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  1. Probably looking at WOS in the second round, China Spring or Sealy in the third.
  2. This used to be a good matchup 5-6 years ago.
  3. Just getting back to Carthage is gonna be TOUGH
  4. You mean as long as your team doesn’t commit penalties?
  5. Also I didn’t know this but apparently earlier in the year Sealy has some injuries that contributed to their struggles. The week before Bellville was their first week healthy. I already had thought Sealy looked better than their record shows Friday night
  6. The second round looks to have some solid matchups
  7. Well some stuff happend this weekend. Bellville took one on their chin from Sealy. Carthage beat Jasper which most people saw coming. I still think Jasper beats out Center for 2nd in that district. Salado has beaten both Waco Conally and China Spring which basically locks up the #1 seed in district 9 . So here are my current projections barring any crazy upsets W9 Salado F10 Rusk R12 Bellville T11 Hardin Jefferson W10 Carthage F9 Gatesville/Jarrell R11 Silsbee T12 La Marque W11 West Orange Stark F12 Sweeny
  8. I don’t think Salado is better than Jasper or Bellville, but I can see where people think that after we lost a game we shouldn’t have Friday night
  9. Or the rest of that district isn’t that great
  10. Nope lol Assuming they get that far it would be WOS vs Sealy in the third round. We would run into Carthage and well .... you get the picture lol
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