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  1. Cool. Just hope he has a good inner circle and someone to help with his taxes.
  2. Bulldogs are peaceful. Soulja is still bitter United gained enrollment and moved back up to 6A to get weekly peaceful beatdowns during football season.
  3. I'm just trying to keep the peace around here til Week-1. 😎
  4. I know one person who should apply for all 8 of em. He would have 7yrs (per himself) to win state. We as a site would definitely hold him accountable. 😁
  5. Wonder where Yates will end up.........I know he's a top priority recruit for Arkansas, not sure what UK values him at on their list.
  6. Hmmmmm........ Starting to think potentially we'll see Lancaster, then Timberview, then Lone Star IF we can put together a lil run. Big IF.
  7. Yes very, that's why I said what I said. 😁
  8. We really need to put a stop on these creatures from Florida getting on here, they might give the whole site and its members a strange Florida weirdo virus that the UIL cannot stop with a phone call. GOOOO TITANS!
  9. Per their school website it looks like Willis HS/Kansas State QB legend Michael Bishop is the HC. Kinda funny their mascot is the Titans also.
  10. I may be mistaken but I believe that's the charter school that opened a few years ago out there.
  11. Yeah I was at that one in Tyler, Ingram got hurt early for Carthage and Carthage was making uncharacteristic mistakes (well 2 certain players were). Silsbee had a very good chance to beat them that night. That was a shootout.
  12. Yup, loudest crowd all game until that 4th qtr happened.
  13. We have Florida creatures in Lumberton now? Hide the womens, the mens and the childrens ASAP.
  14. 8/12 - West Brook here in PA 8/18 - Spring Legacy here in PA We'll be prepared for the start of the season. 😎
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