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  1. Nah it's not false, he's talking about the hires they (the ISD) have made recently. (Gage, Westy, Abseck in a row)
  2. They'll take our spot after we drop. Crazy that enrollment number dropping but extra curricular activity number increasing.
  3. New rivalry folks: Ned vs Crosby. Vidor is not gonna like this development.
  4. So today the Big12-4 is pissed at Espn and the AAC. I can't post the screenshots but it's all out there.
  5. I'm all for taking advantage of getting money. ๐Ÿค‘
  6. Yahoo Exclusive: No. 1 overall recruit Quinn Ewers tells @yahoosports heโ€™s โ€œleaningโ€ toward skipping senior HS year and attending Ohio State. Ewers could then sign NIL deals worth nearly seven figures, which arenโ€™t allowed in Texas for high school players.
  7. There's all kinds of crazy rumors out there, I've seen Clemson, FSU and Miami wanting into the SEC. Conference USA brass chimed in today with a statement basically saying without saying they're open for business. I'm waiting on the Pac12 to release a similar statement soon. It'll calm down middle-to-late August. Only thing that's true is OU & UT not waiting til 2025 to join the SEC, they want in after the school year ends, and they'll have the money to do it.
  8. Word on the street @BMTSoulja1 was in a heap of tears after that game. ๐Ÿ˜
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