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  1. Ppl that think he runs up the score on purpose. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  2. Finally someone agrees with me about this. 🙌🏾
  3. I meant you didn't miss it. My phone is on crack. 😂
  4. You didn't miss the sarcasm I see. @BMTSoulja1 knew exactly what I was getting at. 😎
  5. Zeke is the least of Dallas worries, had they had a healthy OL the only thing you could fault him on is fumbling this season, that's it, and who's to say if Dallas had that does he still have fumble issues? When Dallas OL was healthy as a majority the past few years no one talked down on Zeke, but now it's a problem 🤣 Pollard runs hard, I seen him one play on Thursday absolutely wreckshop on one run, all that work for a 1 1/2 yd gain cause the OL couldn't block worth a damn. 🤣 Dalton is sucking as a backup QB cause of the lack of a healthy OL. It starts in the trenches, matter of fac
  6. If they hire a black HC watchout, if he only makes to hypothetically speaking a "State Semi appearance" as his early peak in his tenure they might wanna run him outta town ☕😁 IYKYK.
  7. @BMTSoulja1 remember what we just talked about concerning Toby just days ago......
  8. Richmond knocks off #10 UK at Rupp, not surprising. 1-1 Cats got Kansas on Tuesday in Indy part of the Champions Classic.
  9. I'm taking GCM by 6. I just don't trust United in this meaningful game. I think they'll end up going with the SR QB the whole game unless he gets hurt.
  10. Depends on how much we're up come 3rd qtr, but backups will be getting playing time.
  11. 1. Carthage 2. Timpson 3. Mart 4. Atascocita 5. Cleveland 6. College Station 7. Magnolia 8. Waller 9. Baytown Lee 10. Port Arthur Memorial 11. La Porte 12. Kingwood Park 13. Crosby 14. Santa Fe 15. Barbers Hill 16. Humble Summer Creek 17. Lindale 18. Hallettsville 19. Waskom 20. Corpus Christi Miller 21. Wimberley 22. Llano 23. Franklin 24. Shiner 25. Christoval
  12. We need a different poll for the University of North Shore.
  13. Was thinking about it overnight, kinda wish we played Friendswood for Homecoming and Lee for SR Night.
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