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  1. Just thought I’d put this here……never mind. Would not post.
  2. I helped make them famous at the Knights of Columbus in Beaumont and the Townhouse in Groves. They played our junior/senior prom at Red Carpet Inn. Dusty Hill had his hair in a pony tail and a shaved head. Not sure what that’s called.
  3. Click on first video…… Tucker Carlson travels to Texas to witness the border crisis firsthand Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  4. I bet the players who kneel don’t kneel at home either. What a stupid thing to say.
  5. So was an unarmed white woman. Should the rioters and looters have been in the buildings in the first place? Were you there?
  6. When you have a VP posting bail money for rioters and looters, it’s kind of a go-ahead.
  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I’ve had Covid so I know.
  8. That did occur to me.
  9. Saw one that said… Live, Laugh, and Love If that doesn’t work… Load, Aim, and Fire
  10. I think you know I agree 100%.
  12. Should have the ability to lock thieves inside. I have seen jewelry stores that can do this, or is this simply a peaceful protest?
  13. So all of these democrats who are talking about voting machine fraud after an election are numbskulls. Shouldn’t the left on this board be saying “It’s Over”….”Forget It”….”Deal With It”? Now those same democrats are blocking voting audits in swing states. Isn’t that ironic? What say you Big Girl?
  15. But…but… he’s so religious. How can such a self-righteous individual do such a thing?
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