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  1. Silsbee don't lose Mud Bowls! Tigers 39-34
  2. Agree!!! Game over now. On to the rest of the year. OF will give someone hell in the playoffs. If they don't have to see Carthage in the 2nd round, they could go 3 rounds deep as long as they don't face a team with a big passing game.
  3. Dodd was out the 2nd half and rushed for 125 in the 1st half. Thst had something to do with it
  4. Get a GPS😂😂😂😂😂
  5. With Dodd and Martin going out with injuries, Silsbee had to move Miller to the backfield. Silsbee missed some good opportunities to seal the game on a few dropped passes. It happens!! The passion g game was solid and rhe run game in the 2nd half wasn't either. Stack that up with penalties, you will lose most of the time. OF has a pretty good defense so take nothing away from them. Id take 3rd in district 😂😂😂😂. The rest can go battle Carthage early.
  6. Embarrassing to say the least!!! Too many penalties at this point in the season.
  7. OF will beat Silsbee!!! Tigers beat themselves every week it seems in the 4th qtr
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