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  1. I’m looking forward to watching this incoming Freshman group at Kountze
  2. I think Warren is a perfect example of the difference a great coach can make. The program in Warren was , let’s just say, not very good until they hired Leland Hand somewhere around 2005. He hired Chris Carter as an assistant who later replaced him. The program was very respectable for the next several years while playing in one of the toughest districts in the state. Do I think Sutherland and Joubert would be successful at Warren? Yes I do. They wouldn’t make state tournament appearances but they would put winning teams on the floor.
  3. The Hawks are probably kicking themselves for not making a state appearance this past year. Talent wise they matched up great with Huffman.
  4. I gotta disagree with this one. After you get past each team’s best player Lumberton wasn’t even close to Huffman talent wise. Huffman wins that match up every time.
  5. Granted this year’s playoff loss was a bad one. Not sure you can hold the losses to Yates against him. I definitely think he’s a top 10 guy.
  6. Clay has consistently won 25 games while playing a tough schedule. He lost one game to a great Tiger team when Cartwright hit a 3 at the buzzer. He lost another to the same Tiger club at HJ by 3. If you charted the talent of each club these games probably shouldn’t be close. Give the guy his due. He’s successful year in and year out.
  7. That’s said quite often but but doesn’t seem to happen as much as folks think. There’s a lot more kids that move out than there are moving in. Most of the kids that go through the HJ program are there from junior high through graduation.
  8. RJ Sears and Trevon White are both solid returners for HJ
  9. Coach English at Nederland is one of the best in the area. Coach Foster at Big Sandy is another top 5 guy. Barrett over at Huffman. Coach Sutherland and Coach Green.
  10. It’s true they’ve all had good athletes but that doesn’t necessarily transition into basketball success. Jasper’s basketball team was not real good before he took over up there. He’s done a good job at HJ year in and year out.
  11. Wish Travis nothing but the best . Great guy, great coach. Hearne usually has some horses. Good luck coach T
  12. I think he chose to play college football instead but Daniel Marsh could have certainly played college basketball. I have gotten out of touch with the Hardin basketball community but I have to believe there are still Reecsanos and Randolphs over there as well
  13. I know nothing about this situation and not a lot about Coach Collins other than his record and scheduling were a hot topic on this board a couple of years ago.
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