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  1. I know this is a 4A D2 thread but speaking of teams ranked… Lumberton comes in ranked 12th in 4A d1…LCM 15th
  2. My post was about Bellville. I’m assuming your talking about Silsbee though lol
  3. Pretty high for us to…. Losing Briggs and Reece is gonna hurt… We do have a couple good sophomore’s ready to step up, but Bellville will be back to more of a traditional ground and pound and defensive strategy to win ballgames. I will say we will be big on the O line and D line this year which is a plus. Sophomore DL DJ Sanders got a Baylor offer earlier this summer and I have a feeling it won’t be the last.
  4. Pretty high for Silsbee. What do they have returning ? Besides Miller obviously
  5. I think lack of talent also played a big factor
  6. Yeah a 4A team with 3 D1 players and multiple other college kids will be tough to beat. No question who the best team in 4A was
  7. I tend to agree more with this prediction now that I think about it. Kountze is probably gonna be starting 4 sophomore’s and a junior. Another season where I think they will improve as the season moves on.
  8. I meant all of them. Summer league results in general
  9. I know summer league isn’t a very accurate representation of teams but if anyone has any results feel free to post them.
  10. I’m predicting something to do with south oak cliff
  11. Apparently the region 4 final has sold out whataburger field in corpus tonight. 7500 for a 4A High School baseball game is pretty good lol
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