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  1. Actually if we get technical Biden is not a political opponent of trump yet. Biden has to win primary and he won’t. Biden’s opponents are Harris. Warren. Booker sanders etc etc. he asked to investigate burisma about illegal dealings and corruption that involved the Biden’s. Trump has nothing to worry about when it comes to Biden Running against him for 2020 much less anyone else one.
  2. Dang up 14 at half and end up in ot. Did ktz get in foul trouble
  3. Exactly. dems just can’t get over the fact that Clinton lost and a non politician won. So they re grasping for anything that will stick for full impeachment/removal or at least smear trump for 2020
  4. Since u mentioned Evans. I heard him and the running back from Katy are done for the year
  5. Has there been any talk about United opting up to 6a? givin that projection is right how does wb district shake out?
  6. Wb 40. Strake Jesuit 31 in week two wb beat them 61 to 21 without holland
  7. A creek school that wb should beat by at least 14. As long as west brook plays their “B+ to A-“ game with 1 or less turnovers they got it. How did holland do against kingwood?
  8. Yes they can. This is all Mental starting tomorrow till game kicks off and as well thru out the game.
  9. When corruption is the game you ve been playing for so long you become good at it. Ex. Crime bosses, gang leaders, mafia boss all are some of the last to get caught because there hands are clean(Clintons) their tin soldiers are the ones that get caught and they have a fall man in place just in case.
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