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  1. Daughter just turned 11 yrs old & heading to the 5th grade. Message me for more details, we are in Bridge City. Thx.
  2. Go position by position. Who u taking between the 2 at PG, SG, etc. Good matchups.
  3. Nah. Hefner drew double teams and box & 1's all district. PA has 3 Div 1 players, so they did not see the same focus on Lofton. Heck of a player though. Offensive force.
  4. They should take that rich tradition to 6A where they belong. How did Yates fair against the other charter schools on their schedule again???
  5. Aktar went to Legacy. Grew up in BC. Played AAU with the team that practices at HJ. Just saying HJ benefits from move-ins on a regular basis. Yates just has a much better pool to select from. Sour grapes.
  6. He not the only one. Aktar kid not originally from Sour Lake either.
  7. Hard to argue this. I am against Yates (or any school) circumventing the spirit of the rules to create competitive a balance as anybody. But Coach Davis definitely shouldn’t be the one complaining.
  8. Who ya got winning? And how does the game play out?
  9. Where ya at Buddy Garitty???? Didn’t want that smoke tonight lolololol 😆😆😆😆😆
  10. Would you shake the hand of someone who assisted you of something you didn’t do? And who tried to have you removed from office? Or who broke protocol introducing you ?
  11. LCM is in sole possession of 3rd place at the moment correct?
  12. Last year Memorial at Ned: Hefner 21 pts, 7 rebs, 5 assists & 6 blocked shots. If Nederland wins, it will be because other players stepped up to the challenge. They have the pieces to do it. Should be a great game.
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