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  1. No Crockett is not going to win the district outright, im just saying I can't switch my pick this late 😁
  2. I picked Crockett before the season so im not turning back now, give me the Dawgs.
  3. If you were referring that to me please quote me next time so I know. If you wasn't then my apologies. As far as disliking either team that's your opinion, no problem with you saying it. And it wasn't that difficult for me, I picked Ned, I was just asking Reagan a question with a bit of sarcasm.
  4. Tucker's name been floating around alot lately for USC and LSU.
  5. Sporting News’ Top 11 replacements 1. Lane Kiffin 2. Jimbo Fisher 3. Mario Cristobal 4. James Franklin 5. Urban Meyer 6. Bob Stoops 7. Joe Brady 8. Billy Napier 9. Jamey Chadwell 10. Bill Clark 11. Jeff Traylor
  6. 1. North Shore 2. Galveston Ball 3. Beaumont United 4. Nederland 5. Crosby 6. Texas City 7. Huffman 8. LCM 9. Livingston 10. Center 11. WO-S 12. Orangefield 13. Silsbee 14. Diboll 15. Anahuac 16. East Chambers 17. Woodville 18. New Waverly 19. Hemphill 20. Kountze 21. Garrison 22. Joaquin 23. West Sabine 24. Evadale
  7. The least penalized team. So I guess it's a toss-up??
  8. Thoughts? Must win game for United, if they can somehow win out they can get into the playoffs.
  9. I totally get what you're saying. I pay more attention now to our 8th graders than the lower levels at the HS. I'd rather go watch the 9th graders than the JV also.
  10. The stories that are coming out about Coach O today are amazing πŸ˜‚ Girlfriends at practices, letting kids run drills with the team...etc etc....good grief
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