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  1. ......and you said the losers are the addicts. Lol
  2. Cool angle. However, it’s the occasional win that keeps one betting.
  3. Most gamblers don’t talk about their losses. Congrats. It’s like winning $500 on a scratch ticket. We don’t realize how much it cost us to get that $500. During my gambling addiction days, I seemed to do better with the college games.
  4. This video. I see myself in there. I have discussed this with my wife and told her everyone is addicted. We try not to use our phones when we are in a restaurant, even though they are with us. I thought this video was very interesting. Enjoy.
  5. Water has receded about a foot since this morning. If they could open the gates, I might could get out by Sunday. An armadillo is camped out on my front steps. Nudged him with my foot to make sure he wasn’t dead. Think he may have swam awhile to avoid high water and is completely exhausted.
  6. Thank you. It is hard to remember all of Trump’s accomplishments. I would add the border wall, the Iran Deal, and Climate Theft to the list.
  7. I could listen to this woman all day. I’m glad she is on my side.... Lahren blasts new Sanders' plan: 'One dangerous step closer to’s up to us to stand in his way' Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  8. Flooded in on both ends of Hillebrandt Road. Didn’t get as high as Harvey but bad still the same. Water had receded a bit but now it’s raining again.
  9. Will someone post if they hear when the Rodair flood gates will open? Sure would be nice.
  10. All you have to do to take down a nation is allow socialist policies to take effect. Patriots are more difficult to deceive. The deception is easier on the impressionable.....dopeheads, lgbt community, Hollywood elite and their followers, and the people already totally dependent on government payrolls. Politics is a deception by design anyway. We don’t have enough free thinkers....they are easily led. Trump has come through on just about everything that got him elected. Thank God for the electoral college.
  11. Hypodermic needles...yes Plastic
  12. LMAO. He probably knew Epstein.
  13. Point blank, I will not miss the head. Too bad he survived.
  14. Attack me like that, they would be referred to as dead.
  15. This is from the Parkland shooting, but I’ll put it here. Who wouldn’t want to sit down with Tomi Lahren? I would! Father of Parkland shooting victim: 'Guns didn’t kill my daughter, Democratic policies did' Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
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