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  1. The previous post said he was better than any player HJ had. I don’t think he’s near the defender or rebounder that some of the Hawks are.
  2. Harvey is probably one of the top shooters in the area gotta give him his due. There’s a lot more to the game than shooting.
  3. Not taking anything away from the Huffman club but I don’t think they would have won 30 last year if they would have had been in the same district as HJ, HF and Silsbee
  4. Should we just take your word for this and go ahead and seed for the playoffs or play out the schedule? I would mention that this is almost exactly the same HJ club that split the district crown with Silsbee and lost the seeding game in Overtime. The coaching staff has been together for years and the head coach has been successful at every stop. If you’re picking against the Hawks you’re doing so with your heart not your head. They will be better than last year and that will be good enough to win their district.
  5. I think if you say that enough you actually begin to believe it yourself. Facts are facts however and the fact is there’s a very talented club in Sour Lake with a very talented coach. They will actually get to have their first full practice on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Barring injury they will be the favorite to win this district.
  6. Livingston finished 4th in a district that has gotten considerably better due to UIL realignment. Looks like they have a lot of the same players returning. I don’t see them finishing any better than 4th and this will be a struggle.
  7. All this may be true but that still doesn’t change the fact that the Huffman coach is a good one. He can’t control who is in his district. They normally came to the Hardin Jefferson Marathon every year and played some pretty good teams there.
  8. I think depth is HJ’s biggest improvement this year. They are getting good minutes from the back up post player and the guards
  9. Not real sure but I don’t think his team that lost to Silsbee lost but 3 games that year. I know they had two good little shooters and a solid post player. That was the best club I’ve seen at Huffman in recent years.
  10. This is good to see. They struggled terribly from the line against Lufkin.
  11. He doesn’t look like your typical player he just gets it done day in and day out. Really solid little player.
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