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  1. They made a mistake scheduling us though, we'll welcome them to Port Arthur in a good way. 😎💁🏾‍♂️
  2. 2nd wave? Hell i thought we were still in the first wave since ppl don't wanna listen & take precautions.
  3. Just seen a Facebook post from Ashly Elam, New Mexico moving football to Spring.
  4. Wont happen in football. Now basketball: different story, i could see some, not all, but some top players going to HBCU schools, they would still bolt after a year though. The 5star Howard got i bet he's not in classes after Feb/Mar, same with Mikey if he goes to a HBCU and/or others.
  5. I believe Morehouse started that process when they cancelled theirs in June. I would wait until August to make a decision, just my opinion.
  6. The UIL has released revisions to the COVID-19 risk mitigation guidelines for summer strength & conditioning and marching band activities. For complete details please visit
  7. Seems like the good/great programs in the area definitely not shying away from competition as far as non-district is concerned for 2020 and 2021.
  8. Is that particular transfer CONFIRMED finally? Been hearing about the potential of it for well over a year.
  9. Word on the street is that after every Lumberton loss this season the UIL and TASO will be bombarded with phone calls yet again, any truth to that?
  10. I wouldn't think so, unless some unforeseen circumstances happen.
  11. Don't worry, October 9th you'll have a great seat to watch him torch them timberpups. Just a little advice (since you send emails to the staff) they better know when to blitz that kid.
  12. He's a proven HC in my opinion, my thing is if there's that talk again and they actually get to state or win state he might leave for a bigger gig.
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