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  1. baddog


    Why are we constantly bombarded by comments and suggestions from the dipstick squad? Anything they say makes the news.
  2. baddog

    Swine Flu!

    Thank you for that. Thought I was alone with my thoughts. If they print t-shirts that say “I didn’t even get Covid-19”, think of how many millions of sales that would incur if everyone it applies to were purchase one. Do I think Covid-19 is real?——-YES Does Covid-19 kill people?—-YES Do I think we should panic?———NO
  3. Lots of people will stay home, lose their jobs, and get a raise by filing for unemployment.
  4. Do you even read, or do you simply jump in with both feet? How did you like the way your dim comrades blocked the stimulus package because it didn’t have anything in it for the green new deal, or significant raises for congress? See, when the American people can get money to keep them afloat during a crisis, the dims think of themselves first. Isn’t that what you are all about. Monies meant for the needy get siphoned off by the fat cat dims. You should be proud.
  5. The same number who could get exposed to the flu, which kills many more people every year than this virus.
  6. Troll. Where have you been with your one-liners about how your dims blocked the stimulus package? I know you saw it. I guess you were busy digging up this gem of an article. Lmao.
  7. NPR corrects its own fact-check on flu death statistic Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  8. Dang it. That’s the only outlet for my Ridgid tools.
  9. Agree, but those leopards ain’t gonna change their spots. They have nothing to defend. Green new deal stuff in a coronavirus stimulus bill. Indefensible......
  10. As long as she puts them on hers. Sounds like something aoc would come up with.
  11. That’s only bout $10 apiece. They are not Americans.
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