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  1. I think as a member of the presidents cabinet, it should be news. I'm not sure why its so bothersome for you that I posted it.
  2. Where? I really haven't seen anything about it anywhere and I read all news sources.
  3. It was stupid enough for Fox news to make it a headline.
  5. You must be asleep, cause you're DREAMING
  6. NM This is odd to me, Trump only has 72 days left in office - Why now?
  7. I agree with you on the hoax - I think they meddled, I think they do and so do we every election. It was not not to the extent it would have changed the outcome - I don't think he should have been impeached, but what he did with Ukraine wasn't right. How "wrong" was it? Not up to me, it was up to congress. I thought we were talking about voter fraud? Trump's campaign can't even prove it. Republican allies are asking him for proof also. I think we all are, but it's easier to spew lies than to find it, I guess.
  8. We meddle in elections, I have no doubt Russia did some shady things, but Clinton was not a good candidate - That's why they lost. Trump has angered a lot of American's that's why he is going to lose. Trump has the 2nd most votes in history other than Biden - That being said, President Trump added several house seats in the house and I'm 99% sure he's going to keep Republicans in control of the Senate. Small victories, but will have a big effect. Does voter fraud only happen on one side? PA is a swing state, it happens - I mailed in my vote. It's hard for me
  9. I can't wait to see the "proof" of all this fraud. Bet it's a lot like the Russian collusion - FAKE NEWS.
  10. You'd think with ALL the fraud, Democrats would have taken over the Senate and not lost seats in the House. So fraudulent.
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