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  1. Looks like Chad Worrell will leave Brock after leading them to a 91-12 record, 1 State Championship, and two state semifinals appearances to take the HFC job at El Campo. Very solid hire
  2. Yeah I’ve noticed high school baseball rankings tend to be all over the place. I guess it’s whatever you wanna follow. I just tend to use the one I posted because they have a lot of other information like returning starters and schedules/scores ETC.
  3. Looks like there are 7 teams in the Diamond Pro/THSB 4A Pre Season Top 20 poll #1 Bridge City #10 China Spring #11 Giddings #14 Bellville #18 Carthage #19 Rusk #20 El Campo Whats Bridge City have coming back from last year? Bellville gets every starter back from last years team. Any other sleeper teams ?
  4. That’s a hell of a attitude to have lol
  5. I’m bored so what are everyone’s thoughts about the region going forward? Obviously Carthage is on top and the favorite again but what about the others in the region?
  6. There is just a decent drop off in team talent in the district after EC IMO
  7. Sorry for the mix up. KD was at HJ last year correct?
  8. They had a lot of young talented skill guys last year. This is a great job to get
  9. Yeah I hate it for them... but yes that 8th grade group is pretty solid. The freshman that dunked vs Kirbyville is 6’2. His little brother is on that 8th grade team as well. He wasn’t there last year but moved back for 8th grade.
  10. At least Kountze won the dunk count 1-0 lol Kountze freshman had a nice one . Kountze will be fine in a couple years
  11. Losing 2 starters on any team would be rough. Especially if one is your leading scorer.
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