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  1. Yessir definitely a possibility
  2. What’s the deal with Earl Thomas? I may be dead wrong but I just can’t see him doing what he’s being accused of. He comes across as having a great head on his shoulders.
  3. Quite certain he’s hanging it up to watch his son play
  4. La Porte will be good again here before long. Coach Berneathy is a great coach and he certainly gets the best out of his players.
  5. Pretty sure Coach Bass is a 20 personnel guy
  6. Excellent hire! Kids will absolutely love playing for Coach Bass, and he is one helluva football coach; as mentioned above he is a great man as well! Go Hawks!
  7. Make no mistake Moore was a cheating fool; obviously a ton of games though. If you aren’t cheating you aren’t trying right?
  8. Thanks for keeping it real and allowing things to get a little out of hand from time to time (being tolerant of posts that would get you lifetime banishment by the Communist Smoaky mods)
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