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  1. The thing about that “circus” 20 miles south that most people only see Facebook posts and news stories about... There is always two sides of a story. Best of luck to all three of these schools this year
  2. Well final thoughts. Bellville definitely has to work on a couple things. 8 fumbled snaps is something you definitely can’t have. The secondary as well needs work. I did see what looked like a vast improvement on Passes from the Bellville QB who was the starter last year. D Line looked solid. At the end of the day it’s the first scrimmage after two weeks of practicing. I’m sure both teams will work out the kinks. Big positive on the night was no injuries for either teams.
  3. Or actually just gonna be seconds again no live quarter for now
  4. Looks like they will finish with a live quarter
  5. I bet Bellville has fumbled the snap at least 8 times
  6. Bellville up to the Navasota 30 on their 3rd drive . First team back In
  7. Bellville stalls at the 50. Both teams mixing in subs as well. Including backup QB for Bellville, who threw a INT first play in
  8. First drive still alive for Bellville. At their own 43
  9. Navasota gets to about the Bellville 35. Bellville will start a drive now from their 25
  10. 2 plays into the drive Bellville forces a fumble. Navasota starting 3rd drive
  11. Navasota goes 60 on first play through the air. Bellville almost forces a 4 and out inside the 15 but there was a Pass interference in the end zone . No indication on offense or defense. Navasota starts over .
  12. Bellville 2s hold Navasota 2s first drive for Bellville 2s on offense is a TD
  13. I’m impressed with Navasota’s backup RB. Hard runner
  14. looks like 2nd teams in for both schools now
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