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  1. Who is "yall"? Port Arthur isn’t Silsbee.
  2. Silsbee recruits their own homegrown players for basketball? Hmmmm……
  3. He's really trying to get them to La Marque, seeing as they were down 55-0 at the half last night I see no issue, they would gladly take Hull Daisetta players at this point.
  4. Where's Snooks when you need him…… Sigh…
  5. BISD doesn’t have other buildings to house those kids??
  6. They will be back in school in a week, why would they transfer??
  7. Get pressure on the Gilmer QB. Taking Newton.
  8. That's a "rivalry" game and I know for a fact Newton would rather faceoff with Jasper instead of Kirbyville, someone should ask the higher ups in Jasper why they rather scrimmage than play an actual game (oh & the scrimmage this season was called off hmmm). I think we all know why. ☕
  9. We all know where that money was going ☕☕🤷🏾‍♂️ Current campus should be fine by Tuesday.
  10. LM was down 55-0 at the half tonight, might be similar next week.
  11. I bet Farr still gets his yardage on Lumberton. Lumberton should win this by 3-4 TDs, but a loss to Evadale: they would never hear the end if it the rest of the month, quite possibly the season on here.
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