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  1. Lumberton had one a few years ago. He was a tough kid. I think he played at Lamar.
  2. How do you know anything about Crosby? You're a BH fan!!
  3. Appreciate you drummer99! Unfortunatly, the Login and Password didn't work. Now, let's get to some important issues this next 4 years, like paying for people in other countries to have abortions!!!
  4. Google KFDM election coverage, and see how many stories pop up about a rigged election. Got the Coogs in another tight one! Go Big RED!!!
  5. Go check out the scripted propaganda that every single Sinclair News outlet repeats word for word. A simple Google search will lead you to it. Not petty, just aware! Go Coogs!!!
  6. I'm not caveman! I cut the cord long ago to save over a $100 a month. Would you mind sharing with me your Direct TV login and password for the weekend, so I can watch the games? I can stream through your provider, that would be awesome! You can PM it to me, Thank you!
  7. If you're mad you can;t watch the state games, complain to Sinclair. It’s that conglomerate that is super pro Trump and makes their news stations read propaganda about rigged elections. They acquired the regional sports networks when Fox merged with another huge company last year and had to sell off certain assets to get around antitrust laws. Since then they have demanded an outrageous amount from the TV providers. Never seen all of them say no before, so you know it’s not any one provider that’s holding this up. Who's ready for 2024???
  8. Both from Region 4. We'll see how they do against Region 3 talent.
  9. I have heard that Crosby can run with anyone, but I think GR is just going to have too much in the trenches. When schools are this much bigger than the other, it usually shows up on the LOS. saying that, I hope Crosby can get the ball to their play makers and take this one!
  10. Good luck to both squads. Really looking forward to seeing the three Baytown Schools in the same district this year!
  11. Friendswood La Porte United PAM GCM Sterling Lee G Ball **** La Porte and United may switch dependent upon the hiring of the new coach ****
  12. Texas City about to make a little comeback! They've been playing a bunch of yungins against some big boys. Those kids are about to come of age.
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