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  1. For sure. I posted that when he won and people were talking about the 25th amendment. Their telling him what to sign and if anything comes of it (bad publicity/voter pushback) he takes the wrap. He s the “ fall guy.”
  2. Biden 19 trump 1 obama 5 bush 0 clinton 1
  3. When you gonna help me out with financial advice giving your success at deep pockets?
  4. To start: Perfected form Repetition with true focus. and interval free throws thrown in during conditioning both should be done in preseason every day
  5. He could ve be been a smart guy and possibly had his minions fingerprints do the dirty work.
  6. This isn’t news for us common since folk. and he s exactly right the left will trash or ignore these Drs. Why? Cause that’s how they operate
  7. Not all of us are as deep pocketed As you are. please share your financial success story for us at the bottom of the middle class.
  8. In all that you said only one pertained to the people. i disagree with what they did, but did you see anyone crying.
  9. Rude and crude or dementia and his liberal friends who want to cut jobs, shut down the country, is ok with riots when they see fit, heshe s playing girl sports and allowed in female restrooms, killing the paycheck with Obama care, KILLING BABIES, loosen borders, strengthening China at USA expense, removing GOD.....could keep going all that or rude and crude (which I disagree with) I ll take rude and crude. place blame.....I blame parents for raising a bunch of sissy’s who can’t tell the difference between evil actions and evil words lesser of two evils it’s not hard to see
  10. 81 million Can’t handle crude or rude words but can handle less or no pay. pussification of America.
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