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  1. Um @BMTSoulja1 I thought you were the Small School Guru of the board? 🙄
  2. It went over your head. @WOSdrummer99 got it though.
  3. Imma go out on a limb and say EC hits a 50 burger and Lumberton scores 24. 😁
  4. They're hiding their secret weapons til Playoff time.
  5. Rain will be outta here by Thursday. As dry as it is that field will be perfect.
  6. Not sure what flood he's talking about, but it'll be a flood of points on the scoreboard for WOS Friday.
  7. I'll be paying attention to this one. It was talked about last week on the scoreboard show.
  8. Kirbyville by double-digits. (Can't believe im saying this)
  9. Welp it's gonna be 2069 before I pick em to beat Newton. Eagles by 50.
  10. When the last time Kountze beat Newton in football?
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