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  1. Word out of Baytown is former LP defensive coordinator Greg Hoff is coming out of retirement to take the reigns and carry GCM to the promised land
  2. Everybody needs turf. Anyone that wants to argue that is clueless. I’m quite certain a lot of that turf is very affordable these days. There’s a different mind set in setx when it comes to modernizing stuff tho. Every school up here in DFW area has turf; majority of them have indoor facilities.
  3. Maybe so. Bones is a super solid candidate. Olympic caliber shot and discus coach as well.
  4. Word is there’s a dark horse candidate emerging. La Porte offensive line coach Jimmy “Bones” Beasley was seen touring the lavish BH facilities with the supt earlier today. Don’t be surprised if they pull the trigger on this one quickly.
  5. Surely not? I read that same article, and I mean that guy is obviously worth every penny he makes, but I don’t think there’s anyway he’s making 175K. I could be wrong, but man that’s a lotta paper
  6. BH doesn’t have that kinda clout. HP on a whole other level when it comes to stuff like that
  7. As I said, I’m an outsider and have absolutely no clue who Craig or Morgan is...just giving my opinion on what I think happened (or didn’t happen) there in Kirbyville. I mean I’ve heard the country singer Craig Morgan breaking down the redneck yacht club if that’s who you’re speaking of?
  8. As an outsider looking in, I think this was all a bunch of hog wash. I could be dead wrong, but I don’t think any coach would whip a kid for bad squats. There’s just no way that even happened. It looks like to me that a bunch of parents got pissed that their little babies were getting coached hard. That kind of crap is the reason we’re where we are in society today. JMO
  9. Never said he wasn’t a great coach. Relax there chief..just making light of the obvious.
  10. How bout John Snelson for this job? He’s won everywhere he’s been.
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