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  1. Breaking: Denton Guyer to hire Rockwall's Rodney Webb as head football coach two weeks after John Walsh's resignation: @DentonGuyer_FB @coachrodneywebb @SportsDayHS #txhsfb Rockwall is now open.
  2. Im glad Coach Peevey talked Coach Morgan out of doing Spring Football.
  3. There is a school from Cali i saw play Hillcrest (Bibby the HC) couple days ago, Prolific Prep, and during the game im thinking no way these kids as loaded as that team was at that time would come close to beating MVA.
  4. I think he'll nab Brown. Shaka needs to have a huge tournament run next season if they're healthy enough come tournament time next March or else. His seat is back to warm, could be sizzling with a non-big dance postseason appearance next season.
  5. No Spring Ball for anyone this yr it's looking like.
  6. Better chance school gets cancelled Statewide for the rest of the school year than that tournament getting completed.
  7. BREAKING: ‘Shaka’s our coach’: Texas AD Chris Del Conte is sticking with Shaka Smart for 2020-21
  8. Texans gotta fire OB today. Period. Im not a fan and i know one certain jackass on here that will vouch for him but after what i just read he gotta go. Today.
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