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  1. Blind, dumb and deaf....typical Democrat.
  2. Knife control has begun.
  4. Actually lol on that one...thanks for that.
  5. From the article: “Embarrassing spectacle - Pelosi using sterling silver platters and handing out ceremonial pens to everyone in sight, made it ridiculously theatrical and so tacky and clownish. What goofballs,” Mark Simone, a conservative radio host, tweeted. “Impeachment is so “Prayerful” that Pelosi was handing out pens in celebration. Pathetic,” Benny Johnson, chief creative officer for Turning Point USA, added. smh
  6. Agree...I have no problem with his tweets for the most part because it's the only way he will get his accurate message out rather than having it filter through the MM. But he often goes too far.
  7. No news is fake news.
  8. So getting a better deal is being played? lol
  9. Democrats, in general, are not what the Founders had in mind for the US...that’s what they fled from.
  10. I think his foreign policy has been spot on so far. He has leveraged the US into a positive position on trade, strength with our adversaries, and with our allies in the case of NATO. I was no Trump fan at the start, but he has done a great job at home and abroad. I am not sure what you are talking about when you say the divide of the USA unless you are talking about the unhinged Democrats...that is not his doing, there is no repairing a divide with Socialists.
  11. Fair enough...I can agree with that.
  12. From the article: And what's abundantly clear in the Justice Department's decision to close the probe quietly and with no charges filed is this: Trump made up a series of allegations that Clinton had abused her office as Secretary of State for personal gain. We shouldn't be surprised by that fact. But we shouldn't just let it go without taking note of it either. BG, at least the article didn't come from comedy central...but it could have. Good stuff...keep it coming.
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