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  1. The U is making me look like the clueless fool that I am! Nice going T’Wolves.....keep it rollin!
  2. Muchos hombres no te gusta futbol Americana
  3. Titans run roughshod over the deer. 42-14
  4. I’d sure like to see Duncanville win it all; if anyone deserves a title it’s Reginald Samples
  5. I think it’s way too early to be talking bout the team to beat. I definitely agree that Duncanville is one of if not the best team in 6A, but 6A D1 is just so dang serious! I mean serious!
  6. I’m quite certain they’re happy with their 3 point win
  7. Great post! The influx of Hispanics(majority of them don’t play football) is another player in the downfall of once proud programs.
  8. Just calling it like I see it. United(Central and Ozen) have always had some of the best players in the state, yet they can’t seem to get it together. Not fair at all to those kids.
  9. Is the same guy coaching that pulled a Chris Webber and called time out against LP when they had none left? If so then the Wolves are in for another boo boo year. Look for a repeat of the mighty Timberwolves 2018 season..2-8. Make no mistake the Wolves will have better players than most all of the teams they line up against, but ole Willie Taggart Wolf will somehow mess things up.
  10. Is being selective when you can hit the QB changing the rules?
  11. Evidently the United coach was changing the rules of the scrimmage during the scrimmage because United couldn’t move the ball. Typical Beaumont crap
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