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  1. #Arkansas #Razorbacks land former LSU CB (FREE) #Hogs #WPS
  2. Just added Drew Sanders LB from the transfer portal. Played at Bama. Tweet from Bruce Feldman: Huge get for Arkansas: Former Alabama LB Drew Sanders announces he's transferring there to play for the Razorbacks. Former five-star recruit has great length and athleticism. Started three games last year before being sidelined by injury.
  3. Nope. It's private until im told not so. Unless someone else wants to. But yeah I know what went on there.
  4. Not necessarily. That would be a lil bit different from what he ran at Ennis, Copperas Cove and Cuero from what I've seen. He mixed it up alot.
  5. That was fun to watch. #18 Kentucky destroys #22 Tennessee 107-79 while honoring Joe B. Hall: 6 things to know and postgame cheers
  6. When It Comes to Arkansas Football in Early Top 25 Polls, All Major Outlets Agree on Two Things via @bestofarsports
  7. Lets just say the program got worse as a whole. 😉
  8. Is that like his 2nd or 3rd game winner at the buzzer this season??
  9. Why are they playing at MacArthur?? EDIT: someone edited their tweet. It's their band playing at United.
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