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  1. Warren has played everyone pretty tough this year. They will score but the defense has struggled.
  2. Didn’t the Tigers graduate 7 or 8 players??
  3. I’m not from Silsbee but that was my point. The Tigers lost 2 D1 players and 4 or 5 role players, there is gonna be a drop off.
  4. I know as long as Silsbee has Bush they’re gong to be a good club but I think it’s silly to think Yates is recruiting players to prepare for the Tigers. I don’t know what Yates graduated last year but they beat a Silsbee club by 19 that graduated very heavy, including 2 D1 players.
  5. Nederland vs Lumberton ?? If this one is close I’ll be surprised unless Lumberton can slow the tempo to a crawl.
  6. I said should. I haven’t seen Kirbyville but EC, OF,Buna ,Woodville and Anahuac all seem to be playing pretty good ball.
  7. This ballgame turned on 2 plays. One was a nice interception by Hardin on a deep pass just before the half when Warren had a wide open receiver behind the defense. The safety went up and made a beautiful pic. The other Warren went for a 4th and 5 from the 8 in the 2nd quarter and didn’t convert. A FG there ties the ballgame. First time I’ve been to a football game in years and it was an entertaining game. Both clubs should compete with Kirbyville but I don’t see many other possibilities on the schedule for a “W” for either.
  8. What group did he coach at Cleveland? Their club was in complete disarray last season at the varsity level and I don't think they had enough players to field a JV club. The program over there seemed to have fallen on hard times.
  9. I don't know what's going on with Warren's athletic programs. Normally fights are from a lack of discipline. Hard to blame any particular coaching staff for troubles on the Warriors football team .They have had some very good coaches over the years and gone 0-10.
  10. Did Tigee coach the JV or the Freshman at Lumberton last year ??
  11. If I didn't know better I would think the TIGERS didn't graduate Adams, McCain, Tyler, White etc. Bush is a very special player , no doubt about it but I think it's less than realistic to see this years Tigers to be anywhere close to what they have been the last several years. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Silsbee and HJ split. Both clubs return players who saw considerable playing time last year while losing some top line starters to graduation. I didn't see Silsbee's 8th grade group last year so I don't have any idea how many of those kids will be ready to contribute on the varsity level. I do know HJ had some very good freshman last year on a club that only lost 2 games. I can't help but believe some of those kids will contribute this year.
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