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  1. Man idk about that... did you watch when they had that kid that went to Oregon? I can’t remember how long ago it was
  2. Well it’s been a great turnaround for the Lions from last year but I feel Coldspring will be just too much. Probably a different story 3-4 years ago for Kountze but Coldspring is the team to beat in the region I feel like.
  3. Woodville 41 Kountze 49 end 3 Probably my last update. Thanks for the broadcast Mike
  4. So would basically every other 4A and down playoff team from the golden triangle lol
  5. Woodville 28 Kountze 31 Halftime Kountze trailed 14-4 in the first quarter at one point. Credit to them for pushing through the early deficit
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