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  1. I’ve already expressed my opinion on the UN. Nothing more that American haters.
  2. Like I said, it will never end. You are just trying to satisfy your conscience at the expense of others. You envision a day when someone will say,”Ok, we’re even. “ That’s worse than predicting world peace. Dream on.
  3. Of course you can’t, because no matter what happens, 1000 years from now someone will say, “You remember hearing (I won’t say reading) about back in the 18th century, black people were sold into slavery and the white Americans owe us for how they treated our ancestors.”
  4. What will make it go away?
  5. Sorry, my post looks as if I copied yours. I would never do that. I happen to think the same thing.
  6. I think a lot of that is wishful thinking. Trump still has a solid base of voters, and after this Biden debacle, some of the fence riders will go “R”. Get Trump for 4 years, have DeSantis as a VP and he can take the reins for 8 more. Then I can die a happy man knowing that I left the world a better place. May be some wishful thinking on my part too, but it’s the way I would like to see it unfold. Most important thing right now is the upcoming mid-terms. We need to reverse some of the Biden handler’s policies.
  7. You don’t know me very well. I have absolutely no problem with DeSantis.
  8. He was also the highest paid superintendent in the state of Texas, and there are a lot richer districts than BISD.
  9. Trump will be the second president to serve twice but not consecutively.
  10. The African slave trade was global. Sure you don’t want to see what the Portuguese could pony up? Were the real bad people the buyers or the sellers? You really have no case and there will never be a teacher allowed to teach this garbage to any of my kinfolk. I can promise you that.
  11. You expect my innocent grand daughter to attend school with a mixed student body and have a teacher tell the class how bad a person she is? How dare you. I will fight you at every turn. Who the hell you think you are anyway?
  12. What does it take to make it go away?
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