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  1. I wonder if this game gets canceled or moved to Friday or Saturday. Looks like some heavy rain for the Beaumont area over the next few days.
  2. Just read where it will include Sierra Canyon on California. This is the team that has Broney James and Zaire Wade. Duncanville, Faith Family, and Madison are all in this Tourney.
  3. "Shrugged shoulders enjoying Texas vs Rice game." Cool!
  4. Very solid win for Silsbee. Still far too many penalties which can bit you in the tail in future games. 9-13 and 4TDs for Raymond Foster is fantastic. Balanced passing and rushing is what this team will need to win district and advance in the playoffs. Still missed some tackles but I think it will get better during the season.
  5. Silsbee shoots self in the foot again with penalties smh
  6. If Silsbew loses tonight, it will be due to the penalties. Smh!!
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