notion has been shot down by Allen and board. several dads have came forward with offering their time in past school board meetings
  3. Well to me those that voted to celebrate such a man and the corruption that came about is very telling… And if citizens vote the same people in……we’ll that’s just as telling….
  4. Should ve never been named after him in the first place Wasted time and money on this. now let’s get back to what’s important. Kids education, teachers, and discipline
  5. Majority of the liberal politicians are further from the middle then conservative politicians.
  6. This is hilarious I ve watched it 5 times thank u for sharing the dude actually smells his hand after reaching back there
  7. If that…. teachers aren’t even bothering in a lot of cases language disrespect Defiant
  8. Well we did have a national funeral and a statue made for a criminal not to long ago
  9. Now this is comical…. Nevermind it’s not comical…… it’s hypocritical
  10. That crutch isn’t doing the individual any good
  11. Do away with mail in ballots. We don’t have this issue. pretty easy fix
  12. You forgot about the walker electric contract Found guilty of felony fraud
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