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  1. Didn’t Jasper already beat Rusk? I’d probably predict Jasper will be 2nd
  2. Because AAW! Everyone hates Lumberton and don’t you know!
  3. Update time… Well I’ve remained realistic with my opinion on my Brahmas due to the fact in my opinion we haven’t played the toughest competition this year, but I think it’s safe to say we are for real this year.. Yes Sealy was missing their starting QB vs Bellville Friday night and he is definitely their best offensive weapon, BUT he doesn’t play defense. Sealy has a D1 Linebacker that plays both ways that holds a offer from Air Force. He is impressive. Sealy just had no answer for our offense. Here are our updated district standings. 1. Bellville 2-0 (7-0) 2. Sweeny 2-0 (3-3)
  4. Anahuac should win . EC losing their best player Friday night is probably why that game was close
  5. I’d be all for it… but that’s quite a trip for LCM or Bellville lol
  6. I’m gonna take Silsbee in a close game… Guessing we will end up playing the loser of this game in Bi district.
  7. Those numbers will be significantly higher by the end of the regular season due to playing Royal, Sweeny, and La Marque
  8. Reece 1247 yards 20 TDs Briggs 686 yards 12 TDS
  9. I don’t think so. Not splitting carries with Briggs.
  10. Richard Reece ends the game with 4 rushing TDs. 1 Receiving TD. 246 yards rushing. 40 yards receiving
  11. Yeah after a few deep playoff runs I’m sure the coach has just forgotten how to coach successfully.
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