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  1. Not sure about the being smarter, but it just got frustrating. If you don’t fish pretty regularly, there is always a surprise in store when you do decide to go...... boat tags are out, trailer tags are out, flat on the trailer, dead batteries that won’t charge, trailer light out, you name it. Of course I’m not telling you something you don’t already know, but add all of that to the fact that I did more work at the camp than I would have had I stayed home, didn’t leave much time for fishing. My BIL goes fishing with a friend and brings me all his white perch and specs. He doesn’t eat fish, so I still get to enjoy the dining side. lol
  2. baddog


    True, but I think Bernie Boy is 100 times worse. He will start a civil war.
  3. Man, it would have to be wiring. I’m not much help there. Got rid of my boat. Got tired of throwing money at it. lol
  4. baddog

    Communism coming. Vote your conscience. Justin Haskins: Biden's socialists — look who the so-called moderate has added to his campaign Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  5. I’m afraid it would come down to passing the torch and the “good” ones get eaten alive.
  6. Very difficult to believe that, of the 30+ people who were vying for the dim nod, this is the cream of that crop. I’d be so ashamed.
  7. Didn’t I say, “that’s just me”?
  8. Thank you to all those who gave their lives so that I could raise my family under the freedoms they protected. I am so proud to be an American and I am forever grateful to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that America lives on.
  9. Yes, you said it was illegal detainment. How can a show exist if this is true? The felony stops are done with pistols drawn. The suspicious stops are done until searches can be done. The lone officer will cuff for his protection, especially if there are numerous people in the vehicle. I have no problem with that. Grandma????? I couldn't get all the facts from the video ( what was said or anything like that). Maybe he thought he was armed. I still don’t see the problem. I also know not all cops follow protocol. The way they have been “HUNTED and EXECUTED” lately, I give them a little leeway with their stops.....but that’s just me.
  10. Wow, who crapped in your Cheerios?
  11. I am quite sure that the pullovers had probable cause, just hadn’t searched the vehicle for evidence. If that is illegal then how can they broadcast that garbage with self-incriminating evidence? All the car thieves and bank robbers I have seen are thrown down on and made to exit the vehicle, walk backwards towards the cops, then lie spread eagle on the pavement. I should have known that the cops show was Hollywooded up.
  12. Man, don’t argue with facts on your side. Agendas have to be met here. That only requires opinion.
  13. That was my question. To you, what would be justice in this case?
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