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  1. I prefer the kind of basketball that gives my team the best chance to win. Don’t care if it’s “real” or not. Argyle does what they do better than any other team in 4A does what they do. Real or not.
  2. Dying West Texas town near Lubbock. if you are old enough, you might have heard of Sheryl Swoopes who was born and raised there.
  3. What they have is a great school district, a nice community, and a commitment to all athletics from the school board down. But the biggest draw for them I think is location. For families in the Fort Worth and Denton area that are looking for a smaller/suburban setting there isn’t a better choice right now. The growth going north of Fort Worth up I35 towards Denton is absurd. And Argyle is the benefactor. They are basically Southlake Carroll 25 years ago. It also helps they probably occasionally get a transfer or two from Southlake, Keller, Flower Mound or Northwest ISD. I don’t ex
  4. Ha. I don’t know anything about this years Vidor basketball team. Have zero ties to the school. I’m positive I’ve never spent more than 5 minutes of my life inside the city limits of Vidor. But the way this guy updates the games and describes the action keeps me coming back each week to see how the Vidor Pirates did.
  5. Was there not a JV team your sons freshman year at Deweyville?
  6. Lol what? Is this how the game ended? Tell me that’s not true. Who is Christian Academy and where are they from? I am not a fan of playing stall ball one game into the season because there are so many other things to work on this early, but that’s absurd if the other team just walked off and quit.
  7. Decatur made the semifinals last year because they play in Region 1. And they realistically only had to beat their own district champion (WF Hirschi) to get there, whom they already beat in district.
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