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  1. It’s up to the opposing team to adjust their play against aggressive defensive play. Usually a team with a couple of good guards will adjust nicely. I don’t think the Tigers defense is as intense this year as it has been in the past. As long as the officiating is consistent it’s up to the teams to adjust .
  2. I’m sure they’ll bring some in from somewhere. Overall the varsity officiating in our chapter this year has been pretty good.
  3. This will be a seeding game. I believe the teams finished as co champs at 10-2.
  4. In this quote I don’t remember which official was on the ball. I know there was back to back inbound plays so I’m not sure if the officials rotated or not. My question was calling a touch foul with a foul to give and then not calling one on the exact same contact on the next possession. It’s either a foul on both or neither. Fouls have to be called by violation not situations. Like I said before overall the officials did a good job in the varsity game in a super charged atmosphere. I didn’t agree with the technical but I wasn’t on the floor, I do however know the HF coach was given a warning earlier for a much more demonstrative act. I tip my cap to HF though they did what they needed to do to win.
  5. How in the world did they eject them if they weren't involved ? Tough break for those kids.
  6. I hear there's a flu bug going around , they may have to.
  7. At that point in the game I don't think anyone heard or could hear what was said. I think he more or less screamed towards the student section. It was only the second technical I've seen called on a player this year and have seen a lot more blatant examples not called. Like I said previously overall I thought the officials did a good job in the varsity game.
  8. I’m not saying this isn’t a rule but if it is then it’s one that’s not enforced. I haven’t seen but 3 technicals given this year, 2 on coaches and none where this ruling was enforced.
  9. I was sitting right in front of where the technical was called. The kid did get emotional but the young man that fouled and the official were both behind him. I just didn’t see an attempt to humiliate the opposition. I think in that instance the official got caught up in the moment just like the player. As far as the play with 11 seconds left goes if the touch foul with 14 seconds is called then you have to call physical contact that forces a player to the floor on the very next possession.If that foul is called the team possessing the ball goes to the line with one of the best FT shooters in the district . I don’t question any coaches strategy and very seldom question officiating but the two instances I mentioned changed the outcome of the game.
  10. Overall I felt the crew did a good job. One of them I consider the best official in the chapter. My bone of contention is an immediate whistle on an intentional foul when a team has fouls to give but more contact completely ignored on the next inbound at the exact same location. If it’s a foul when the opposing team has fouls to give then it’s also a foul when they don’t.
  11. I don’t normally comment on the officiating of the under level games but this was the worst officiated game I saw this season. I didn’t know they had contacts in the community nor would I care if they left the bias in the locker room. It was obvious that some of these calls weren’t just from a lack of knowledge of the game, they were deliberate. The one you mentioned being a glaring example.
  12. Why not Kountze? It’s between the two towns . Within 15 minutes of each and a great gym. West Brook is a borderline dump.
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