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  1. Man I love this. People have had enough. I’m with them. Virginia's Capitol flooded with gun rights activists for Second Amendment rally Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  2. You know, these dims crap all over OUR constitution on a regular basis, especially during this impeachment process, but when it seems to serve them, they reach in their hip pocket and try to quote it, or at least recognize it. It also bothers me when they talk about our founding fathers, as if they would make even a pimple on any of their rear ends. Those visionaries were pure geniuses. I wonder if any of our congressmen today are aware of this..... The founding fathers only paid senators and congressmen a “per diem” amount while in session. They knew that if congress was paid a salary that they could always vote to increase, then they would no longer be “Of the people” but “Above the people”. They wanted those in Congress to be subject to the same economic and financial conditions as the rest of the nation based upon the laws they passed.......genius
  3. Everyone deserves and needs legal representation. Even Perry Mason represented nothing but innocent people.
  4. Admitting that the first BLACK president was an utter failure is difficult for some to admit. I won’t call any names, but his initials are UT Alum.
  5. Hey smart guy, imagine you have all of these hungry wolves trying to rip you to shreds in a trial, who are you going to hire, an ambulance chaser?
  6. The lawyer who got OJ off by making it a racial trial instead of murder was Johnnie Cochran, and he’s dead.
  7. “Get another guilty one off”? What does that say..... to the one who likes to mince words?
  8. We’re the haters but you just said OJ was guilty. Which is it?
  9. This will replace all of the pointed knives that are already out there. lol. If someone wants you dead, they will find a way.
  10. Dims delivering the articles of impeachment...
  11. I can’t decide how to feel about this.
  12. Good word, bad modifier in this case. You still lie all the time.
  13. Shiff and Nader, there’s a surprise.
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