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  1. On the energy side, some of the smaller companies may get hurt, but the big boys have over 200 permits good for over 4 years to drill on federal lands. I’ll try a link later. Hopefully in two years we can get the house and senate back.
  2. I thought I would rejoice at the demise of those on the left due to Biden policies but alas, I can’t. Executive orders give any president too much power. Notice I said any president.
  3. Sincerely, sorry to hear that.
  4. Like I said, stymied. Haven’t heard a thing about Biden killing all of these jobs. All I’ve heard is Trump is a meanie. But there is hope. As these people try to eke out a living, Biden will make sure they don’t have to pay rent, and Pelosi will send them $600. It’s not a lot, but adequate.
  5. Your analogies are childish and boring. A real man would attempt to defend his new savior’s first day in office, killing 50,000 jobs in the process. Never mind, you are stymied.
  6. Your rationale is irrational.
  7. Hate that green energy except when they can tax it.
  8. Let’s see duuuuuuhhhhhh Trump got the Keystone pipeline up and running creating thousands of jobs. Biden kills these jobs with executive action halting permits. Conclusion: Trump is rude and crude and it’s his fault.....LMFAO
  9. Still can’t defend Biden’s job killing action. Never will.
  10. Like I said, you can’t defend Biden’s job killing action. Hahahahahahaha
  11. Can’t confirm, but I heard little Wayne had some federal gun charges that Trump dismissed but he still has messing with underaged girls charges.
  12. Funny how Biden hates energy companies unless their name is Burisma.
  13. Hahahahahahahahaha. What a deewee. Biden killed those jobs with one pen stroke. Put the blame where it lies, or can you even do that simple task?
  14. How can that not matter and not what happened. Want to your new savior’s job killing actions? You can’t. That’s why you keep bringing up Trump.
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