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  1. I like the job Coach Mitchell is doing at Lumberton but I guess you’ll have to call me crazy. I think Lumberton will have some good games against WOS, Orangefield and LCM. If everyone is healthy Silsbee is 20 points better than the rest of the the field.
  2. I misread the previous post. They said it was canceled
  3. Why were there no fans allowed in this one ? I gotta check out the Raiders and see where this offense is coming from.
  4. Nederland has a solid 3 point shooter, not a lot when it comes to applying pressure defense or breaking it. This year they don’t seem to have the inside game they normally have. Coach English is their strength. If they win a playoff game this year in 5A it will be because of him.
  5. Nederland cut this one to 5 early in the 3rd but HJ hit some big 3’s to pull back out and win it going away. Nederland has a little guard that can fill it up from behind the arc. They don’t have the inside presence they have had in the past. Good ballgame with neither club getting in foul trouble. I don’t think either club ever got in the bonus.
  6. I’ve never seen HD as down as they are this year
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