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  1. Melvin Dews on Facebook is live streaming free
  2. I think we have ALL are all asking the same question. You are on a school trip surrounded by escorted police on a charter bus. Why would you think you need to have a gun? I see that DISD said they can play but has the UIL made any comments?
  3. This is all the info I have found. It is "RUMORED" the player is #4 Kyron Henderson. These are only rumors does anyone have any updates on the status of the injured, players and game been given? Woman shot in ankle after gun brought onto bus from visiting Dallas-area school, San Antonio police say SAN ANTONIO – A night of basketball practice ended in a shooting on the Northwest Side, San Antonio police said. The shooting happened Wednesday night near Loop 1604 and Hausman at a property that belongs to Northside ISD. The district confirmed none of its students were involved. San Antonio police said the boys basketball team involved came in from the Dallas area. Officers say someone brought a gun onto their charter bus after practice. A woman who is a trainer with the team was shot in the ankle. She was taken to University Hospital. Police are trying to figure out who fired the gun. We’ll bring you updates as they become available.
  4. Im in the process of putting together a All Star Basketball game for the Sr Boys around SETX as a way to bring light to the talent we have around this area. The game will be March 18th between the time of 12-3pm. It will be held at the Toyota Center in Houston Texas where the Houston Rockets play. I would love to hear the people on this threads nominations on players that are worthy of attending. If you would like to nominate a Sr please do so below with name, size and school. If you have contact information for the Sr feel free to send it to [email protected] We will live stream the event with Lamb Production. Also that day RCS Sports will be hosting a unsigned Sr event that will have college coaches in attendance. If a SR is lucky enough to be invited to the RCS event I advise they go to that over my event. I will not have college coaches at my event but we will live stream. My event is a gift to the youth of this community to showcase their skills in a professional arena. I look forward to hearing from everyone!!!!!
  5. Looks like Dallas Kimball is stacking up for a possible rematch with Beaumont United for the state championship. Arterio Morris had left Kimball to attend Ischool in Lewisville but after Keyonte George left to attend IMG he has decided to return to Kimball. But he also grabbed ischools highly ranked guard trae Clayton to come to kimball. Also hearing Kimball grabbed two more players one from family faith (not Jordan Walsh who's gone to cali) and another from Coppell ( not anthony black whos headed to Duncanville). Man I thought greater Houston kids were moving and shaking. WOW!!!
  6. Looking for some teams to have a scrimmage with once we start flag football practice. Willing to come to you if need be.
  7. 9 WAIVERS!?!?!?!? HOW? WHY? What the?
  8. $80k to tear it down!! With all the youth football and track organizations in Beaumont in need of a place to practice and play I really wish they would use some of that $80k to renovate and give it to the city so these babies could benefit and make new memories for our community.
  9. I know Jordan Walsh and another kid from DFW going to Southern California Academy (CA) but what's the reason for Amaree? Dude getting Power 5 offers and earning his strips this summer
  10. Yeah I was thinking Chappelle (ex Lamar assistant) now UNLV assistant would be in play for Kasons services. Interesting move if so
  11. A few weeks ago Kason Harrison entered the transfer portal and announced he was transferring to La Tech to team up with PA and La Tech standout Lofton Jr. Late last night Harrison decommitted from La Tech. Alvin brooks has taken over Lamar basketball and former Silsbee great Jordyn Adams has transferred into Lamar. Could Kason have a change of heart about the new look Cardinals or is his eye on a BIGGER PRIZE?
  12. For those that don't have the game I'm streaming on my Facebook page Melvin Dews
  13. Cant wait to see that young lady at the next level!!! she has been grinding since she was 10! Gonna be the best girl from the golden triangle EVER. Sorry I love Alexis Morris
  14. Ima keep saying this until im blue in the face. The ONLY way you are beating BU is to have an Elite guard that will not turn the ball over and a big that can get rebounds so BU doesn't get 3 and for offensive rebounds on possessions. You must have less than 15 turnovers. I counted 33 turnovers for nederland last night and that was with the slowed 2nd qtr. Griggs (Hightower) and A&M commit Wade Taylor (Lancaster) are the only 2 guards I know of in 5A that can keep their team under 15 turnovers in the state. RIGHT NOW
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