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  1. This is such a lame argument. If you drive down the road with your kids in the car and you get stopped by the police, if you have warrants and are taken to jail, guess what, you get separated from your kids. No cop on earth is going to throw kids in a jail cell with their parents. Same as with the detention centers at the border. Crossing illegally is a CRIME and you will be detained and separated from your kids. That is the law, not something unique to Trump.
  2. Obama did it. You said nothing....... typical. People in glass houses...... How about separating (pieces at a time) unborn babies from their mothers? Like BS said.
  3. baddog

    Death Penalty?

    He has a very technical point.
  4. Good solid comeback win by my Longhorns. Down 14 to a respectable KS team.
  5. Best game I have watched in awhile
  6. Where are the kinfolk to this man? Someone knew this was going on. I curse the man who treated him this way, and he got prison time, which he deserved. But a” special “ person has no one watching over him? These are the true culprits that”allowed” this to happen.
  7. I just don’t like using the word “catch”. I prefer “kill”.
  8. I think what we have done as a nation is to make homelessness attractive. Most of these people are not the husband and father who is down on his luck because he lost his job. They are simply surviving. Why get up and go to work when you can stand on a corner and bum $100 or more a free? The big problem is places like Austin attract out-of-staters and the numbers increase dramatically, just like Colorado has out-of-state pot smokers running amok. The unsanitary conditions created by the homeless is where the working class is beginning to draw the lines. I feel bad for people looking for work and can’t find a job, but hey, I have been there many times and guess what......if you look hard enough and have a purpose, you will find work. Most of the homeless have brought it on themselves. Just the way I see it.
  9. Love it. As homeless camps continue to spring up in Austin, Gov. Abbott orders cleanup effort Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  10. He’ll go play for a loser. Will still get his wins, maybe not as many as with the Stros, but he won’t make the playoffs. At least that’s what I hope.
  11. Man, I got a knot in my stomach. Reddick, Springer, Altuve coming up. Need some insurance. Correction. Marisnick in for Reddick.
  12. Global warming? What is AOC going to do now? Explosion in Antarctic sea ice levels may cause another ice age Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
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