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  1. Can’t wait to hear this answer 😂😂
  2. Yates best player is 6’9” that’s not a good sign for the Tigers .This game won’t resemble anything close to the recent games between these two teams.
  3. We finally agreed on something, don’t let this get out 😂😂the man was a genius
  4. On a completely different topic, how many games did you see Red coach?? The man was a master.
  5. I don’t think Red would turn a blind eye on 12/0 . I will agree though you gotta do it in the playoffs.
  6. I know you won’t be interested in season records between the districts but just for grins I’m gonna disagree. I think the 4 payoffs teams in one of those districts were 12-0 against foes from the other district. The playoffs are one and done if you lose but I ain’t sure I would completely discount a seasons record but carry on.
  7. They don’t shoot it outside very well. They rely on the post game down low.
  8. Not sure what all this means. BC showed up and played hard for 4 quarters and got the W. Gotta tip your cap to em. They deserved the win, does that one game change a seasons worth ? When the season is recapped BC will probably finish somewhere around 18-10 overall and were 7-5 in district. That’s pretty much the definition of average. They did beat HJ and in the playoffs you either win or go home. No excuses for the Hawks they didn’t play good enough to win .
  9. The teams I mentioned are above average. They may not be San Antonio good but they ain’t shabby. There’s several 2a clubs that are above average up north of here but they are all in the same district.
  10. I think you misread my logic. I give BC all the credit in the world for winning the Bi District round. They came out and played hard and didn’t quit and deserved the win. My point was the playoff format is so watered down these days that being history making isn’t always a great team accomplishment. There are several teams in our area who are above average this year. Huffman, EC, New Waverly are 3 that come to mind. I would even say when you look at an entire seasons work that HJ was above average. In the playoffs all that doesn’t count if you don’t show up and play your best basketball.
  11. Thank you sir. Maybe some day I will measure up to the lofty bar you set .
  12. Excuse me I thought this was a message board. Should I ask your permission to speak?
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