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  1. I agree and thank u for ur input. I remember that story. but the Somebody I’m asking is not you or anybody who thinks like you
  2. Let’s ask @Indians4life are the teams in Wb district covered?
  3. 30 hours and the somebodies still can’t answer.
  4. There s a more lasting effect way to handle this
  5. Can somebody......somebody........Not Anybody😉....tell me why crime is on a straight vertical in dem ran cities? deadly crime is skyrocketing what happen to lives matter movements? K.I.S.S.
  6. I was curious given his wife getting hired on. he took a pay cut and more duties.
  7. You could say that makes up most of the liberal minded especially the emotion driven
  8. Very true. mitchell should get credit for turning that program around as well. Lumberton in the past was never known for basketball.
  9. This topic is so hard for me cause there is so many variables/factors etc etc we have coaches who would rather win at all cost than give consequences for players actions on or off the court we have coaches who may not always win but are great role models and teach players life lessons we have coaches who always seem to have talent so it makes winning a lil easier we have coaches who have turned programs around so on and so forth and all that mentioned....it can be interchangeable. as far as a list based just on wins/losses, consistency, playoff runs, SCs.
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