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  1. Should have said software, not machines. And why did they send out so many mail in ballots that weren’t requested?
  2. So no concerns that he was winning the four states in question election night and counting was shut down and somehow biden wins an amazing majority of remaining votes. Or that biden got so many votes from so few counties? You have no issues with how the election was handled, the mail in ballot handling, the voting machines that Texas refused, all good?
  3. We no longer have our own bully in the White House, it was nice for a change. Back to being punked. Down the road, Kamala may negotiate with world leaders her own way, you never know .
  4. From the article...first sentence: It is amazing how many people seem to have discovered last Wednesday that riots are wrong. As on.
  5. I’m sure the tin foil hat guys like CB will assure us that Trump’s minions are waiting in the shadows for the “call”.
  6. I mean, cuomo and lightfoot should just say mission accomplished, so we’re opening back up. The only folks they’re fooling are the foolish.
  7. Agree, you really have to be an idiot to not know this. Minimum wage jobs are for high school kids...never were intended to support a family.
  8. Texas is a proper home for the NRA. Been a member for over 40 years.
  9. dems being dems...trying to portray Trump supporters as the most dangerous group on the face of the planet that can only be held in check by the national guard.
  10. If he would have stayed on repealing Obamacare and was unsuccessful (which he would have been, he was fighting D and R) you would be on here saying he lost because he couldn't give up on his pet peeve...ALL HE WANTED TO DO WAS MAKE OBAMA LOOK BAD and neglected everything else. That's your game, you sit back, pick the side you can more easily criticize, and go with it.
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