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  1. Get pressure on the Gilmer QB. Taking Newton.
  2. That's a "rivalry" game and I know for a fact Newton would rather faceoff with Jasper instead of Kirbyville, someone should ask the higher ups in Jasper why they rather scrimmage than play an actual game (oh & the scrimmage this season was called off hmmm). I think we all know why. ☕
  3. We all know where that money was going ☕☕🤷🏾‍♂️ Current campus should be fine by Tuesday.
  4. LM was down 55-0 at the half tonight, might be similar next week.
  5. I bet Farr still gets his yardage on Lumberton. Lumberton should win this by 3-4 TDs, but a loss to Evadale: they would never hear the end if it the rest of the month, quite possibly the season on here.
  6. Not if they're able to borrow Png's iPad, they may breakout that Spread O passing game on the Coogs. ☕
  7. WB offense United defense K.Fuselier (sp) - soph WR from Ned Sanders (soph QB), Ned (sr WR) and Guilbeau (soph DB) from PA Memorial
  8. High school coach caught sharing game plans with opponents via @247sports Posting this here since more folks are in this forum for the time being. This is crazy.
  9. 1. West Orange-Stark 2. Vidor 3. Huffman Hargrave 4. Splendora 5. Tarkington 6. Hamshire-Fannett 7. Jasper 8. Lumberton 9. Diboll 10. Corrigan-Camden 11. Coldspring-Oakhurst 12. Beaumont Kelly 13. Colmesneil 14. Evadale 15. Cushing 16. Mt. Enterprise 17. San Augustine 18. West Sabine 19. Tomball Rosehill Christian 20. Orange Community Christian 21. Houston Lutheran North 22. Baytown Christian 23. McDade 24. Sheldon C.E. King 25. Beckville
  10. If you love offense this is the game to attend next week.
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