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  1. Last year Memorial at Ned: Hefner 21 pts, 7 rebs, 5 assists & 6 blocked shots. If Nederland wins, it will be because other players stepped up to the challenge. They have the pieces to do it. Should be a great game.
  2. It’s called development. What all HS coaches should be attempting to do for their players. Tell me. What does “stall ball” do for player development?
  3. That’s a silly argument. Overseas leagues (18u & under) use a shot clock. This promotes player development. 10 US states have joined in as well. Time for Texas to do the same. Princeton had no problem controlling tempo back in the 80’s with a 45 sec clock. If u don’t like zone defense, learn to shoot.
  4. A 45 sec shot clock would do wonders for HS basketball. 45 sec is PLENTY of time to control pace, yet still play basketball. Nobody goes to a game to see a team sit at 1/2 court & hold the hall for 4 minutes or longer. Play basketball. Other states have already instituted the shot clock with great success, as well as youth academies overseas.
  5. That’s exactly why HS needs a shot clock. Don’t learn the game playing stall ball
  6. And BC started 4 underclassmen. What’s your point? You’re best player (by far) is a senior. BC will be the favorite in this game next year at BC.
  7. I thought transferring schools for athletic purposes was illegal? 🤷‍♂️
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