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  1. Idk why I’m commenting on this.. but if a regular game was played Evadale would route West Hardin
  2. Jasper also isn’t the best vs good slot T teams. Idk how good Vidor will be but you can bet they will review that film from Jasper vs Bellville last year.. but also don’t know if Vidor has a RB the caliber of Reece from Bellville
  3. Bellville Senior LB Zach Hood passed away in a car accident earlier this morning.
  4. 2022 Demtrius Hunter for WOS looks to be picking up some steam on the recruiting trail. Picked up a A&M offer yesterday
  5. Not trying to play devils advocate but for the sake of debating what do you consider good? Lumberton places 4th in a not so good district right? I don’t think that’s really a good thing...
  6. I’d be willing to bet that Hardin will not be beating Anahuac much less EC this year.
  7. People just need to accept that this is the new normal for a while. There will be positive cases.
  8. I mean obviously Katy High is the destination of choice. But Taylor isn’t terrible. They have put out some good recruits over the past few years. But yeah not my first choice lol
  9. Name change is dumb, but I like the class part.
  10. Ehh idk about that last part lol
  11. That they are a top 10 team in the pre season rankings
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