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  1. Race has been an issue forever. White America get uncomfortable when you mention it or try to point out how people of color are mistreated even in 2020. Man it will take everyone working together to make the world a better place.
  2. Ur sarcastic jokes lead me to believe I'm speaking with an idiot.
  3. I'm not sure you have a clue what I yell or I work behind the scenes. "Black Lives Matter" has nothing to do with "All Lives/Blue Lives" etc... When someone says Black Loves Matter, they are saying to you sir that indeed ",All Lives Matter" but TODAY we are talking about "Black Lives Matter" because it seems they dont when you look at all the police brutality vs black people. I'm sure you sit out on your front porch staring at your pick up truck that has 2 or 3 Confederate Flag stickers on them and you feel like a victim because you were mistreated once in life. Maybe a cute girl denied you a kiss. You have no dog in the fight or seem to listen or read about police brutality. You are the part of the world that assumes the cops are "just doing their job" and that black man did something wrong. That's why he was shot. That's why the cop had to put his knee on his neck. That's why he cooked him. He must have been doing something wrong!!! I'm not one to brag but I was 28 years old making over $100k a year working for Enteprsie Rent A Car. I drove a brand new BMW 7 series that I worked my ass off to pay for. On November 13th 2008, i was asked to step out of my car and placed in cuffs. I dont drink. I dont smoke. Never have! I wasnt speeding as the car has computer that will show I wasnt speed. My girlfriend ask to step out to see if our stories matched up. I sued the police department and got a settlement. I've seen racism bro. I've lived it more than once. The stuff you speak on that happens in the 50s happens in 2020. It's not as open as "White Only Signs". It taking place in the work place by not hiring. Pull innocent people over and searching their cars and harassing. Why dont you Google Dandre Hopkins a man who makes $10 million a year who was pulled over by the cops in Louisiana going while driving home to South Carolina to visit his mom a few years back. They treated that man like trash. It dont matter how much money you have. All the cops and some people see is a NEGRO!!
  4. You said you guys🤣🤣🤣🤣! WTF man. "You guys". I think you are racist bro. I'm sorry. I have read your comments and you like to separate the us and and yall too much.
  5. I don't hate anyone either. If this world worked together man this would be a better place. I have heard the N-word far to many times.
  6. The to compare but Google how many Africans were killed or died in transit to "America". How may were hung. How many were slaughtered. History shows close to 2 million died on transit and another 6-8 million during slavery. Both were tragic but if you are going to sit here and tell me that anyone has had it worst than black people, your poorly educated.
  7. Most oppressed!!! Dude are you serious!!! Try doing some real black history outside of Martin Luther King
  8. Never offended my man. I want to see change but it comes from everyone helping. We cant do it alone.
  9. Lawman great question. You have to start with not looking at life as if all things are fair. There are many people of color who have been passed over, mistreated, done wrong by someone white and nothing is done. If you see wrong or injustice stop being silent. If you see someone being mistreated at work by a cop speak up. Understand there is a such thing as white privilege. Understand that a person of color is 80% higher to to be pulled over by the cops for no reason. When you hear people making racist comments or jokes, speak up against it. It's not that African Americans want something for free. We just want the playing field to be equal. We have to work 3x as hard as someone of the opposite color. Understand that all black people arent the same. The news will show the most ignorant person they can find. Seek information to understand what black people have been thru. Segregation is only like 60 years ago. Imagine your culture was enslaved, beat, rapped, and killed just to be seen as a HUMAN! You can start with your house hold by telling your kids that no matter the color or background, treat people with respect. Have you even been in a department store and been followed? Been to a car dealership and the 1st thing they wanna know is what you do? Stopped by an officer pulled out of your car and racially profiled. Being black is very difficult when you wake up every day and know the playing field are fair. It's like starting a football game in the 1st qtr before the kickoff being down 42-0. Befriend someone of the opposite color and understand their views.
  10. This has to be the dumbest statement I've read in a long time
  11. Jewish dont have the same views as blacks. How have Jews been enslaved in America?
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