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  1. When Coach Ramsey was up there probably 15 years ago
  2. Yes sir if past state championship teams is a qualifier he’s definitely close to the top.
  3. There’s a pretty good round ball 🏀 coach up in Shelbyville these days also.
  4. Any area list that doesn’t have Kevin Foster in the top 10 needs to spend more time in the gym. With today’s playoff format simply making the playoffs should not carry much weight.
  5. 2 district wins would be a step in the right direction. They weren’t bad last year. They lost some close games and they had to contend with the likes of EC and Woodville. I think the coach they have up there now is getting everything thing they have to offer. Nice to see em win a few
  6. I don’t know Mr Ardoin and I’ll have to wait for my grandsons to play. My sons have been out of eligibility for years 😂
  7. I know everyone has a different opinion but are you saying the 3rd best player in the area was on a losing team last year that got beat by 30 by Lumberton and lost to West Hardin? Your #10 guy was a JV player on a team that didn’t win their district? Surely Memorial has some players who belong on this list.
  8. I haven’t looked at the time frame of when the football playoffs start. Seems like everyone plays the first week.
  9. I think the Hawks have several basketball starters playing football this season as well. Early season games may lose a little luster.
  10. They also have Port Arthur Memorial and Beaumont United back to back pretty early in the season. I think they have Nederland and Lufkin pretty early also.
  11. They went to the state tournament in the mid 70’s but they weren’t big on banners back in those days lol
  12. Not sure they hung banners back in the day but Warren had some really good volleyball teams back in the mid 70’s. Even made a few trips out to Austin. Also had some good clubs around 2005-2010. Football has never been real strong
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