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  1. Since we are correcting people on their bad facts, I will say this statement is probably false. No Hispanic or Asian or any other race was killed in 2018. I am pretty sure it will fall under 50%.
  2. Either way you look at this, they died because they caught the virus. Does it matter if they died from the Corona virus or because of the Corona virus? They would still be breathing, if not for the virus. If we are on the roof of a 10 story building and I pull a gun and shoot you in the foot. While bouncing around in pain, you fall off the roof. Did you die from a gun shot wound or the fall? The way you are trying to spin this, I should be innocent since you didn't die from the gun shot wound. It was just complicated by it!!
  3. People are dying from respiratory problems that are brought on by the virus. Even if they are pre existing, they are dying because they caught the virus. You may die of pneumonia According to the doctor, but would still be alive without the virus. So what actually killed him?
  4. What I hear when I read this is according to Guru CODE RED is alive as long as them pesky ref's don't throw any flags and you don't jump out to a 21 point lead. Other than that they won
  5. Who would not love that district. It would make the girls games better!!
  6. Put everyone in the box I would sure hope they didn't rush for any touchdowns.
  7. OK. Please explain how the penalties are not the kids fault? A statement like that tells me a big part of the problem starts as home. Your kids effort is more your responsibility than the coaches. 11 in the box is as dumb as a 3-3-5. RIO is gone and from the talent I see on the field, he bailed at the right time. You had a great talent run. It's not there right now and it is getting worse in the future. I went to the 8th grade games against BH and BH had more team speed on both sides of the ball than Crosby and they are split in 2 schools in Jr. high. If anyone thinks this Crosby team has the
  8. LCM - 216 -272- 5 PNG - 599 - 348 - 33 NED. - 564 - 378 - 35 BH - 584 - 313 - 27 Newton - 574 - 293 - 14 WOS - 406 - 98 - 3 So there are the numbers. PNG is not that great unless you want to add in Nederland & Barbers Hill, but then again he is right that LCM is not in the equation
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