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  1. I’ve talked to Coach Smith several times off record. He was super impressed with Sander’s progression. Glad Sanders has someone like Smith working with him.
  2. I remember him telling me that Third was tearing stuff up on the freshman football team. Initially, I thought he only played basketball...
  3. Dang. That kid can play some defense and is athletic as heck.
  4. Yes. And I think the big man was a sr, so he’s gone.
  5. But you know since then, those cutoff numbers changed substantially. Plus, remember Central, especially Ozen’s numbers were declining.
  6. Yep. Those young guns can handle it. Throw them in the fire. Most adapt!
  7. Well, if you’re a shot blocker, you’re gonna get punched on at some point...
  8. Me, 2018, from Beaumont to Longview then back to Beaumont, same night, round trip. Silsbee vs Spring Hill. 2nd longest. Beaumont to College Station (Kyle Field) 2005 round trip same day. Ozen vs. Marshall.
  9. I wish my school was well balanced like that. Had success in track and field with us winning state medals and of course the basketball team (boys and girls), but I’d LOVE to have Argyle’s success.
  10. Jefferson county teams... PA Memorial, PN-G, Sabine Pass, Nederland,West Brook, Beaumont United, Hamshire-Fanette, Beaumont Kelly, Beaumont Legacy. The I’m willing to bet @Yeojis talking about West Brook.
  11. Have parking been updated or will be updated? That’s a huge plus for me.
  12. Do you really want to do that? Especially since PAM made it just as far in the playoffs as United did... 🐸☕️
  13. I’m thinking they had some significant injuries along the way seeing that they started off really well.
  14. Beaumont United Sr. Brianna Howard placed 3rd in the girls 100 meter dash. Her and Rivers mad history in grabbing the school’s first ever state track and field medals...
  15. Porchia and Smith-Jackson plays football as well...
  16. Look no farther than Beaumont United, Home of the 2021 basketball state champs. We've played 11 games last year (really 8 since COVID, but did make the playoffs). Things you'll love about the team? Exciting band (halftime show) that will have you on your feet at halftime. Also, REALLY great tailgating goes on if you're into stuffing your face before the game. Things you won't like? Bags and purses are not allowed, only clear bags. You cannot hang around the stadium after the game, you'll be directed to clear the parking lot within 10 minutes. (I know those are about the stadium and not th
  17. Ok. This first team super nice then. 4 guards that can absolutely go and a very good big!
  18. Good looking team. But a question. Is the Woodville girl a post player?
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