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  1. Huffman looks like a dark horse to me. I thought they would be down after losing their big post player. They had some young shooters that could fill it up and it looks like they are playing pretty well. They will be very well coached.
  2. Have you seen anything this season that leads you to believe this? Is the region down significantly from years past? Just curious to get your opinion. For the Tigers to make the regional tournament they would need to be as good as last years club or the region would need to regress. I haven’t seen a lot of the region 3 4A clubs so I don’t have any idea who may make the 4A tournament with the exception of Yates. It does look like Huffman is going to be a lot better than I thought they would be.
  3. Did Orangefield graduate heavy or are they missing the big kid this much ?
  4. Keep an eye on Kirbyville. It may take him a year but he'll get the Wildcats playing ball.
  5. I think the Hawks were in the double bonus with 7 seconds left. Made the 1st and the second rimmed out. Ballgame was a lot of fun to watch.
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