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  1. only systemic racism if it fits the BLM, NAACP, Board of Black Legislatures, etc...definition African Americans, especially female are WAY WAY more likely to be hired that a 30 year old White male --- FACT By the way, can we apply this to the NFL or NBA?????? implement a white player quota? God forbid!!! Look around and see what races are doing well uhm -- White, Jewish, Arabic, Asians, Europeans, Africans (native), etc... Only African- Americans failing. That's why the liberals and African Americans want special treatment. They have proven they are not capable on t
  2. Yep, and girls coaches too. I'm hearing King to United or Memorial OR could stay and teach only - that's the rumor at other Schools Field Houses. Some talk about Faircloth too. They have to honor King's contract less coaching stipends. Probably about $15,000 total. 6 for football, 2/3 for coordinator then 3 or so for 2 other sports $12-15. PNG get days for extra time put in at their day rate so around 300 a day for 15 or so days Time will tell
  3. Kind of like the juvenile underwear on these boys head . BOTTOM line look at BISD and PAISD educational achievements - compare it to NISD PNGISD HJISD HFISD LISD Kelly Orangefield etc... what do you think? Ask the Hershel Walkers, Charles Barclay, Ben Carson, how to achieve Done with this topic Let the facts speak for themselves
  4. That's the problem. As a whole - not all - African Americans blame Anglo's for all their failures. The truth is we ( government) Give EXTRA favor to those folk. And they still lead in unemployment, crime, black on black crime, pregnancy w/ no father.etc... I believe they proudly use and coined the term Baby Daddy. All of the above is correct. Can't overlook these facts.
  5. maybe, BUT NOT ADs with AD pay
  6. I agree. they have been VERY successful. However, I thought that some of her quotes would be great for the other teams locker room posts. Was a little too, well - way too boastful.
  7. I feel certain your are mistaken. I know Lee Martinez AD and Greg Smith asst. AD They have a coordinator at each campus (3) to do paperwork i.e. TRs, substitutes, UIL stuff, etc... NOT like PNG with 2 full pay ADs - boys and girls PA, NEd, WOS, etc... None have 2 ADs at 1 campus
  8. things will be the same. Top 11 on Offence everyone else, put them where you want. another 600yd per game defense. Of course, as all coaches can do nowadays 'BUT WE MADE THE PLAYOFFS" 4th place with probably losing record. that's the problem today - we need only one WINNER and ONE chicken dinner. PNG coaches have been on record that the MC madness is just another game. Total BS. I assume - I KNOW _others are aware of the recent conversations, emails, training, etc...
  9. I think it's the BLM group that's jealous. Also, it takes away from the attention middle age JOBLESS black males have. Us middle age "white guys" - I'm on the brown side - Pay taxes so the unemployed black (old and young aged) can stay home with juvenile underwear on their head and 40.
  10. Thanks, I had no idea that most schools have Girls ADs in addition to a Boys AD. She certainly deserves it, no question about it. I dont follow volleyball but her name is always mentioned as the Gold Standard of High School Volleyball coaches.
  11. KIng from North Texas area..On that note is PNG the only school paying a Boys AD/head FB coach and girls AD that coaches golf. That's a LOT of $$$
  12. Warren has 0 interest in doing anything but the same thing. over,over,over,over and over. I don't know that they ever won anything - Championship wise??? Only good thing in WCISD is Fred Elementary and a handful of teacher/coaches and students that have a clue You are one
  13. they do, Peavy from Westbrook AD and HC more money than HC only at the Brook. With the naming of the stadium and constant BS that comes with BISD. RUN Has anyone heard of the new name? I have heard rumors
  14. History shows a 18% jump when all democratic - pres -house - senate doesnt make sense Additionally, market likes no change. Sloe Joe can't negotiate a deal to save his life, nothing will pass/actually be implemented - unlike Trump, the master of the deal..In 2 years all will flip back, hence nothing ACTUALLY gets done. I rely on the mkt to live on and it's been a hell of a ride this year. Think about this, if interest rates go Carter level 16,17,18% go all Jumbos guaranteed money. If you owe nothing - hell of a deal
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