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  1. Why make people wait… it’s a message board so let’s hear who the supposedly “surprise” QB is lol
  2. They should have more success down the road with the Slot T. If they can keep this head coach… Gotta implement a system from Junior high up .
  3. I mean that’s not a impossible scenario… well not completely impossible lol
  4. The only losses I’d predict are Nederland and WOS… Vidor and Jasper are possible losses. PG lost a ton from last year so no one really knows about them
  5. This is true. Probably not as good as last year, but a decent 3A nonetheless. Solid QB I believe
  6. If we are talking playoffs then basically any team from the 409 vs Bellville I enjoy… yes even if it’s WOS beating us lol
  7. Cameron Yoe for us. I know they will be better than last season and always put a good product on the field. Another team is Stafford. They are a dark horse team to me. Didn’t lose a lot… always very athletic.
  8. 3-0 on those first 3… 0-3….. maybe 1-2 on those last 3
  9. Coach Rowe is a great coach! Also one of the more animated coaches on the sidelines lol I love it
  10. I think I saw Bridge City at like 64
  11. Brent Anderson 2002… that doesn’t fall into the last 15 years qualification that you have though.
  12. Yeah but do you really wanna be compared to West Hardin in this situation? (No offense to West Hardin I’ve had a lot of family graduate and go to school there over the years)
  13. I don’t lol jk. Maybe this would be the year we get over the WOS hump lol
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