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  1. That stinks for Tarkington. Good things were happening on the prairie.
  2. So impressive. Saw them a handful of times throughout the season and they got better each time.
  3. Good points. We definitely disagree on the skill level required for T&F. Many of those claiming that DK could make an Olympic team at his current size, are likely in the same boat with you, as far as that's concerned. All good though, because one thing is for sure, he probably did more good for track and field than anyone since Bolt. Lots of good old track coaches like that. I had one myself. SC coaches are definitely teaching the continuous replication of physical activity required by elite T&F though and it shows.
  4. Elite track and field takes tons of skill. 6A track and field in Texas is elite. Period. It does take major talent, but those sport coaches that don't take track coaching seriously, rarely have a TEAM at the state meet. I assume you saw DK Metcalf get an extremely respectable 15th out of 17 against those "unskilled" track athletes yesterday. He's a beast, but nowhere close in terms of track skill, just as those sprinters would be on a football field. The country's top few sprinters weren't even in that 100m field. Track should not be compared to football. Also, some of those S
  5. Blazing! Congrats to the whole family!!!
  6. excellent! Does Lloyd Cain still coach the distance kids there?
  7. I think by feeder programs, he means the quality local leagues and even travel teams that feed successful programs. My son is 13 and we're starting to get a little more serious about baseball. In the couple dozen times we've played in Beaumont, I've only seen one team that feeds into United. They were athletic, but were very young where baseball skills are concerned. There are some folks trying though.
  8. Man... that's really sad. These kids live in an entirely different universe than the one that most kids will ever know.
  9. At this point, the kids/families come without prompting from anyone. Everyone wants to be a winner. Some will buy a house or rent an apartment in district to do it. I'd be willing to bet that at this point, Aledo is doing things as clean or cleaner than anyone in the state. Not that they ever weren't. They keep winning and the kids are in district well before they get to varsity. Just my guess/thoughts. I know about the QB move-in, but I don't believe for a second, Buchanan hunted him down all the way in California.
  10. Man.... I remember him from the old FNE board. (Think that was the name of that site.) Prayers for the family and for you too, Pakronos.
  11. Was just telling my kids about her the other day. I remember seeing her fill it up at Dayton. And she did it shooting with BOTH hands. Amazing player!
  12. That's awesome. Super interesting for a kid growing up in this part of Texas.
  13. Much respect for this move. Just out of curiousity since this is a reason you don't hear often ... what sort of dancing does his son do?
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