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  1. I actually enjoy the war stories. What better way for us to understand, you know, experience is the best teacher. I have seen some Australian videos where, excuse me, but it seems the cops have gone nuts. It’s a sad situation if the socialist regime infiltrates the men in blue. I made no judgement on this video. Just thought it a bit extreme, but that’s just me. Like you said, probably not enough info or long enough video, you know, like the Rodney King video.
  2. So does that mean when my sister was in the emergency room the other day and I was told I couldn’t go back to see her, that it was simply hospital policy and I could have gone back anyway? Not trying to argue. Just trying to figure all this stuff out.
  3. I guess home field advantage would help, but did you hear the COO-pers and the cheers for Dallas on Digg’s pick 6? Dak got hurt last year and he is what makes that offense click. Need Lawrence for a bookend to Gregory. That makes a huge difference to me…pressure on both sides without blitzing.
  4. Wow, Dallas is 5th….. oh well.
  5. My mind plays tricks on me sometimes. I read both sets of stats and then mix them up. Just think of the yardage called back for penalties. Dallas has the most explosive offense in the entire league. I guess I need to look at the updated power rankings.
  6. No, I remembered NE RB had 102 yards rushing and I accidentally added that to Dak’s passing yards. I’ll try to be more exact next time.
  7. Yep you got me. I added their rushing yards to Dak’s passing yards.
  8. Almost 550 yards of total offense against their almost 350 yards. We should have hung 45 points on them.
  9. ….. dead at 84 from Covid.
  10. Had TB beat but let Brady do what he does best.
  11. Cowboys have the absolute best receiving corp in the league. You can slow them down, and the refs can stop them, but in the end, the cream rises to the top.
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