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  1. Warren seems to be a little like Jekyll and Hyde. Some nights they seem to play really well and the next night they look like a different club.
  2. This district overall this year is down. EC does have a really special young guard. The young man who got hurt during football season wasn’t all the way back when I saw them earlier this year.
  3. I don’t remember who played for the Tigers but the HJ team captained by Ryan Donahoe was one of the best high school rivalries I’ve seen. The battle at the regional tournament that year was a fans dream.
  4. I haven’t seen HF this year yet but from all reports they are right in the playoff mix. WOS has the athleticism to give the Raiders some problems. BC is an interesting club because they can get hot and fill it up. LCM has Jeffcoat so they will always be prepared. The last two spots in this district are a coin toss.
  5. Wait!! The town isn’t named after a small pig ? 😂😂😂😂
  6. One other thing I can say about Hefner out of Nederland, he is one of the most unselfish offensive players I’ve ever seen. His average is probably misleading because he could score at will.
  7. I’ve seen all of them except the young man from United and you’d have a strong argument. In his defense when I watched Hefner he wasn’t nearly 100% coming back from knee surgery. All of these kids are legit.
  8. Shooting is definitely a skill that can be taught to anyone. “Making “ is the objective however and that’s a little more difficult 😂
  9. I agree shooting the basketball is one of the most important things to be taught in the game of basketball however it isn’t nearly the only thing. I would hate to see the high school game follow the path of some of the other leagues where the first person to grab it jacks it up. My question is what is your goal for “player development “ ? At the high school varsity level most kids have reached their ceilings in competitive basketball . There are numerous things that can be done by the coaches to counteract the stall, it’s part of the strategy of the game which is still the best there is .
  10. I’m not sure LCM gave the district the script to beat Lumberton. The Raiders got beat by 22 earlier in the week. Their biggest problem and the key to beating them is lack of depth. Tired legs and foul trouble are the Raiders undoing.
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