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  1. It's funny running back thru district threads like this. Hopefully 2021 is another fun season but with normalcy and no storms.
  2. From Matt Stepp: BREAKING Cleveland Tarkington HC Zach Bass has resigned his post to join the staff at Beaumont West Brook Tarkington is open #txhsfb @dctf
  3. Don't mind me, just taking a stroll thru the thread reading. 🍿
  4. Kinda ridiculous this is being played on grass.
  5. Wow
  6. It's much needed, especially when a certain game rolls around.
  7. Looks like I'll be watching more LU games in the near future.
  8. I would post the pic of you working at Port Arthur Memorial and being a fan but the site for some reason wont allow it, but there is Facebook and Twitter.
  9. We're not talking about playoffs dumbarse. Apparently you trying to stir a pot that doesn't exist. Need i remind you: Port Arthur Memorial 20 Beaumont United 0. Final. And that was just 1st half. Shut your JV football program arse up. Same bs program that wanted to scrimmage WB instead of playing em. Scary arses.
  10. United could've beat Dekaney so that's not saying much. After having a not so good D their record showed exactly what they were last season. The only game they packed it in was the Kingwood game last game of the season, they just wanted the season over it seemed at that point. I also think like you that they could've won 2 more district games: WB and Kingwood. After the WB game (loss) playoff hopes were gone.
  11. I know my good bro UnclePig wasn't taking a shot at my dawg was he?....... Cmon man. 😎
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