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  1. Multiple Dayton players have been disciplined as well. Two games for some.
  2. As a teacher and coach (not football), I agree with this. I get to do a job I love, be with my family a lot and because my wife, who is a tremendous educator, is great with money, live pretty comfortably. If teachers don't like the job or pay, they can go find something that makes them happy. Their degrees will afford them countless other opportunities.
  3. Where do you think Green and Dugat lived? They played youth league and JH football here. AJ's brother Michael (2 yrs older) did too. Now Franks was a different story.
  4. Alright, Gary. I never mentioned the offense even being good. I said they'd do enough to give the defense the needed rest. The defense has played well and created plenty of the other teams' foot shooting. I know you're just stirring.
  5. Defense is much improved and didn't allow much of anything in the first half (and beyond) of the games against Porter and BH. Both teams that were supposed to run roughshod over them. 212 yds of offense to Porter and 311 to BH. They're also tackling much better.
  6. Not really knowledgeable about offense types, etc. Definitely more run based than years past. Some option stuff in there for sure.
  7. Who would have thought that on the Wednesday before the Hwy 90 shootout, that there'd be no thread for this game? I'm optimistic and believe things aren't as bad for either program as everyone seems to think. Predictions? Hopes? Dreams? The Bronco defense has honestly been pretty dang good this year. I think the offense will move the ball this week and give the D the rest they need to keep the Cougars at bay. This will be a good high school football game. I'll say Broncos 31-28.
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