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  1. Dems seem to be only interested in corruption / collusion from Republicans. Their problem is they're (Dems) are responsible for 99.99999 % of it.
  2. It has not been debunked and the President can use whomever he chooses to investigate or negotiate for him. Post some links where it was debunked and also post links where the President can't use anyone but cabinet members for negotiation.
  3. So if a former VP (while VP) actually did use taxpayer money to shake down a country to have someone fired so his dunce son wouldn't get investigated, that's not something that the President should look into? Of course it is. It's corruption at the highest level and should be investigated. Come on, man...put that high powered degree to work...think!
  4. Good article...he's 100% correct. When this witch hunt fails, they'll come up with another one. The good thing is that as long as the dems are focused on hating on Trump, they're not passing any stupid policies that would hurt the American people.
  5. These “pro-choice” libs make me sick. Save the whales, save the elephants, save the planet...kill the babies, no problem.
  6. That’s what’s happening. No one is drinking from a toilet. You’re buying into the lies from the democrats. If you are in favor of abortion, (right to CHOOSE) you can’t really be too concerned about how kids are treated at the border.
  7. Should have done this in San Francisco, probably not an arrest-able offense.
  8. I did read it...did you? What would you do with children of those that are incarcerated for illegally crossing the border.
  9. Yes sir. I seem to have left too much up for interpretation also. 😊
  10. Many must wait for the proper interpretation and correct response rather than form one themselves and respond accordingly.
  11. I guess this could also get you out of a bad marriage...till death do us part.
  12. Thank you and your families for your service and sacrifice!
  13. Everyone but you already knew this apparently.
  14. Agree100%. I have no problem with anyone driving a Prius, but don’t expect me to drive one and don’t think you are somehow saving the planet.
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