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  1. Alotta ball to be played. But play this game in Port Arthur.
  2. ......check out their 5A and 6A football district predictions for realignment. I'll say this: it'll be a long 2yrs for my Titans in Region 2.
  3. @BMTSoulja1 how many times does you know who name comes up in this one? That's the only thing interesting about this matchup.
  4. Illinois going bowling! 25pt comeback to beat Sparty. Lovie Smith gonna get a statue.
  5. Reports coming out that Morris has been fired.
  6. Shug leaped over somebody head earlier. Wow. I need that gif asap.
  7. San Augustine, WB, Jasper. I'm trying to figure out which West Texas 6A & 5A team or teams could make a run this year.
  8. 38-7 3rd qtr. Fire his arse before the 4th quarter. Smh
  9. Well at least he doesn't have Longview 1st round. So there's a chance.
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