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  1. With those numbers I have no idea why Burkeville doesn't play 6 man. I heard those rumors about High Island playing 11 man as well.....
  2. Bob Hope did when I was there two years ago. I'm not sure if they kept it though. We played Liberty so I know they had one, I think Legacy did too.
  3. I was surprised the Longhorns weren't ranked in the 1A rankings. I was the head football coach this year (our first year to ever have football) and we did pretty well going 4-1 with some solid athletes. I think we have a chance to make some noise this year. Was really surprised to see Lipan all the way down at 16, but Leggett is still in it.
  4. I used to coach in inner city Houston and I live in Brenham. That isn't the case at all. Their soccer coach last year, was a soccer coach I personally hired at Bob Hope School in Port Arthur and he set that program up, made it to the playoffs for the first time in school history, beat Jasper in the first round (and barely lost to Waco La Vega), and had multiple kids recruited to play college ball from Bob Hope including one at an NCAA Division II. Last year's record in soccer isn't a knock against Brenham, they were in a tough district and played a tough pre-district. The same goes with baseball. Yes, they missed the playoffs for the first time in 35 years, but Coach Williams was a heck of a coach, I think his record was like 180-60. Cedar Park picked him up immediately when Brenham let him go. It takes a little time to transition, but Brenham is still Brenham.
  5. Brenham is okay, but nowhere near the Glen West years. They went 3 rounds deep and lost to Calallen but that was in Region 4. I saw them last year go life and death with Houston Heights. After seeing their scrimmage vs. Harker Heights if they don't tighten up that defense, Friday night vs. Magnolia West will be real ugly. Coach Eliot seems to be a stand up guy and a heck of a coach, so I'm hoping he can get it done.
  6. These debates are time wasters. The Democratic race is between Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. My assumption is that the ticket will be Sanders/Warren. If Biden gets it, I have no idea who he'd run as a VP, maybe Julian Castro. I think Sanders/Warren would be a tight race with Trump, Biden/whoever would lose easily.
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