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  1. Timverwolves: K. Harrison - 12 pts, T. Arceneaux - 10 pts, T. Porchia - 10 pts
  2. Great season, Lumberton. You'll be back stronger than ever next year...
  3. He actually did play for Silsbee MS. I have a group pic with him and my Son to prove it...
  4. United has played Yates a few times, no complaining.. Central and Ozen played these guys all the time. No complaining. Just sayin...
  5. Well, UIL has things in place to prove if true recruiting is going on. They also have ways that you can easily blow the whistle if you see it. Remember, it wasn't long ago that one of the coaches for Nederland blew the whistle for Central's 7' African kid. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  6. More than likely no.. but they'll probably say would the salty words come up had you pulled off the upset?
  7. Wow. Lemme find that article. Playing devils advocate, looking at it from Yates' end, Coach Davis' words can come off as a little 'salty' after a loss.
  8. The plan is to have spring practice and game. At least that was the plan prior to the A.L. retirement and Hire of Coach Graham. Also, no need for the spring game to be 'secret'. Lol
  9. Anyway, back on topic. I Think everything will work out. This guy he experience. He has a reason to stay since he's a hometown guy. He's tasted playoff success and probably ha a good network going with coaches. The !pat important thing is he was under one of the best coaches in the state. That along with a weak bottom rung of district and the athletes he'll have at his disposal, I think he'll do fine...
  10. Uhhh... FOOTBALL is what were talking about. 'What if'... I don't play the what if game, sorry. All I know is if BISD a good football is a dumpster fire, then surely either your school is setting the world in fire on the football (in their class and district) or they should be able to beat the teams of the district that's a dumpster fire. Neither one pertains to this instance. What's the old saying? Stay in your lane. The serious question. Is this pertaining to BISD schools or United? As a district, West Brook just made it one possession. From WInning the title 2 years ago. Wouldn't call that so little. Many kids have gotten scholarships. United has only been open 2 years. What did you expect to happen? We've gotten just as many playoff appearances during their existence as BC's gotten since 2016...
  11. Really? I think West Brook is a part of BISD and they do quite well. I wouldn't call that a dumpster fire. Now time will tell on thia new coach. But overall football in BISD is not a dumpster fire. But, would BC beat either squad?
  12. I think that was what the delay was. Word on the street is he will be allowed to bring some of his guys in. We can only speculate at this point...
  13. I really wouldn't be worried about me misspelling kid's names. Obviously, predictive text messed up. That's my excuse. What's your excuse for messing up (mispronouncing) kid's names on broadcasts? 🤷🏾‍♂️
  14. You wouldn't say that if Broscoe was at United... 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
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