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  1. WOS hits a shot with 3 second to go to take the 1 point win. Big shot by Sophomore Aniah Henderson. WOS 41 LCM 40
  2. This team by far is the best team we played this year. This program is starting to feed itself. They have some special players but throughout the program you can see ALL the girls are understanding the system the coaches/parents have put in. Fun to watch but not to Coach against. It's going to take a special team to get them this year in 4A.
  3. Great observations on here with Coach Shu and many more. Here as the WOS girls coach here is what I have observed. Repetitions are key to any success in sports. Since being assigned as the head coach here I make sure my gym stays open for my girls. Unlike other programs we don't have a little dribblers program here yet and a lot of my girls can't afford AAU. However, we utilized the UIL's new rule for skills training this past summer focusing on fundamentals and I have seen it pay off. We're still behind on skill set but we make up some of this with our athleticism. Girls are not like boys and besides the obvious here is what I mean. A boy will watch basketball on tv or play the video game of 2K and then head outside trying the moves he just saw. Girls rarely will even watch basketball on tv and if they do they rarely go outside to practice what they saw. Now I know they're anomalies to this and few girls will do it. The key to growing basketball in our small areas is through little dribblers but we have to still think outside the box. It does us no good to run a little dribblers program where we have 2 teams that play each other every week or mix teams with boys/girls. What we need to do is run little dribblers like we do pee-wee football. For example West Orange Stark Little Dribblers plays Bridge City this week at all ages and one of the programs host the event. Next week WOS may travel to LCM area and play their Little Dribblers program at LCM. What this will do is a few things. Number 1 make it where you build competition and make the community start paying attention on Saturday. A lot of people would pay to go see these type of games on Saturdays which will fund the program. It will also make parents aware of the competition that is out there and the work that needs to be done. If this is done properly then a pipeline will be heading to the junior high. My girls played Little Dribblers for years either on mixed teams (boys and girls) or playing against one all girls team where a parent stacked one team against the other team. The mixed teams saw the girls getting pushed to the side not getting the development they need and the stacked team stroked a parents ego that really couldn't coach but because they had the stacked team looked like coach of the year. In the end my girls left the sport for softball or volleyball which broke my heart being a basketball guy. They saw it was a waste of time and enjoyed the organization of softball/volleyball more because it was more competitive. In order for us to grow girls basketball for the whole area we have to change the process at the grass roots level. If this is done then we will see more girls going off to play college ball from all the schools and not just a few handful. We will also see shooting, ball handling and other skills grow. Last statement, Martins Mills has basketball figured out. I went there this past summer visiting a buddy who's daughter is a stud on the high school team and saw their process. The Little Dribblers is ran like I mentioned above and ever kid has a pass-code to the gym and can go shoot anytime of day. Kids put their code in flip on the lights and get to work. Now I know we don't all live in a town like Martins Mill but my point is their facilities are accessible for kids to get shots up. My two cents.
  4. WOS 59 Silsbee 54 B'JNAE' Arvie with another double double. She had 28 points and 14 rebounds, impressive because she sat out most of the 3rd quarter with foul trouble. WOS down by 10 at halftime but fought back to get the win.
  5. WOS 50 Kirbyville 19 with a running clock the last 6 minutes and 12 seconds of the 4th quarter B'JNAE' Arvie turned in three 20 plus performances along with double digit rebounds to lead the Mustangs.
  6. WOS Game 1 WOS 56 High island 16 Game 2 WOS 48 Liberty 27 Buna wins verse High island and Liberty Anahuac beats Leggett and Hull-Daisetta Kirbyville beats Leggett Kirbyville 51 Hull-Daisetta 45 Day 1 Buna 2-0 WOS 2-0 Kirbyville 2-0 Anahuac 2-0 Hull Daisetta 0-2 Leggett 0-2
  7. Coach Shumake this is Coach Wilson and it was a good win for our girls. You guys definitely made us better when we faced you guys in Jasper. We're still a long ways away but I do see the improvement in our culture, which is most important to me. Once we get it completely changed Lady Mustangs Basketball will be tough. I'm excited about the future of our program.
  8. WOS 49 OF 43 Marlandria Hebert with 18 pts and 16 rebounds. Girls finally put 4 quarters together. Long way to go but they’re working hard.
  9. West Orange Stark gets the win 31-16. 

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