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  1. See any white people looting and burning stores over this verdict? That’s what I thought.
  2. Wow.....I thought some of these characters were martyrs.
  3. Well, I was waiting for your name calling. What did I say that wasn’t true? (Disappearing act)........
  4. You didn’t give Trump a pass because he’s a white guy. She has done this more than once. You just suck up to her because she’s black. Your reputation precedes you.
  5. I always thought it was weird how, all of a sudden, a cop’s death was being mourned by the left. It was actually politicized by, guess who, the msm.
  6. 5GB, I believe you have answered your own question. Indoctrination is the key to this generation’s existence.
  7. She said to be more confrontational. Only an idiot doesn’t know what that means.
  8. The people at Dominion should be executed.
  9. Would this be why Hillary was so upset with Podesta, blaming him for the loss? Lmao
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