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  1. Just shoot a couple of them, the rest will go home. I promise you.
  2. Ain’t it funny how this whistleblower is a living human being that people can see and hear, not just something fabricated on paper? As a whistleblower, doesn’t he have the right to stay anonymous?( which I think is BS anyway). In court, you have the right to face your accuser. What’s the difference? I know, you can snitch on your company and keep your job, but how to know whose job to keep intact if you’re anonymous?
  3. That’s cool. I knew there was something else but it’s not a miracle worker like the Dems suggest is out there and Trump hasn’t found them yet.
  4. What has ANYONE ELSE done to stop the spread of coronavirus besides telling you to wear a mask or social distance? Who is this man made God you are saying is out there who can do any better than Trump? Who is it? Biden/Harris? Are you kidding me? Seriously, you think those two yo-yos could do any better? Biden would fall asleep and Harris, if she’s not smoking weed or banging her head on a headboard, has no clue. Those two point fingers of blame instead of helping. What have they done?
  5. I’m not going to watch the interview and try to determine what you consider a lie. Isn’t it on the tip of your tongue?
  6. You must be getting your info from Fox News because Communist News Network/Pravda won’t mention a thing. Again, is it Hunter’s laptop?
  7. Get tired of the same questions, and Trump has hard ball questions thrown at him. Biden gets “What flavor is your cream?” You’re right. Maybe it’s not the same after all. Trump has good reason to storm out of the interview!
  8. Good for him. You have a problem with that? Were you upset when Biden refused to answer questions about Hunter? Same thing. Duh
  9. That’s proper attire, a mask is not. Try again.
  10. Yes, and they know which one to line up for. Lol
  11. This man has no notes or teleprompter. He speaks from his soul. Saw a man in a store wearing no mask. Didn’t bother me at all that he wasn’t. He was wearing a shirt that said, “ This country was not founded by fearful people.” I totally agree.
  12. Well, your assessment of our RB was off just a tad, wouldn’t you say? He took one to the house from about 65-70 yards that no one could gain on. The rest of his yards were between the 20s. Ned had an excellent chance to win this game with 21 points.
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