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  1. I remember him exploding in the 2nd half after another very pedestrian performance in the 1st half.
  2. I know lol. i just hopes he finally shows up against the titans.
  3. Can Hefner and crew get a win this time around?
  4. Them winning district last year could possibly be the worst thing to happen to them.
  5. You would think but tbh I dont think winning is important to them
  6. In all honesty they have been down for several years now just had a player that made up for all there problems.
  7. Let's not act like we on a district full of words beaters
  8. Coach I can agree on but the qb nah. When they put #11 back @ rb the Offense will open up
  9. He is trying but with drop balls, no run game, bad oline play and flags they can never find a rhythm
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