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  1. Yeah but Kountze isn’t near what they were 5 years ago, but they are getting better
  2. Yeah for some weird reason I don’t believe you
  3. Carthage should win but may be closer than some expect
  4. Refugio is solid. How many years in a row have they made at least the state semi finals ? Hell of a program
  5. Not that it really matters at this point in the season, but were PNG and Nederland really that great this year? Newton went 3 rounds.
  6. I figured you may see Bellville and Sealy in the same district. But who knows lol
  7. Well since the game is in Katy I imagine I’ll be watching this one in person
  8. Unless he had some other starts I thought he didn’t start until the last district game of the season?
  9. That region is pretty weak this year regardless. Silsbee will be fine
  10. Means nothing. The team that they beat tonight by 30 ( Navarro) beat them by 28 earlier in the year
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