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  1. They were good then with Hughes and Seralies. They were 4A stacked but not 6a stacked like this year.
  2. Maybe just the highlights I saw. See yall Friday.
  3. I know man. It's not fair to the small schools in 4A. Yates wont have all those seniors next yearπŸ‘€
  4. Who they beatblaat weekend? I find this to be a complete joke lmao. Faith Family is good too tho. Wise hasn't won in like 5 years or so. They have to cheat to win now it seems.
  5. I could see Taylor and Martin going over a 1000 pending a win this week and next.
  6. What school did these young men come from and will it be enough to beat Faith Family in state??
  7. Smithville passes like 90% of the time!! Wow
  8. Put pressure on the QB will help alot!
  9. Silsbee may not win but the kids will show up and battle
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