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  1. I wish him luck, he's a good one, just had too many guys ahead of him in Fayetteville.
  2. The number of men's basketball student-athletes transferring remained steady, even after the rule change that brought the transfer portal:
  3. Great hire! I think Lil Tex would like this hire.
  4. Briles himself may not have had contact with them, but i bet his agent did.
  5. I almost choked on my food laughing 😂😂😂😂
  6. This wasn't an upset IMO. BH isn't the BH of last season. Regardless though great win for Png. From what im told from ppl who attend their games they're better this season. Now if they sneak Ned in the Dog Dome that'll be the upset.
  7. I just got wind of this as you know you're on my ignore list. As for your question: it will not get answered. I answer questions from ppl i have respect for. Good day.
  8. T.Q. Jackson Will Leave #Arkansas, Seek Transfer Elsewhere (FREE) #Razorbacks #Hogs #WPS Didn't expect this one.
  9. If Missouri State is smart you go with Petrino. Either way im wondering could they not find anyone better without baggage.....
  10. Clemson has no one that can cover Chase. It's getting ridiculous now.
  11. Dont argue with these dong loving idiots of Briles. They dont know real Football like you and I.
  12. He's a damn headcase. Hello. Do i gotta point it out for you
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