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  1. "These boys" as you put it, aren't mad, we're laughing at you two because your are both clueless about this. A loan to keep your business afloat and paying your employees is not welfare.
  2. In my best James Earl Jones voice... “THIS... is CNN!” What a bunch of degenerates.
  3. Vote Republican, they’re cutting your beer tax. 🙂
  4. Never have understood why you HAVE to like someone in order to vote for them for president. Look at policy, not their personality.
  5. Stop wasting time, I'm sure there are other Trump cabinet member family businesses that have received PPP loans...FIND THEM!
  6. I have no intention of agreeing with or discussing anything with you...I'm simply going to point out your hypocrisy. Sorry if you're mad because I won't agree with your little point. By the way, you only pointed out one family in this post...go back and read it.
  7. You are flat out couldn't care less about any of this happening while a Democrat is in the White House. There are some of us that are critical of both sides fiscally (with posts to back it up), but you are aren't one of them.
  8. My reference to R & D is to point out your blatant bias on any subject (it's always the Republicans, mainly Trump), wasn't expecting you to grasp the point. If you think I am happy with Republican spending, you have never read my posts. Now go find some more bad stuff that only Republicans do, we'll be waiting.
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